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Tip of the Day: To Learn Squidoo, Study Squidoo

When I was just a young pup on Squidoo, a newbie like many of you, I wanted to learn everything I could about how to make better lenses. So I made a decision. I decided to study the lenses made by the top lensmasters, to use those lenses as my textbook, to see what I could learn about how to make my own lenses better.

So that’s what I did. I visited the best lenses made by the best lensmasters and started taking notes. Then I started applying what I learned. Almost before I knew how it happened, my own new lenses started getting better and better.

These days, I often tell people that to learn how to make great lenses, study the top lenses on Squidoo, look for common denominators among them, then do what those lensmasters do (in your own, unique way of course). When you apply those techniques, your lenses will start getting better and better, too.

If you want to learn how to make better lenses, why not set aside 10 or 15 minutes each day to study Squidoo. You might be surprised what you find when you start examining how successful lensmasters structure their lenses, what they include, what they leave out, and how they get people talking.

So, what do you say. Are you ready for some “study Squidoo” time? Get started right here.

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Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • rms

    Great advice Susan! That’s how I learned.

  • unholyscribe

    Great advice thanks.

  • bloomingrose

    Thanks. I wrote a lens about the Squidoo lenses I wish I’d Written – other lensmasters have similar lenses. You do learn by following others. I do plan to add more personal content and personal photos to my lenses – as well as write some on some more commercial topics – especially in time for Halloween and Christmas.

  • banapple

    I have learned quite a bit by studying other lenses. There is always something new to learn at Squidoo. Love it here!

  • weakbond

    Learning is very important, i have already started doing that . Thanks for the info

  • laurenrich

    This is great information. I will take your idea and make it work for me. Thanks

  • jeremykim2011

    I know what you mean. I love “stalking” lensmasters who inspire me. To me, earning online is like a big puzzle. The clues are out there. I just need to pick them up and fit them together to make a beautiful piece. Works everytime. Now I’m getting better. :D

  • treasuresabound

    Will really do this, was thinking about it earlier today. Thanks!

  • gamrslist

    cool information good idea thank you for share

  • ohcaroline

    So true Susan…I’m always trying to see what lenses pop to me and what can I incorporate in my own to make them pop also.

  • TamaraKajari

    My choice of learning Squidoo too :) The best way is to learn from the best and the results will come for sure. And you know what – it’s never over because there’s always something more to learn and each and every lens can always be improved and polished some more. Thanks for this simple but great tip Susan.

    • Susan52

      I agree – I still learn new things every day!

  • —Chazz

    I’m still learning but the time spent doing as you suggest is time well spent and it does (literally) pay off!

  • KathyMcGraw

    One of the current issues is that some of these “top lensmasters” by tier, top 100, and category are cheating! Copyright violations galore, plagurism, etc. And this is NOT what we want new people to learn. How can we help new people when a “top lensmaster” touts their antics, and brags about all the money earned, and no consequences like getting their lenses removed? There has to be a way for new people to really know who to follow…without inadvertently following the bad examples of lenses that are showcased around Squidoo.

    • jconlinefm

      Kathy, please give us an example of what you’re talking about. Link it here, please. I’m new to Squidoo and I’m curious to know who’s real and who’s fake here!

      • sousababy

        Problem is, we cannot name anyone – it’s against Squidoo’s posting rules.

      • KathyMcGraw

        I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to mention the identies. I would love to help spare many newbies the heartache, but I can do no more than try to tell them not to just follow someone that has a bunch of T1′s and think they are good examples. Many, many great lensmasters are quietly going about their business…but like Susan says, look around, read the TOS…and please, please, read the TOS of all sites you might get images from. Squidoo is a commercial site, your lenses are commercial, so ANY images that say not to use on a commercial site are not to be used. That is just one example of what to look for :)

    • sousababy

      This is a valid point. Personally, I don’t look at the work of others first (about any topic) as I don’t want to be influenced (even subconsciously). However, I have been inspired by the work of others.

      What I do is mention the lensmaster in my intro and I feature their work (I also let them know on their Bio page of my intentions). I’ve never had a problem this way.

      Most writers know how it feels to have someone ‘kinda steal’ part of your work. But worse, there are those who are all too proud of themselves gaming the system and more. We are rewarding this behavior – if we continue to ignore it.

      Perhaps Tom might look into showcasing a variety of ‘recommended’ lenses for newbies to check out, while these issues get sorted?

      • KathyMcGraw

        I agree with what you said about rewarding behavior by ignoring it. Any newbie here is already overwhelmed by everything there is to learn. Some of the lenses that we recommend to the newbies in our Fresh Squid Group have been around for a long time, and Tiers, top 100 etc are not the criteria we use. We find the best information, from people that know their stuff to help guide them in the right direction.

        • sousababy

          Kathy, could you post the link here to the Fresh Squid Group? I looked for it on your Bio page and couldn’t find it (maybe my eyesight). Thanks for having the guts to tell it like it is . .

        • LadySaera

          I agree, Im totally overwhelmed htough enjoying myself and yet, I didnt really get it, and didnt have the time i needed to read and learn as much as I coujld, so Im getting there piece meail so to speak, and still hanging in there.

  • Arielqiao

    Learn more and write more from here.

  • lakeerieartists

    So true, Susan. We learn a lot from each other, even as experienced lensmasters, we can still learn through other people’s techniques, questions, and solutions.

  • KimmiCuz

    very helpful. thanks

  • getmoreinfo

    Student learns from the Teacher, great advice.

  • Yudiono

    more study Squidoo, thanks

  • 1cyberangel2

    thank you this helped me

  • gypsyman27

    If you emulate success then you will be successful. Great tip, thanks Susan. Sorry about my absense, I’ve been in the hospital. I’m being prepped for a transplant (liver) and my son didn’t bring my laptop until today. See you around the galaxy…

    • KathyMcGraw

      Gypsyman= much success with your surgery.

  • TamarWrites

    I think that it is wonderful how the best writer’s are featured to help us new writers.

  • detoxGamer

    I love spending my time to study how to improve my lenses and those which are in my mind.

  • mamun_js

    very very nice and also important

  • tonythomas1987

    Great tip..thanks…

  • kananas4567

    hi, thanks

  • wuffter

    hmmm good info

  • camelid

    Thanks for the pointers.

  • MizzMary

    Very good advice, will do.

  • fame-gamer

    Please go to my lens and buy stuff

  • TheGroove

    When people openly share their knowledge with one another the possibilities
    of creating ameliorate lenses are just the beginning, this is how we can build
    a better world for future generations. With gratitude and appreciation I say
    Thank You Squidoo for your part in helping to make this happen.

  • EvolutionaryMishap

    Good advice :)

  • dkmonck

    Thanks.I just had my 2nd lenses i will take your advice.Maybe you have saved a baby squid today.

  • cairill

    good info. still learn for better lens..

  • tsimm51415

    I am definitely ready to study Squidoo! I just had my 2nd lens unpublished, like dkmonck below. So I definitely have a lot to learn! Thanks!

  • MikeAnderson40

    Thank you for the great information… I am just beginning my journey here and I know there is a lot to learn

  • Luv2help

    Studying and learning by example is NOT plagiarism (you spelled it wrong KathyMcGraw). When you read a textbook and you’re asked by the teacher to relate what you’ve learned in your own words, do you consider that plagiarism? I think NOT! This lens is intended to educate. And a job well done!

    • KathyMcGraw

      Luv2help-LOL…yes, when I type fast I often mis-spell, thank you for catching that. And I absolutely agree with you, that studying is NOT plagiarism.

  • checkyourvibe

    Thanks for this- I continue to “type into the ethers” but do enjoy these squidoos, so want to learn everything possible!

  • jconlinefm

    I am a newbie and I have 3 lenses published! Yay! I was a little bit frustrated because I had 2-3 visits to page.. But I’m still on the starting line, I started studying other lenses, some are really lengthy, I stop reading after the intro. And some are simple and on point, like this one.. so Thank you :)

  • jconlinefm

    By the way, that dog pic. is so cute!

  • yen1818

    Great tip of the day. Thanks!

  • SocialNetMediaToday

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate the insight to study Squidoo. Have a great day!

  • Keioffa

    Great lens! I was just thinking I needed to learn squidoo a little better then I run across this lens…. Thanks for the advice. It is truly appreciated.

  • Kevin Schaben

    I have noticed that pictures and videos make all the difference.

  • Joandearc

    A very helpful tip. Thankyou.

  • Jack Thor

    This tip is really valuable to newbies like me. I have been writing a couple of years now and I find squidoo totally different and challenging for users to get notice. I tried best and popular modules and amazing and interesting content and as of now it won’t get much attraction to users. Will definitely take this tips and will see what happens.. Thanks.

  • MaricorBunal

    I should take your advice, seeing how successful you are in making great lenses.
    Thanks for this.

  • tabs11

    At the end of the day, good lenses full of useful content convert better anyway with real people. It’s worth taking that extra time to do the best lens that you can.

    • KathyMcGraw

      tabs- excellent advice :)

      • hongenqwe

        Yeah~I have the same feeling!

    • aesta1

      I thought so too but when I was new here in Squidoo, I thought I’ll just write very good lenses and everything will be okay. I did not bother visiting the forum until I realized nobody could find my lenses. REal people can’t find them if they don’t come up anywhere at all in Squidoo so I started to learn what others are doing.

      • sousababy

        Dear aesta1,
        I love your work. It’s full of UUU content.
        I would like to stress, though, that my google traffic has improved considerably even when my Squidoo lensranks are sinking. I’ve visited the forum only a few times . . and have found that HQ posts are far more helpful (for me, personally).
        Real people prefer engagement with those who run the site, where answers are clearly spelled out and verifiable.
        Just my experience . . .

  • shansand

    Yes, that is what I’ve been trying to do. And of course with my own content. Thanks for the tips!

  • MrsKatieE

    I think what has helped me most is to give myself leeway to not make money at first. I am using Squidoo to learn more about myself as a non-fiction writer. I am finding my niche with what I want to write, and my voice in how I write it. I have enjoyed reading some of the top 100 lenses, and seeing how they incorporate the different modules. Looking at Squidoo in this light takes off a lot of pressure and allows me to be creative.

  • ideashine

    very helpful.. and about the plagiarism issue, I think there is a clear difference between “learning from others then do it in your own style” and “copy paste” thing.. so to all newbies (including me), in order to respect author’s fruit of labor, lets all do the first and stay away from the second.. oh and by the way, I’m still a bit confused when i see pictures in people’s lenses.. should those be my own pictures? can I use pictures (or videos) taken from elsewhere in the internet mentioning the source link? thanks..

    • KathyMcGraw

      ideashine- There are many sites that allow you to use their pictures. The important thing is to make sure they are free to use on a commercial site, have a CC (creative commons license) or written permission of the copyright holder (the artist, photographer, etc.). And most importantly you must cite/give credit to the person that took the picture with a link back to their site/page/etc. You can do a Squidoo search as several of us have written lenses on how to use photos the right way.

  • Barbara2659

    Great lens…thanks for the hints!

  • Businesssuccesscoach

    The lesson here to learn how to become the Guru Squid. Yes there may copyright and plagiarism issues, but that happens everywhere. No it’s not right and you shouldn’t do it. That doesn’t mean you don’t have your OWN opinion on the same topic.
    The aim here, is to get a feeling of what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the day, if you know how to Squidoo, you are in front of a lot of other people, who don’t know that benefits, like you.

    • KathyMcGraw

      B- Yes and no. Someone might be in front of a lot of people for the wrong reasons. HQ has deleted accounts of people that were all over the top spots, and categories, but their lenses were violating TOS. Some are high profile that still need to be consequenced. It is very hard at times to know what works and what doesn’t when someone is new. Time is the best teacher IMO.

  • ThomasAdr

    i’m new in Squidoo, I learned a lot from here

  • sumansuman

    Sounds like a great idea Susan52, thanks for sharing!

  • KaioTheRedCrow

    Thanks for your help :)

  • classifiedshi

    good informative topic thank you for the topic once again

  • hongenqwe

    Though I’m still new here,I love it.I’ll study hard and make my lens popular!

  • DarrenDaley

    I’m new to Squidoo and still trying to find my way around to be honest so posts like these are very helpful. The money issue is quite interesting so maybe it should be removed completely??? Perhaps a ‘splinter’ site for those WANTING to earn money could be set up . . . Just a thought really :)

  • eileenhughes

    Well said Kathy.
    I am only a newbie here, At first I could not get the hang of it but gradually starting to do better I hope. What annoys me is that many of the lenses (in my opinion) are not what I would call informative or helpful lenses in any way.

    They are just advertisements to benefit themselves and they probably earn big money from them. I thought that this was/is a writing site where you write informative, helpful and interesting lenses for readers to learn and share information.

    Sorry if this goes against myself by people not bothering to read my lenses, but from now on if I come across lenses with just adverts, like all types of bedding (no real information or story) or lens with any type of products without something informative that we can learn. then so be it. I do a lot of commenting but won’t comments on adverts.

    • Kapalbility

      Sorry to go against your opinion but if I am a person looking to buy Twilight Bedding for my kid then the lens is helpful. Maybe not informative to some but for the targeted persons who that lens is catering for, the page is golden.

  • susanelainegalloway

    Interesting as I try not to write about something that someone else as already done. I find it very hard to write in this kind of format but I am getting there. When I love something my writing flows and flows. So I am learning all over again. I am learning a lot of things just by writing about what I am researching about. Guess I am what you could call a squirty squid lol. I don´t follow others very much either but the outline of how to do it yes. xxx

  • Bigsonny

    Thanx Susan52 for the wisdom!

  • jinnkaien

    Thank you for that advise. I am a newbie. :D

  • eileenhughes

    Couldn’t squidoo showcase an example of a good lens or a couple of them maybe not actually writing a lens but showing the correct way on how to set it up maybe. That would give people a better idea. I still havent worked out what the plexo module is yet, but will keep learning

  • crbphotography

    Thanks Susan. So far, I have only used photographs I have taken on my lenses to be sure that I was not committing plagiarism. I am still relatively new with Squidoo. So far I have tried to make my lens topics unique. I am concentrating on lens presentation and structure. Your idea about committing 10 to 15 minutes a day studying Squidoo is a good one. How do you get a list of some of the the Giant Squid lenses to look at to learn more about lens styles?

    • Susan52

      Check out the link in the post. That will take you to the top 100 lenses on Squidoo, a great place to start. Or explore by topic if you prefer.

  • cliffhpowell

    I agree with Kathy about the amount of people that are posting other people’s content. Unfortunately, I am not sure that there is anything that can be done… Squidoo could run a copyscape type program on their site, but that is a lot of work. I can’t think of an actual solution. I know Google’s algorithm takes plagiarized work into its rankings… Maybe Squidoo could do something similar?

    • sousababy

      Oh, I think Squidoo takes plagiarism quite seriously . . they’ve acted swiftly on numerous cases. Their filters are detecting it (albeit, there have been false positives, they’ve reinstated those lenses caught mistakenly by filters too).

  • lizziebeth

    I think studying other people’s lenses is a GREAT idea. Putting in 15 minutes a day working and learning on SQuidoo is also a good idea. I will study other people’s lenses (successful ones) more now, I think.

  • wlccreations

    Thank you for the advice.

  • informationorg

    nice and informative

  • GordBowman

    I agree with KathyMcgraw, but we should concentrate on the quality and content of our lenses

  • ashishdeep

    hi, thanks for sharing this useful information, your idaes are really amazing.

  • voducit

    Con cún ở đâu mà đẹp thế nhỉ. hehe.

  • KarinaLouise

    Good idea. I am a photographer, not really a writer, but I enjoy this community as it seems a great place to learn new things and enhance my communication skills. I will try this out- keeping in mind that while there are very few new ideas out there- there are indeed new ways of illustrating the info. Taking the basic concepts of these lenses to see what works is the point- not copying them.

  • iweeklydeal001

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful information to us. It has greatly helped me since I have been in Squidoo for some time and I still haven’t tried becoming a top lensmaster.

  • artbyrodriguez

    Great tip Susan, especially writing down information. I always think I’ll remember things, then never do.

  • aesta1

    I seldom go to the Top 100 because I get frustrated. I have to admit, though that there are some worthwhile lenses there and now that I know the lensmasters who do very good lenses, I just check these ones out. At the same time, if those lenses on the top 100 are the ones being visited, then, they must be doing what we need to do. I suggest studying the tips from HQ. Learn from the forum where lensmasters comments often show those who really know what they’re talking about.

    • sousababy

      Dear aesta1,
      I’ve been shocked at what makes it into the Top 100 . . not all are there legitimately (sorry, it’s the truth). Squidoo is working hard to improve things for the hardest working, ethical writers though. I’d recommend reading HQ posts, actually.
      Most respectfully,

  • LadySaera

    I work so many hours, and yet this place I am giving my free time, lately which isnt much;) and am still learning and figuring out what I’m doing wrong, and what Im doing right;) I posted my book, and my synopsis and link to, not cheating at all either, and it was taken down, yet, Im frantically trying to find out why and always try to follow the rules, and hope somehow I can get it back up.

  • Badbreathguy

    Great inspiration, thank you.

  • getmoreinfo

    I am constantly learning something new everyday from Squidoo and it is a growth process.

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