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Hello July!

Flag in Sun from walkadog on Flickr via Creative Commons
Welcome July
, the month of flags, fireworks, and good times with family and friends.

Remember to take your camera when you go out on Independence Day, then come home and use the pictures to put together some 4th of July lenses while the events of the day are still fresh in your mind.  Maybe you’re going on vacation this month. Document that historic monument or state park from your visit or share Aunt Nancy’s macaroni salad recipe, the one you enjoy every summer at your family’s reunion. Whatever you have planned for July, chances are your activities will trigger a lens idea or two, so keep the camera handy.

Know what comes after the 4th of July? Yes, the 5th of July and what happens then? School supplies start flooding the store shelves! And not just crayons and pencils and that glue that tastes like peppermint (do they still make that?), but we’re talking school clothes and calculators and dorm furniture and everything you can imagine for kindergarteners to college students. It’s a good time to start reviewing hot back to school products, but it’s important to remember that the lenses that will qualify for “best of” status will contain a personal story and answer shoppers’ questions about why they should choose this computer or that ebook that explains how to use it. Think like a consumer and make sure you answer all the questions you’d be asking if you were doing the shopping rather than the recommending.

Halloween is another topic that’s heating up right now and will only get hotter as July does. Review this very important information from Bonnie on Halloween do’s and don’ts, then consider some serious updating on old Halloween lenses as well as making new ones.

The beginning of every month is always a good time to assess your lens list and put together a plan for making new ones. Remember that the third U in the UUU of Squidoo (unique, useful, and updated) is just as important as the first two, so make lens freshening a part of your routine this month.

For our Canadian lensmasters, happy Canada Day today! For those of us in the United States, stay safe as you celebrate Independence Day on the 4th. For everyone, have a great, productive month ahead on Squidoo. Care to share your July plans? Feel free, in a comment below.

Image from walkadog on Flickr

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