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Q: What’s the Best Way to Get Traffic to My Lenses?

orange monsterA: To get more traffic, you need to create and maintain useful, updated, unique content. We call that the UUU of Squidoo.

Useful lenses answer questions and provide specific information that people are looking for.

Updated lenses are reviewed regularly, checked for dead links or out-of-date content, and revised accordingly.  (Read more about that here.)

Unique lenses offer something that all the other pages out there that are written on your same topic don’t offer. For one, your writing voice is different from everyone else’s. Read Tom’s article to find out why that’s important.

The more you write, the more lenses you create, the more great lenses you read and study, the better you’ll understand the concept of and the importance of UUU. So be yourself, keep writing and making more lenses as you develop your personal, recognizable style, choose useful topics and keep your lenses updated, and the traffic will come.

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Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • Ladymermaid

    I have a couple reworked lenses that have completely changed their direction. They went from the bottom of the pack up into the upper ranks and have remained there. I had thought of deleting an old lensography but a complete revision to add in additional text gave it new life. Updating and staying in tune with with the times is important.

    • Susan Deppner

      Very well said, Ladymermaid. Thanks!

  • CosmeticMom

    I agree Susan! Checking on lenses for broken links, missing photos, YouTube videos, and missing Amazon items should help a lens overall. I update fairly often and this week found loads of missing YouTube videos and blank Amazon modules (with only my text.)

    • Susan Deppner

      It’s amazing how quickly those videos and Amazon products can disappear. Very important to keep an eye on them. Thanks, CosmeticMom!

  • flycatcher

    UUU has always been my main traffic strategy – not being much of one for social media promotion, I’ve always relied on the kindness of search engines. :)

    • Susan Deppner

      I’m with you, flycatcher. Social media doesn’t come naturally to me, so I definitely appreciate those search engines.

  • ebacardbusiness

    I only have two lenses but suddenly they became unfeatured that’s why i am here browsing for info

    • Susan Deppner

      Updating your lens should help, ebacardbusiness! You’ll see a difference when lensrank updates tomorrow.

  • OrganicGiftsByDiana

    I try to use the UUU everyday myself too :)

  • partybuzz

    The same has happened to me, Ladymermaid. I reworked the first lens I ever did, and it came back to life, getting higher traffic and ranking. I’m having to rework a lot of my older lenses to keep up with the changes at Squidoo and Google likes those changes, too. I used these same suggestions for my own website and it has helped that as well. You can’t go wrong listening to what Squidoo tells you. :)

  • Stephaniehut

    Thank you for the tips. Very usefle

  • DaveStone13

    Right on the money, Susan. That’s exactly what it takes along with the commitment to refresh and update your lens until it maxes its possibilities. Never settle for anything less than Tier Three. Keep trying until you get it.

    • Susan Deppner

      “Commitment” is a great word. Thanks for your input, Dave!

  • hajerben

    Can someone please help me and tell me more about this site how do you actually blog I know I sound dumb lol I don’t care we all don’t know something just tell me the mane things to do when you start and do you get payed for blogging on this site

    • Susan Deppner

      Hi hajerben. I like to point you to where you can find information about Squidoo, okay? First, if you go to the top of this page you’ll see a tab labeled “Learning Center.” Hover over that with your computer mouse and you’ll see the last choice on the list, “More Learning Resources.” Click on that link. That will take you to a page full of article links and information, much of which won’t make sense until you’ve learned the basics, but keep that page handy when you do have more questions. In the meantime, one of the links you’ll find on that page will be to this page: called “Getting Started With Squidoo.” That’s where I suggest you start reading. There you can read about what we call “lenses” on Squidoo, which are article pages that you’ll be writing. (Note that Squidoo isn’t a blog platform, it’s an article platform. There’s a difference.) I suggest that you read that page and follow the links to learn the basics of how to make a lens. You’ll also learn about how to earn money. Don’t memorize every fact. There comes a time when you just have to start writing! Choose a topic then from your dashboard page (the page you get to when you log in – ) or from any lens page, look for a link labeled “Create a lens.” Click that and follow the directions to make your first lens. That’s plenty to get you started. Hope it helps!

    • Kylyssa

      Susan’s advice on how to learn to use Squidoo is great. But I want to highlight the point about Squidoo and blogging. If blogging means writing full-length articles, substantial reviews, original recipes with complete instructions, or creating complete tutorials to you, yes, Squidoo is a great place to blog for money. But if blogging means writing blurbs about your daily life or journaling online it doesn’t work so well, if at all, for that.

      Think of Squidoo as an online magazine that is about almost everything and it should give you a good idea of what content does well on it. I’d suggest you take a look around at Squidoo lenses and see what they
      are so you can decide if you want to learn to use Squidoo.

  • Kylyssa

    A piece of writing becomes popular because people read it and like it. It’s as simple as that. Keep in mind that simple doesn’t mean easy.

  • scribbleprints

    The best traffic I’ve gotten has been from my Vacation Bible School lenses, and that’s because I knew exactly who I was writing for. I was writing down the stuff that I had spent the time to research for our VBS, and the ideas I had come up with in the process, so I knew that there were others out there looking for the same exact thing. Then I just shared it where I knew I would look for that info (VBS forums & Pinterest). Doesn’t always work that way…sometimes you think everyone else is looking for something they aren’t…or it’s just hard to find a place to share where your audience will find it.

    • Susan Deppner

      Know thy audience! That’s a great rule and I love your example. Thank you so much for sharing your success story!

  • bestwebfinds

    I am having some luck with pinterest lately. After updating my lens, I pin some pictures from it and have seen an increase in traffic.

    • Susan Deppner

      Great point. Pinterest is a wonderful resource for traffic. Thanks for sharing!

  • AmineBomBom

    always tell people what they want to hear they will love you, write about what they want, they will visit you

    • Susan Deppner

      Again, know thy audience. So very true. Thanks, AmineBomBom!

  • HalloweenCarols

    When trying to figure out why some of my lenses had changed from active to work-in-progress, I discovered some “ghost” links that I had not originally placed in my lens. I was able to delete them, put the correct links in and get back on active published status.

  • cybaby

    Ok, so its about updating lenses regularly or else they disappear.. Good to know.

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  • morganf

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  • hasnad

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