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Pinterest for Squidoo Lensmasters

109354577_d77a9e9e01Pinterest is the most visual of the social networks we’ll be covering. As you might expect, certain types of content perform better on Pinterest than on more traditional or text based networks.

If you enjoy curating and organizing content from around the web, you’ll love using Pinterest to share and discover lenses. You can pin a lens using the “Pin It” button or by manually adding the URL from the Pinterest site.

Pinterest is easy to use, inspiring and can be a lot of fun. Here are my top 3 tips for getting the most out of Pinterest.


1. Use dramatic, eye-catching images

By far the most important consideration when pinning a lens is the photo. A good photo can help you gain traction around the site. It’s probably best to take your own photos, especially if the lens is a how-to or a recipe. Here’s a guide I wrote on taking great photos with everyday camera equipment. You might want to punch up the colors or enhance your photo if it’s looking a little bland, so check out Ribbit or Pixlr for online options or for something with more power, GIMP - all free!

2. Consider pins from a variety of sources

When you’re putting together a “board”, you have a decision to make – will your board showcase only lenses or will you include pages from around the web? It’s a good idea to have a “vision” before you start, but don’t be afraid to switch things up and change direction as you see fit. You can create boards of all of your lenses and group them by subject or niche or select lenses from around the site, selected by any criteria that feels right to you. Another option is mixing and matching sites that share a similar topic. Whatever you decide, Periodically check the links that you pin for changes to be sure that your pins are pointing to lenses or pages that actually exist.

3. Keep it light and interesting

Pinterest is famous as a source for DIY, instructional and creative content. Recipes, crafts and easy life-hacks all perform extremely well. An important consideration when creating pins for these types of lenses is the photo on the pin. A good photo shows the final project or a side-by-side before/after comparison. A lot of Pinterest users visit the site to browse ideas – a sort of window shopping for projects, if you will. Good lenses for pinning should “fit in” with the overall aesthetic of the site. Think easy, clever, pretty, fun, quirky, healthy, indulgent – Pinterest users love content like this.

I hope you’re excited and informed about using Pinterest to share your lenses. For the right content, Pinterest can be a valuable source of readers and a great way to connect with other people who share your interests.

If you’re already using Pinterest, what have you learned? Let us know in the comments and happy pinning!

Photo Credit: wakalani via Compfight cc

  • DaisyDixon

    Great information, I have found a lot of success with Pinterest so far.

  • xhacker14x

    Informative, keep it up :)

  • grammieo

    Pinterest is an amazing tool, I’ve used it for a while now, but am using it even more lately. Lots of people love the format and find many interesting things quickly!

  • aswahayah

    lots of success with Pinterest

  • tonyleather

    I use pinterest all the time. It is very effective.

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  • LoreleiCohen

    I starting to use Pinterest a little more a few months ago and it is working out very well. I am still learning its potential.

  • jmchaconne

    Thanks for the info, I’m just beginning to learn about it.

  • katiesnow

    thanks for the great info

  • Possie

    Thanks Tom. I must admit I haven’t visited that site yet. I must be the only one being left behind.

    • katiesnow

      I have to say I also have not used pinterest either!

  • katiesnow

    It will not let me add Toms’ name to complete this quest…it says lens master unknown!

    • rms

      You would use your own lensmaster name to complete the quest.

  • Merrci

    i just signed up for Pinterest. I can see how it will be useful. It’s so fun to wander around. Thanks for sharing this information. It helps!

  • sha-ron

    I have just started using pinterest. thanks

  • ibidii

    I have been looking at Pinterest for about 2 years. I have added a board with a few lenses on it. All the time I get notifications that people re pin my pins! I will be organizing my pins this month and hoping that will help others to find free patterns that I like to use. I view Pinterest for about an hour at night to relax.

  • MarathonRunning

    Thank you for the information, these are very useful tips! I also noticed that I get even more reppins if I add my own description of the product shown on the photo.

  • mountainmistjewelry

    Pinterest is much more useful now that Bing is has included it as part of Images search. I’ve had more hits on my Etsy shop from Pinterest than before. I’m sure it will help with Squidoo traffic also.

  • Arachnea

    I find that I can get away with fewer boards if I generalize the content for each one. Also, I increase my traffic greatly if I follow people who have followed me. I have a specific board for Squiddoo.

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    I’ve learned Pinterest can be addicting. I don’t know how successful it’s been for me because I don’t know which visits or sales on Squidoo come from Pinterest. It’s really hard for me to keep up with these days, but this has reminded me that I haven’t pinned my two lenses yet. Gonna go do it now.

  • Lionrhod

    I’ve just recently started using pinterest. I made a board for the heroine of my novel to post stuff she likes. :)

    • RubyHRose

      I really like this idea.

      • Lionrhod

        I can’t take credit, someone somewhere suggested it to me, but I don’t recall who. I just knew I loved the idea and planned on running with it.

  • serendipity831

    Thank you, Tom for the series of the different sites ins and outs. All the information is appreciated and very helpful.

  • DeniseMcGill

    Great info. Thanks.

  • adventuretravelshop

    Thanks for this info. I’ve been using Pinterest for a couple of years, but I am in a bit of a muddle with it. Lots of boards and followers – I really enjoy it because it’s visual -but I don’t think it’s that easy really – simple but not easy!

  • bloomingrose

    Pinterest was not trusted at first, but I think most people’s suspicions have been soothed.

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thanks for this article, Tom. I will dig deeper into the tips you’ve included here. For anyone new to Pinterest, I resisted it for a long time because I felt I was participating in too many platforms already, but I’ve been using it quite a while now and I LOVE it. In fact, I use it exclusively instead of bookmarking in my browser or using another once-popular bookmarking service. The pictures make it so easy to find what I’m looking for right away. I recommend it.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Nice! That’s a great way to use the site.

  • lydia-workman

    Thank you very much!

  • DownToEarthLiving

    Pinterest is great for promoting lenses, and good photos are key to drawing readers. I’ve had great fun creating boards for a variety of creative projects.

  • fionamckay9

    I love Pinterest

  • gloria freeman

    I like useing pinterest, great tips.

  • RinchenChodron

    I enjoy the photos on Pinterest and I do Pin.

  • nightcats

    I have been using Pinterest to compile pictures of arts and crafts projects that I may want to try making — along with a vehicle of showcasing my own art.

  • d-artist

    I’ve been a Pinterest member for a couple of years, and just have not figured out the boards and such…guess I’m just to literal -ha ha- but do like looking at other members boards

  • prabu-arishandi

    always new and fresh information here

  • Deborah-Diane

    I love pinning my Squidoo articles to Pinterest … and I include pins of articles that other people write, both on Squidoo and from other sites.

  • LesDaily

    I have only begun to explore Pinterest, and I will indeed use the above information to assist me. Thank You

  • CubScouter94

    I have not ventured into pinterest as of yet- but I am considering adding it to my plethora of social networks. :) Thanks for sharing.

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  • Joie

    I just opened a Pinterest account, but am still exploring. It will be fun to see what I can do with it! :) Thank you!

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  • jessef11

    Never used Pinterest,will give it a shot. Thanks for the information.

  • Snakesmum

    Have only recently joined, and can use all the tips I can get!

  • happy-mama

    I used Pinterest before starting Squidoo. I was just in the middle of creating a new image that will be good for pinning and sharing. Looking forward to using both together for cross-promotion! Thanks for the tips.

  • patgoltz

    I used to think of Pinterest as a place that steals content. Maybe I was wrong. I’ll look into it. I don’t like social network sites, but this sounds more like a place to curate stuff, and I’m up for that.

    • Titia

      I thought (and am still thinking) the same way you are, mainly because I always use my own photos and I heard so many stories of stealing pictures and not giving credit.

    • crystalwriter

      Sadly, people who will steal your content will steal it whether you are on Pinterest or not. If they repin from Pinterest, it should always come back to your original board. I have found some of my Flickr photos on there with no links, and I add my links to the comments and remind the users of my CC license with attribution. The theft, though, comes from allowing your images to be downloaded, and then people can upload them anywhere they want. I guess we just have to trust that there will be enough of us out there who understand “the code” and always give attribution and links whether they are requested or not.

      • Tom Maybrier

        That’s actually a really great approach – as an end user I appreciate it when a content owner “tags” their content like this.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Pinterest “pins” are supposed to always link back to the source of the image, so if used as designed there’s no theft.

      Unfortunately, people do save photos that aren’t theirs to their computer and upload them on the web. The internet runs on the honor system when it comes to things like this as there’s no way to translate analog permissions into infallible digital use rules.

  • Laura Brown

    If you write in a niche topic consider joining Pinterest group boards where members can all contribute to the board (for the group). This way you have a better chance of having your images seen than just keeping a board of your own.

    • RubyHRose

      Oh yea? I have to look into that idea, thanks.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Excellent suggestion!

  • vallain

    I use Pinterest to spot trends which can inspire a lens. When I saw all the interest in crafts with Mason jars, that nudged me into making a lens on the topic. It has consistently drawn visitors.

  • gottaloveit

    Pinterest is the only social media I believe in. I see great and improving traffic every day.

  • donnarose60

    I’m still not quite sure how it can work for me … but I’m still VERY new and more thinking than creating at this “point” … hah

  • crystalwriter

    I have two Squidoo boards on Pinterest. One is for my favorite lenses here (sort of my own visual bookmarking tool), and the other is for my own lenses. It can also work in conjunction with your other social media by allowing it to share your pins with your Twitter feed and your Twitter to share with your Facebook feed. For visual bookmarks, I find it to be the easiest tool for those things I want others to know about.

  • Marlene McPherson

    I’m starting to get the hang of using Pinterest to my own advantage for keeping a visual library of inspiration, because that’s what I like about it the most, the visual aspect. And it has really made me aware of so much more on the web that I wouldn’t have had time to look for myself, so this is the benefit of it for me, and I guess others who use it as well! So I will try to optimise my own blog, fb and Squidoo for this purpose with images and info worth pinning!

  • esmonaco

    So far a very effevtive tool for me, Thanks for information :)

  • LesDaily

    Outstanding, a lot of info

  • yaminjoe

    Thanks for your tips, from now on I shall be using Pinterest more effectivly

  • hmommers

    My tip: I don’t follow all the boards of a person, but usually just the couple of them that look most appealing to me.

  • Lewisgirl

    I use Pinterest as a resource to search for ideas. For example, creative quilt patterns, handmade books, Halloween Ideas, recipes, etc. It is a warehouse of ideas.

  • KateHon

    Love Pinterest – it’s inspiring!

  • partybuzz

    I just recently started using Pinterest and found that it’s a great place to save lenses or websites that I like and want to return to…sort of like categorized bookmarks. The nice thing is that I can share those places with my followers at the same time. (And, of course, share my personal pages, too!)

  • 3QuartersToday

    Pinterest is quickly chasing my Twitter referrals and was responsible for me keeping a lens in Tier 1 for a month. I don’t get many sales from my Potato Soup recipe, got over 600 views one day just from Pinterest!

    • Tom Maybrier


  • Jaka305

    Great info!

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    Thank you for the great information.

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    Thanks for the tips. I’m going to my Pinterest page next.

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  • whatsittoyou

    Does anyone know on Pinterest how to invite someone (like Squidoo) to share your boards?

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    I am also using Pinterest,I think it is great where they follow you on a topic!!

  • —Chazz

    I get the more traffic to my lenses from Pinterest than all other social networks combined. Very pleased with it.

  • trevorjb1406

    I’ve recently started Pinning and for me it is interesting because of all the excellent photographs on display. I have a camera board and I have added my Squidoo lens to it. As a keen animal lover and campaigner I have started a board on my favourite animals and will be doing more shortly.

  • rlmodranski

    I don’t utilize pinterest as much as I should. May have to go back through some of my lenses and see which ones need pinned!

  • shennethagrant

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  • sheilamarie

    I’m definitely a Pinterest newbie, but striking photos are definitely key.

  • Brite-Ideas

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    Love Pinterest! Interested in learning to find new ways like this to integrate it with Squidoo and other social sites. Thanks for the article.

  • bestwebfinds

    I try and use as many words as I can to describe my pins. i have noticed that the pins with good description get repinned often.

  • knowledgetoday

    I’m a beginner at Pinterest but am enjoying it and learning how to keep working it.

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