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Green Gift Wrap Alternatives

brown paper packages by lornawatt on flickr via creative commonsDo you reuse or upcycle wrapping paper? Make your own? Have an alternative to using lots and lots of paper to wrap presents every year? Whether your primary motive is saving money or if you just prefer to be socially responsible at gift-giving time, if you have a lens about an alternative to wrapping paper we’d love if you’d share it with us.

Put a link to your lenses (new or existing) on environmentally-friendly or homemade gift wrap right here in a comment.

Have a happy, green holiday season!

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  • aredey

    i will do one for my mom. Have a happy, green holiday season!

  • Comfortdoc

    Used the same image for Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas Using Twine, String and Yarn
    Just updated Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas for a Green Christmas
    It has suggestions for wrapping based on the amount of time that you have.

    • Susan52

      Excellent resources, Comfortdoc! Thanks!

  • veryirie

    I just finished this HOW TO lens on making paper goodie pouches to stuff with candy or small gifts. Very easy to do. :)

    • Susan52

      Love this!

  • jenn ashton

    Oh those are so pretty! I save up my brown paper from the year and use it with some twine, I never buy wrapping paper. I wish I had seen these before I wrapped this year! Next year for sure!!

  • mutter

    Good idea!

  • seymabel

    It’s simple and cheap. Recycling.

  • getmoreinfo

    Great idea for holiday wrapping, especially for recyclables.

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