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How To Carve A Niche Of Your Own On Squidoo

carving123You don’t need to be a contributor to carve your own niche here on Squidoo. You just need a topic area that you love.

Let me show you how one lensmaster accomplished this:

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been noticing a lot of super spinach recipe lenses popping up on Squidoo.

The first one to catch my eye was Crustless Spinach Quiche or maybe it was Spinach and Mushroom Pasta.   I’m not sure which was first but as a spinach lover, I remember both looking really good to me.

Then, along came Spinach Balls, Spinach Garbanzo Bean Saute and Spinach Peanut Butter Saute.

I really took notice when I realized that all of these gorgeous lenses (The photos are amazing.) were being created by the same lensmaster, Merrci,.   You might know her as the most recent Food Club winner or as our “Alzheimer’s and Dementia” Contributor, two very proud accomplishments, but what made her stand out most to me lately was her ability to create such an outstanding mini niche about Popeye’s favorite food.

And she didn’t stop there.  Once she had all of her single recipe spinach lenses in a row, she created a lens that ties everything together… and more. Not only did she make what we like to call a lensography (a lens that houses featured lenses all on a similar topic) she also included interesting information about the veggie, several new recipes on the lens to whet her reader’s appetites for more and tied it all up with a neat bow by weaving everything around a national food holiday.  See the masterpiece of her lens collection HERE.

Keep in mind that YOU can successfully create a niche like this about any topic you choose.  Think about something you really, really love… or maybe just like a whole lot…  and start building your lenses.

Have you created a niche like this on Squidoo yet? If you have, share a link to your piece de resistance in the comments so we can all take a look.

If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

This is the first of a new series of articles that will highlight some of our Giant Squid’s accomplishments.  Stay tuned to HQ for more.

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    What a great tip. I have been enjoying Merry’s spinach series. Maybe we should think of it as her Popeye Niche. :-)

  • DaisyDixon

    I too have enjoyed seeing all the great Spinach lenses from Merrci, she’s so good at lens making, definitely someone I look up to!

  • Susan Deppner

    What a wonderful feature! Merrci is an excellent cook – I’ve prepared several of her recipes including the crustless spinach quiche. Love the lensography and that it celebrates a special day, too. Congratulations, Merrci, for being a giant among Giants!

  • Anonymous831

    Great article. I need to do this with my photography lenses. Congrats to you Merrci, I enjoy reading your lenses.

  • Merrci

    Wow! Well, isn’t this nice! Thank you so much Robin and Bonnie and Susan and HQ! I’m honored! It was so much fun too. You surely know how to brighten a rainy day!

    • rms

      Well deserved!

    • DaveStone13

      Way to go, Merry!

  • tonyleather

    Excellent post and really very interesting. Thanks!

  • michelephotog

    I’ve noticed her, too! She is becoming quite prolific. I have loved all her articles, especially the one on pre-grieving. I have gone through this when my husband was dying. An article like this would have been so helpful. She also has really good recipes!

  • jewelrydisplayinc

    Good tip!

  • artyfax

    An inspiring story!

  • —Chazz

    Toot! toot!

  • stellafin

    Thanks for sharing this :)

  • grammieo

    I agree Merrci rocks…….and so do her spinach recipes!

  • Steve_Kaye

    And best of all, we need more spinach in our meals.

    • rms

      It sure is healthy!

  • adventuretravelshop

    Great tip thank you – very, very useful. I love spinach and Popeye btw – and Merrci’s lenses too :)

  • d-artist

    Wonderful Merrci!

  • EditorDave

    Nice lenses collection. I’ve done this a few times — with my “flying and aircraft” lensography … and with my “oceans and marine biology” lensography. I’m starting a few more on some of my other favorite topics.

    • rms

      You do a great job with your niches EditorDave.

  • favored1

    Merry has done a great job and has some wonderful recipes. I enjoy reading her work.

  • Deborah-Diane

    This is a great idea. I have read several of Merci’s articles about spinach, and I especially loved the one about the crustless spinach quiche. Anyone can have a niche, if they pull it together as well as Merci did!

  • mountainmistjewelry

    Thanks! Lensographies are on my Squidoo things to learn list.

  • Arachnea

    I read about doing lensographies in another lens (somewhere on Squidoo). I wasn’t clear on a practical use for it. This lens gives me an idea.

    • rms

      Glad to help. Just be sure to add additional unique information to the lensography. A lens that only houses a list of other lenses can be pretty thin. As you saw in the example, Merrci’s lensography lens can stand on it’s own.

  • vallain

    Thanks for inviting us to share our niche here. My Civil War ancestor is the inspiration for 37 lenses on that historic time and on his life.

    • rms

      You’re welcome. That’s such an interesting niche.

  • nancycarol

    I love Merry’s writing! I’m so glad she is showing her talents! WOOHOO Merry! Good for you!

  • kiwinana71

    Yes great lens-master, I have also been following her. Great recipes I never knew there were so many ways and all very delicious.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    I have enjoyed every one of Merrci’s lenses I’ve landed on. She is a terrific writer and so creative. I’ve even found a couple of those spinach recipes I plan to try myself. Fabulous lensmaster!

  • gloria freeman

    Hi thanks for this great tip.

  • dhyeff022

    great :))

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thank you for this. I’ve been wondering whether I was focusing too much on whole wheat, especially pies, biscuits and scones, but I have several more lenses on these topics in the works and have hesitated to polish and publish them because I thought I might be doing too many on similar topics. Thanks to your article, I’m going for it. Btw, I LOVE Merrci’s lenses, especially her recipes.

    • rms

      I don’t think we could ever have too many whole wheat lenses. :)

      • Merrci

        Me either!

  • susan369

    Great idea! But we have to be careful that the lenses are not just a rehash of the previous ones.

    • rms

      That’s very true. Each lens must be unique and be able to stand on its own.

  • CosmeticMom

    Merrci, you should change your name to Popeye! Congrats on your Spinach niche!

  • lanealanea

    Cool, Just might, Thanks! :-)

  • carol-nobleboshnack

    As a new squidoo member I was very impressed. I love spinach too!

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    I love spinach. I’ll be sure to have a look at these lenses.

  • rlmodranski

    My niche is resources for churches – I’ve compiled them all here: so they are easier to navigate – not sure it’s as creative a lensography as Merrci’s, but it will definitely show you my niche!

    • rms

      Very nice. Thanks for sharing it here.

  • DaveStone13

    This advice is so good, I decided to dig a new niche of my own, first edition published today. Thanks, Robin & Merry. (And the spinach recipes have the vegetarian in me hungry for more.)

    • rms

      Sounds exciting Dave.

    • Merrci

      I’ll go looking for it right now! Your lenses are always excellent.

  • GiftRepSandy

    I have several lens in the wholesale/retailing marketing niche — especially Selling to Retailer’s niche. My lensography listing all these lens is here:

  • DeniseMcGill

    Awesome ideas. I’ll have to try that!

  • bushcraftknives

    Hi Robin, total newbie to Squidoo, but I can really see why it’s sort of addicting. I’ve done well carving out a niche on the Interwebs, but not here… seems like it’s got it’s own set of rules, but I’M IN!! Thanks for the lens. Take care, Robin.

  • 1angelsbestkeptsecrets

    I have noticed how productive you are cranking out new lenses. I have many to read to catch up. Congratulations, Merrci, You deserve the Spotlight.

  • CubScouter94

    Thanks for the tips and for sharing about the lenses listed above. I love spinach and as a Vegetarian I am going right now to check them out! :) Thanks!

  • Lionrhod

    Great tip! I’ve been planning several lenses about being a psychic/going to a psychic. Now I have a better idea of how to go about that!

  • mbgphoto

    Thanks for a great article and some wonderful ideas. Love that Spinach niche. One niche that is near and dear to me is my lighthouse niche. I have 55 lenses that have something to do with lighthouses. Here is a lens that brings it all together.

  • athomemomblog

    Over the years, I’ve developed a couple of mini niches that have done well. It’s a great way to focus your writing and use your research for more than one lens.

  • Merrci

    It is so sweet to read so many lovely comments here! Thanks everyone!

  • Ilona1

    Thank you, thank you for this great example of how to create a niche. And applause for Merrci in making all those great lenses

  • BlackPharaoh2

    I myself have done three H.P. Lovecraft articles and plan on doing more. Afterwards, I will move on to Poe.

  • lbrummer

    Thanks so much for the guidance. I’ve had a catalog of crafts lens that contained all my lenses, but I was never very happy with it. After checking how Merrci did hers, I reworked my craft catalog lens and added another catalog that contains the rest of my lenses. At last I feel like I have a handle on it. Thanks again, Robin, Merrci and all. If you want to check look, the catalogs are: Catalog of Craft Articles, and Catalog of Recipe, Sewing, Home and Life Articles.

  • patgoltz

    Here’s a lensography I did awhile ago. It needs updating. I should make a new one, because I have so many more lenses now.

  • LesDaily

    WOW one can pickup a lot of ideas, well done!

  • eva_writes

    That’s really interesting, I had never thought about it!

  • LiteraryMind

    I did create several lenses about day trips, museums and places to eat in Southeastern Connecticut. I incorporated them into a lensography

  • ashishjvan


  • Laura Brown – I took your post to heart. I made a lensography and connected all my posts about urban exploration. I even wrote two more as I realized they would go nicely with what I already have.

    I also updated my lens bio/ profile. But, I can’t remember (or find) how to get it picked up to show on all my lenses. I have searched Squidoo posts (I’m sure someone wrote about how to do it) but I am still clueless. It’s bugging me today because I know I have seen (and done it) before.

  • adaptateur ac

    newbie to Squidoo,thanks for sharing

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