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Hello August!

Ferris wheel by thephotographymuse on Flickr via creative commonsHello, August, the month that brings us county fairs, fireflies, cooler evenings, back-to-school shopping, and a multitude of lensmaking opportunities.

On Squidoo we’ve seen a few great changes recently and look forward to the promise of more, coming soon (have you updated your social contacts list?). RocketSquidU recently merged with SquidooHQ to form a bigger and better center for learning, news, information, and community quests. Do you visit daily? You should! We’re also getting ready for the ever-popular Halloween season, set to blast off big-time in the very near future. And it’s never too late to work on new back-to-school lenses.

If freshening old lenses and making new ones for community quests doesn’t keep you busy enough, consider researching and writing about some of the famous people whose birth dates grace the August calendar. Chef Julia Child’s name appears on the 15th of the month, co-inventor of the airplane Orville Wright’s on the 19th, and author Leo Tolstoy’s on the 28th. Think out of the box, as they did during their lives, for topics related to these or other famous people that you’d like to learn more about.

Why not plan on celebrating a special event this month, maybe National Tooth Fairy Day on the 22nd or Pony Express Day on the 31st? We love any excuse for a party! Just take plenty of pictures with lensmaking in mind. We’d love for you to share a helpful lens on how to make a tooth fairy cake or review an educational children’s book about the Pony Express. Make yourself valuable as an authority in whatever topics you choose.

As you’re planning out your upcoming month, keep in mind that every lens in your portfolio should be focused on providing useful information to its readers. Asking yourself, “Is this lens useful?” should be an important part of a monthly lens maintenance plan. If you can’t answer in the affirmative, then take some time to make some positive changes.

Have you set your lensmaking goals for August? Any special celebrations coming up this month? Care to share?

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Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • StrongMay

    My birthday is in August!
    I’m finishing my degree this August!
    I got my first job this August!
    And I have a short list of ideas for great lenses this August!
    Have a great month, everybody! I know I will.

    • Susan Deppner

      Congratulations on all those milestones, StrongMay, and happy birthday! August is our birthday month, too, with four of the six of us turning another year older.

      • StrongMay

        Thanks, and happy birthday to you all!
        (And happy non-birthdays to the rest of you!)

    • ChocolateLily

      My birthday is in August too! Congratulations on all your accomplishments, StrongMay!
      Wow, Susan, that’s a lot of August birthdays!

      • Susan Deppner

        Two are on the same day! Happy birthday, ChocolateLily!

        • ChocolateLily

          That’s wild! A new friend and I just found out that we share the same birthday. That’s the first person I’ve actually met who shared mine. My mother-in-law’s is the day after mine.

          • StrongMay

            I have a cousin who’s birthday is also in August, four days before mine, as is one of my really good friend’s birthday!

          • ChocolateLily

            Neat! You reminded me that my niece was also born in August. We better stop before we list everyone we know with an August birthday! Haha!

    • jadhavchetu

      Same here My birthday is also in 31 August!
      I got my first job this 15 August!

      • Susan Deppner

        Happy birthday to you, too, jadhavchetu and congrats on the new job!

    • thatgrrl

      Congratulations and best wishes with everything, May.

      • StrongMay


    • aswahayah

      my birthday is August too, August is a Harvest season.

  • vikasnani2

    Welcome to Take a look around and see what is here. This site is pretty new for all tech stuff.

  • Cop-Speak

    My birthday is also in August! Thanks for the great ideas.

  • partybuzz

    Well, Happy Birthday everybody! My mom turns 93 on August 24, and my grandson turns 9 on Aug. 22. :)

    • StrongMay

      Wow! Happy birthdays!

  • DeniseMcGill

    I get another ring around my trunk in August as well. August is a good month! Thanks for the info.

    • ChocolateLily

      Happy Birthday! That’s an interesting way to put it.

  • Robert Connor

    Great time of year!

  • StrongMay

    We should have a lens quest not about other, famous people’s birthdays in August, but our very own!

    • StrongMay

      For example, a lens on how we are going to celebrate!

    • Susan Deppner

      Think of a useful lens topic related to how you celebrate your birthday and go for it!

  • cofra

    May be , this a month for me to know more about squidoo. When ends i will a month old at this platform.
    thanks for sharing

    • Susan Deppner

      Getting to know more about Squidoo this month sounds like a great plan, Cofra!

  • tracysmith159

    August already. The kids here are already back in school. My oldest is learning to drive (stay off the road every other tuesday LOL) and as crazy as it sounds my husband and I are working on Craft ideas for Halloween and even Christmas ideas. Lots of good ideas for more lens.

    • Susan Deppner

      Good luck with that new driver, and don’t forget to share your Halloween and Christmas crafts. Can’t wait to see them!

    • StrongMay

      My brother’s also working on his driver’s license now! May both be safe.

  • FreshStart7

    Hello to all the August born people here! Great month! But then again I may be biased because August is my birth month too :) Happy Birthday StrongMay, Susan, ChocolateLily, jadhavchetu, Cop-Speak & DeniseMcGil!!!

    • Susan Deppner

      Happy birthday to you too, FreshStart7!

    • ChocolateLily

      Happy Birthday!

  • kascarpet248

    Yes! I love August too!

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