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Hello May!

Dogwood Blossoms from Below by Muffet on flickr via Creative CommonsWelcome May, the month for mothers and Memorial Day and many special days in between.

On Squidoo we’re starting the new month with an emphasis on DIY, great timing since ’tis the season for tackling both indoor and outdoor do-it-yourself projects. In case you missed the announcement, you can read it here and get even more details – and a whole lot of encouragement – on this lens. What projects are you planning to tackle this month? There are millions more people who want to do those things, too, but they need examples and encouragement from you. So make DIY lenses a priority this month by documenting your own projects and turning them into lenses.

Perhaps your first DIY could involve tackling a special project with mom in mind – and you have 10 days to pull it off (Mother’s Day is May 11th). Don’t forget to have the camera handy for the unveiling; a photo of mom with a big smile on her face could be the perfect last step on a very personal DIY tutorial lens.

Food is always on our minds and it’s also one of the hottest topics on Squidoo. In fact, take a look at our Best of Food on Squidoo page to see what’s popular. No doubt information on grilling, preparing delicious cool beverages and smoothes, and how-to’s on serving up our spring crops will be highly sought-after topics, so document and share your seasonal recipes as you pull them out and prepare them for the first time this summer.

By the end of the month the summer season should be in full swing and people’s minds will turn to travel and recreation. Get a head start working on new lenses as well as updating older ones that are centered around those topics, too.

If you need more lensmaking ideas during May, keep an eye on both HQ and your dashboard’s Quests tab. Our team rarely runs short of great lens starters and we’re happy to keep you supplied.

So tell us, what special plans and lensmaking ideas are on your agenda for the month of May?

Dogwood blossoms photo from Muffet on Flickr via Creative Commons

Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    May is a big DIY month for me. I’m building a geodesic dome, a room addition, a chicken coop, and some inside upgrades (aspen log railing, sliding loft door, and more). Today is Home Depot and Lowe’s shopping day.

    • Susan Deppner

      Guess we should look forward to some awesome new lenses!

  • Tracy1973

    Beautiful photo of pink dogwood tree!!

    • Susan Deppner

      I really liked it, too. Reminds me of pink dogwoods in my grandmother’s yard.

  • Merrci

    Sounds like fun!

    • Susan Deppner

      DIY, moms, and food? I agree!

  • littlebird3450

    A thoughtful insight and ideas I will use on my website. Youve obviously spent some time on this. Congratulations!

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  • aswaha yah

    yesterday is monther ‘s day .monther is the lovest in our life. love mom ,love may

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