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What Are Your Go-To Last-Minute Gifts?

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 9.08.33 AMWe’d love to know!

Are there crafts you can whip up that look great and show you care, but don’t take up tons of your time to make?

Is there a perfect little treat that you can make in the kitchen on a snow day or weekend, keep fresh and give to friends and neighbors?

Do you know of a great stocking stuffer (or two) that’s readily available that you know will always raise a smile?

What about a charity donation that you know the entire family will appreciate?

If you have an idea for a great last-minute gift, create a lens about any and all, or share the ones you’ve already made below. Help out your fellow lensmasters and the world at large with your expertise (and make the holiday season a little bit easier for the procrastinators — including me — among us!)

Thanks from all of us last-minute Nellies out there!

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Stephanie Mangino is managing editor for Squidoo magazines. A former print editor/reporter and radio anchor, reporter and news director, she loves research, writing, reading, great food and inspiring ideas.

  • Ramkitten

    Homemade coupons: … although I don’t just use them for last-minute gifts.

    • Ramkitten

      Back to say, why, thank you! I mean, for the visit and the PS. :)

    • StephanieMangino11

      Love it! Thank YOU. :)

  • Comfortdoc

    Thoughtful DIY: Christmas Spirit in a Jar –
    Humorous (with several DIY options) Give a Lump of Coal for Christmas:
    Quick and minimal crafting (can be done without sewing, just cutting): How to Make/Sew a Scarf –

    • StephanieMangino11

      Thanks so much. These are great!

  • getmoreinfo

    I think everyone can use this book by Julie Morgenstern, especially for this time of year and it makes for a great last minute gift too.

    • StephanieMangino11

      Thanks! :)

    • StephanieMangino11


  • GardenHarbor

    This is a gift I get for any cat lovers – My husband and I have one and always get comments on it when people are over. And its always a huge hit with the cats!

    • StephanieMangino11

      Thanks! My parents have a very similar one for their kitty. :)

  • shoputopian
    • StephanieMangino11

      :) Thanks!

  • flycatcher

    Kiva card from – sent electronically, if time is really short.

    • StephanieMangino11

      I’ll check for it. Thanks! :)

  • HollyBee

    If you’re not familiar with Lee Valley, then check it out! It ships within Canada and the US, as well as internationally, and they just have the most unique gifts for anyone! I have links to some really interesting gift ideas here:
    I just love this store because it makes it really easy to shop last minute, or for those people that are really hard to buy for because they have items that you’ve never seen anywhere else! Hope this helps :)

    • StephanieMangino11

      It does. Thanks so much!

  • Dusty2

    I can always depend on giving a The Gift Jars are easy and simple to make as well as involving the whole family. When given to the recipient it is a more personal gift because the Jar was homemade and not purchased off of a shelf. They have always been well received year round. Merry Christmas, Stephanie!

    • StephanieMangino11

      Merry Christmas to you, too! And thanks so much!

  • sarahchn1055

    I have done my shopping for Christmas mainly online. Spend hours looking around amazon, shopbop, asos and bargainrun. But you never know what you might need at last moment. Last minutes gift, definitely i will visit to the nearest store!

    • StephanieMangino11

      Yep. I’ll head out to some brick-and-mortar shops, too. :)

  • aredey

    i would be a rabbit

  • AnitaIlieva
  • AnitaIlieva
  • esmonaco

    My passion has always been Gift Baskets: Make one yourself or buy one they are always a great gift. Thanks for asking

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