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Google+ For Squidoo Lensmasters

8403471250_a12abe5914The second largest social network on the web is Google+, the ever-evolving “social layer” Google launched 2 years ago. The popularity of Android smartphones, the ubiquity of Gmail and the recent merger of YouTube profiles with Google+ have pushed growth in a big way. G+ offers a growing list of features and tools that can enhance your Squidoo experience and bring your audience to you in a whole new way.

Here are my tips for getting the most out of your profile and some of my favorite features for sharing and discovering top-quality content.



Getting Started – Who are you?

Setting up a Google+ profile is really easy. Google is going to want your real name for the profile. I don’t recommend pseudonyms – your profile might be removed and you could even lose access to other Google services. Instead, create a profile that’s associated with your primary Gmail address. If you haven’t created a Gmail address, you’ll want to do that first. Once you’re set up, just click your name in the upper right hand corner of the Inbox and press the blue “Join Google+” button. You can also sign in and then point your browser to to start creating your profile.

You’ll have the opportunity to decide what you’ll share with the public and what will stay private so don’t be shy about fleshing out your profile with information that’s for friends and family only. Google+ uses “circles” to help you control who can see what. Circles are customizable and always changeable so you’ll always be in control of what information is displayed to the public.

What do you do?

Once your profile is set up with all the details, add a recognizable headshot as your photo (preferably one you also use on Squidoo!) and sign up for Authorship.

This will let you add your name and photo to content you create online. When your lenses show up in searches, your name and photo will appear alongside, letting potential readers know that a real person created the content. It’s a great way to establish credibility and name recognition. The fastest way to get set up is to add a link to your Google+ profile to your Squidoo lensmaster profile or the about me of your lens. Then edit your Google+ profile’s “Links” section to list yourself as a “Contributor” to Squidoo and to the lenses you want to claim.

Want to hang out?

Google+ profiles provide access to communities, groups and pages that post interesting and engaging content from all over the web in a familiar “share” format, so you won’t have any trouble locating communities and groups that reflect your interests. If you’re looking for something more interactive or a more personal experience, definitely check out the Hangouts feature.

Hangouts are video conference calls hosted on the Google+ service. They’re super fast and generally easy to use. You can set up Hangouts like private conferences, but where the Hangout really shines is the “On Air” feature. These conference calls are open to observers and sometimes welcome participation.

There’s a dizzying variety of educational, social and informative Hangouts you can join or watch. There’s information on content creation,  chats about hobbies, intense literary discussion and even religious services! Look for Hangouts that will help your writing, inspire you to learn more about your favorite subjects or sit in on experts talking technology for a boost to your creativity whenever you need it.

As you can see, there’s a lot of potential in an active G+ profile, so hare and post your content in a respectful fashion, make real contributions whenever possible and always be yourself, wherever you are online.

How do you use Google+ ? I’d love to hear your insights on what works for you and don’t forget to look us up on G+ and add us to your circles!

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  • woodfieldhomes

    Informative read. Thanks Tom! Certainly worth having in my circle :)

  • d-artist

    I belong to Google but have to check if I’m included on the Google+
    I spend most of my time here! it’s hard to divide yourself to all the social medias and do your other interests.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Very true, there’s an awful lot of things “to do” out there and only so many hours in the day!

  • tonyleather

    Have been on google+ from the beginning and use it all the time!

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    My goal is to find the tribes that match with my niches. I believe Google+ is perhaps the best social network for doing that.

  • DaveStone13

    I’ve really used it only to post content and links from around the web, mostly Squidoo, and the Authorship feature, which zoomed my views instantly. Now, as the Squidoo presence is bringing me to Plus more often, I’ll be look further, into hangouts and such, to see what else I can learn.

    Thanks for the tips, Tom.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Authorship is hugely useful, I notice that when I’m looking for information I instinctively click the results with an author tag.

      Do check out the Hangouts On Air, it’s a fantastic resource.

  • artyfax

    I have a G+ account but so far the only reason I use it is to post new web content, I am still more at home on Facebook

  • Susan Deppner

    Tom, I’ve never been clear on the authorship thing. You said, “Then edit your Google+ profile’s “Links” section to list yourself as a
    “Contributor” to Squidoo and to the lenses you want to claim.” Under the “Contributor” section, do we need to do more than add the link to our Squidoo profile page?

    • Tom Maybrier

      Yes, a link for every lens you want to claim authorship of.

  • MelanieMurphyMyer

    I recently had to remove my Google+ link from my About Me on lenses in order to remove the yellow flags and republish them.

  • mromarmarketer

    While I do not think Google might consider “my +1′s profile” as a ranking signal for Google search, that does not indicate that pluses are entirely impotent. Really, they can be rather effective in terms of more personalization that can help me seem to be more trustful and serious about my online presence.

  • SherwinG

    Great information thanks

  • lisalovers

    hi Tom Maybrier

    Really enjoyed this article post. Cool.

  • mountainmistjewelry

    Just started using Google+. Going to sign up for authorship right now.

  • graham982

    I use Google plus all the time but you need to get people into you circle which is the hard thing .

  • yoursfoolie

    Wish they’d let me sign up by my pen name. ‘S useless to me without that… Thanks, though ~ great lens!

  • rconnor111

    We love Google*

  • mobile_marketing_message

    I still have a tough time getting used to it. I spend more time on FB, but I did sign up for authorship. Thanks for the insight

  • adaptateur ac

    Contributor to Squidoo and for the lenses you need to claim.

  • freedomleader

    Great insight on Google+.Powerful tool when used correctly.

  • mukunda22

    I love google hangouts and do them as often as I can. The hangouts are evolving every day. A wonderful platform.

  • Lionrhod

    The challenge I have with Google is that they feel that anything you publish on their pages belongs to them. Not comfy with their TOS and Privacy Policy

  • kiddomcchrono

    Thanks Tom!

  • Piper950

    use gmail and drive but as yet not signed up for G+. Well certainly have a look after your lens.

  • teriann

    still in learning curve with G+ but finding that I like G+ platform much better than FB. So much to learn and so little time…these bits and pieces here have been helpful…

  • sadonghoa
  • shay_marie

    Authorship is easy to set up, but very difficult to get to work properly. Google is very picky about which authors they will give that little photo to in search results. There’s a thread in the forum about this issue:

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