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Hello April!

Easter Bunny - photo by bensonkua on flickr via creative commonsWelcome April, the month we watch expectantly for Easter bunnies and warmer weather, at least here on the upper half of the globe.

How are you spending your April? Here are 4 suggestions to help make the most of the new month here on Squidoo.

1. Dust off and promote your Easter, Passover, and Earth Day lenses. Why? Because each of these events is a major topic and if your lenses are fresh and up-to-date, they’ll be the first to be found in searches and on social media. Lenses about major holidays have the potential of increasing your overall traffic by a huge percent. What could that mean to you? More visitors, more sales, and better lensrank for all of your lenses, that’s what.

2. Join our new movie and music clubs. Movie and music reviews are very popular areas of interest — and reviews you write for club quests will be featured on SquidooHQ, giving you a head start on getting eyes on those new lenses.

3. Follow The Green Thumb: A Place for Gardeners to Gather on Google+ and on Facebook, and join Squidoo’s gardening club. Get inspired by other lensmasters’ featured gardening lenses and watch for upcoming challenges to make your own.

4. Make a new how-to lens. April is a great month for starting projects around the house, both inside and out. Take pictures of your project then create a lens to show it off and help others learn how to do what you just did.

So tell us, what will you be doing to make April special?

Image Credit

Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • Tom Maybrier

    Wow, what an amazing photo! I’m looking forward to a batch of fresh new ideas from lensmasters this spring – I hope they can all find such great images too!

    • Susan Deppner

      I love that photo, too! And I agree about the fresh new ideas. I’m already seeing some great work from the RocketSquids!

      • getmoreinfo

        I agree, nice bunny pic.

  • asereht1970

    April is my favorite month. Not only because it’s my birth month but also because 2 of my most favorite people, my Mom and my best friend, celebrate their birthdays on April too. One more thing, it’s vacation time from school here in my country so, as a family, we’re trying to make the most of it by either going to the beach or just staying home and spending time with each other. I’m hoping to find some time to make new lenses this April.

    • Susan Deppner

      Birthday months are always special! Enjoy time with your family and I hope you can squeeze in some Squidoo time, too!

    • Reconix

      Wow.. mine too

  • mjogiyal


  • truongxuancorp
  • Miratex

    Love this photo. Is it selfmade?

    • Susan Deppner

      You can click on “Image Credit” at the bottom of the article to see the original and the photographer.

  • CountryWideRelocation

    The picture says a lot about the beautiful weather of april.

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