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Hello March!

Kites in the breeze by ronnie44052 on flickr via creative commonsWelcome, March! We’re especially glad to see you this year and hope that you’ll bring us a very pleasant spring – RIGHT NOW!

Are you impatient for warmer weather to arrive? Impatient for your lenses and the rest of your online business to take off like a kite on a breezy day? While there’s not a thing you can do to change the weather, there are things to be done to help improve the performance of your Squidoo lenses and your online business. First, you’ll need a plan. And good plans start with goals. As you’re setting your goals, ask yourself these four questions:

1. How many lenses will you make this month? It helps to set goals for club and quest participation and to set aside time for making lenses for your niche and any new passions that come along. Be reasonable in your expectations so you won’t feel rushed or frazzled if you get behind. Remember, it’s fine to modify your goals in midstream.

2. How are you going to keep your lenses up-to-date? Make a plan to freshen up lens content regularly. Check the calendar for upcoming holidays and events then move related lenses on those topics to the top of your priority list.

3. How are you going to promote your work? Make a social media plan, then get out there and do some promoting. Watch for suggestions from Tom’s ongoing series on social media (and our tips on RocketSquids if you’re a member).

4. How will you reach out to others to share Squidoo? You’ve got a good thing going here, so why not share it with a friend? We even have beautifully-crafted video invitations like this one that you are free to use to invite like-minded people to the site.

As in life, success on Squidoo starts with goals and plans, so invest some time early this month to plan your work.  Then work your plan and watch what happens!

Now tell us, what do you have planned for the month of March?

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Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • grammieo

    I’ve planned to become better at the “social media” side of things. There is so much that I don’t know or understand, so I’m on the hunt for really good tutorials on how to use these platforms and spread the word!

    • Susan52

      You’re not alone! There’s a lot of good information on social media out there, grammieo, including some really great lenses right here on Squidoo.

  • Titia

    In my neck of the woods, nature skipped winter all together and strolled from Fall right into Spring. Haven’t seen a drop of snow or frost. The grass never stopped growing, the daffodils are already blooming and it’s not even Easter yet. So I won’t have daffodils on my Easter breakfast table this year I fear.

    • Susan52

      I’m sure many of us are very envious of your weather, Titia. I hope you find some surprise daffodils around Easter-time!

  • ibidii

    Looking into Twitter, and Amazon affiliate. Going back to check out older lenses as well! Great ideas Susan! :)

  • ibidii

    Looking into Twitter, and Amazon affiliate. Going back to check out older lenses as well! Great ideas Susan! :)

  • fotolady49

    I love the kite picture that you chose to put as your intro image! And a BIG YES, I’m ready for Spring!!!!

  • Merrci

    Hoping to ‘master’ the art of sharing lenses between squidoo, Facebook, and website. Pinging, Pinterest, it is all so new. Feels like I am learning a new language, so it should be good for Alz. prevention! Glad you posted this reminder to make a plan for the month! Thanks for all you do to support us.

  • britflorida

    One thing that I want to do this month is to reach out more to the Squidoo community in my Spot On UK and Graphic Design contributor roles. I have established several ways to promote (great) lenses within these two niches and I want (great) lensmasters to make the most of it! My contact button is always open :)

  • Kylyssa

    We’re still getting single digit temperatures here in Michigan so spring is only a word people have agreed to call the last third of winter for me at the moment. As to my spring Squidoo plans, I’m pretty excited about them.

    I’m serializing a science fiction novel on a Squidoo lens so a lot of my Squidoo time will be spent getting that in order and giving final tweaks and edits to each segment and finishing and polishing the rest. I’ll be posting one new installment per week of between 2,000 and 4,000 words and I’ll slowly increase that amount as time goes by and my number of subscribers increases. Additionally, I’ll be working on creating related artworks to scan in and give the lens more pop. I may even create a very short animation for it and post it on YouTube.

    When I hit a point where I can’t focus on writing, rewriting, editing, or otherwise working on the novel I have a list of things to do to break any not-writing-what-I-ought-to-be block. I can freshen up my wedding and prom flower lenses, write a few new lenses on caring for saltwater fish based on questions I’ve gotten via email, and possibly create a lens about the animations I may make for the lens with the serialized novel.

    Fortunately, my other obligations are somewhat lighter than usual this month so I expect to get a lot done on the projects for my personal enjoyment I’ve mentioned above.

  • aredey

    Hello March,hello,my dream.

  • visit2goa

    i am trying but squidoo removes

  • tina-clark-9041

    I would like to do one lens every day in March

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