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Q: How Important is Having a Guestbook on My Lenses?

orange monsterA:  A guestbook or comments module can be a very valuable tool both for you and for your readers. Here are three benefits of including a guestbook on every lens:

1.  Offering a place for questions or comments shows that you care about your readers.  If you forgot to tell them in your recipe instructions when to add the eggs, they’ll let you know.  (Be sure to make corrections promptly if someone does point out a mistake or omission!)  If they want to thank you for recommending a book or movie, they’ll be appreciative that you provided a place where they can do that.

2.  Asking “What do you think of my recipe/project/product?” can elicit great user-generated content and information and ideas that you hadn’t thought of.   If a reader has used the same product you reviewed and loved it just as much as you do, their input could be just what the next reader needs to make the decision to buy the item.  A great comment from a reader might also provide a topic idea for your next lens in the same niche.

3.  A guestbook can also be used to solicit new readers.  Asking, “Who do you know that could use this information?” then suggesting that readers share your page with their friends is a great way to generate goodwill – and new traffic.

We suggest you set your guestbooks to approve comments first so you can filter out the occasional but inevitable spam.  Be sure to respond to guestbook comments, especially questions, in a timely fashion. It’s good practice and good etiquette as well.

How do you use the comments module in your lenses?  Feel free to share your secrets with us in a comment below.


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  • DaveStone13

    It keeps the conversation going, but another good reason people forget is that the comments provide extra text and especially long tail keywords for SEO. Lots of comments can definitely bring you more search traffic.

    • Susan Deppner

      Excellent information! Thank you, Dave!

    • healinghands123

      I’m a newbie at SEO – appreciate the information Dave!

  • CosmeticMom

    Susan, thanks for the guestbook information. Your helpful tips should be on a sticky post on the critique me forum!

    • Susan Deppner

      Thanks! I appreciate that and hope that others (especially new folks) find the information helpful as well.

  • CalobrenaOmai

    I like it when lens have this feature because you can add to the topic. Its a bit discouraging to come across a really great piece but can’t add to the material presented.

    • Susan Deppner

      I agree. I came across a really good lens today without a guestbook, so I couldn’t tell her how much I liked her lens. Thanks for your input, CalobrenaOmai!

  • bestwebfinds

    I agree with DaveStone13. Getting comments on lenses can help in bringing traffic and also readers may stay longer on the page to read them if they are informative.

    • Susan Deppner

      Another great point. Time spent on page does count! Thanks, bestwebfinds!

  • artyfax

    All very valid reasons for including a guestbook. In fact long before I started on Squidoo I was always taught that having somewhere on a web-page for readers to express themselves was a must.

    • Susan Deppner

      A tried and true practice. Thanks, artyfax!

  • yadavseo2014

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  • short49

    sounds like a good idea, I like comments.

    • Susan Deppner

      Me too, short49!

  • Titia

    Of course having a guestbook on your lenses is important. It brought me in contact with the daughter of the Jewish family that had found shelter in our house during WW2. She lives in Israël and had found my lens about my mom by chance and recognized my mom’s name and was able to comment on my lens.

    That happened at a time when it was still possible for outside visitors to comment. Today those visitors can only comment if they sign up and make an account on Squidoo. As 99% of those casual visitors won’t do that, their comments no longer appear on our lenses and questions won’t be asked anymore.

    I really wonder how many lensmasters get comments on their lenses from outside visitors who specially signed up with Squidoo. I know that I will never sign up for a website that I’ve no business with, only to comment on an article or ask a question. I’ll click it away because if I would sign up, I will end up with dozens of accounts on websites I’m actually not interested in at all.

    Today most of the outside visitors who sign up are those who spam our questbooks and they still can, because the default on ‘html’ yes or no is set to yes. I really wish that just commenting was possible again for visitors.

  • tracysmith159

    The comments are a wonderful way to gather another opinion on topics and sometimes lead me to more ideas to add or maybe something new to start.

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  • AstroGremlin

    Many of us comment on friends’ lenses to say, “Hey, I checked out your material.” (And maybe you should check out mine, hint, hint.)

  • goendul

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