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Content Matters: Here’s some examples of what you should be doing.

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Now more than ever readers are looking for good, useful information about the things they are searching for. This means adding quality content that is informative, has a story line (this gives your lens a human element) and balances sales modules with text.

The most successful lenses on Squidoo look visually balanced and have quality content from top to bottom It’s a bit easier to show you what I mean (lenses like thisthisthis and this are great) and I’ve got some examples of my own lenses that are doing really well in the Best of Squidoo.

Advanced Rainbow Loom Patterns - I love the rainbow loom so I created a lens about the advanced patterns.

In my intro I included a short story about my rainbow loom experience which adds the human element. Next I created the body of my lens which includes my own photos, videos from YouTube, text and a few products. Notice I’m not overly heavy on the products.

Here’s my traffic on this lens since it was moved into the Best of Crafts subdomain.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.07.54 PM

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Here’s another example of a Halloween lens: How To Make An Elsa Costume (without sewing)

Halloween is HOT on Squidoo and Halloween lenses are already starting to gain speed. One of the neatest things you can do is create a costume from head to toe, just be creative. If you cheat and just add products this idea will fail.

In my Elsa lens I shared my ideas for the costume. Yours might be different so feel free to try an Elsa lens yourself.

Here is what you should be doing on an Amazon Module. Add content, not just products.

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 2.25.29 PM

So start creating Halloween lenses now, we’ll move the quality ones into the Best of Halloween as they come in.

Get creative and build lenses that have a balance of products and text. If your lens looks like this: ACK! not only will you not make Best of…you might get locked. But we know you can do better. Here’s some guidelines to help you succeed.

Here’s some more examplesMore lenses that are gaining traffic.

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • Vicki_P

    Thanks! This is great to know. I’ll check out the sample lens’s after work, I need to get going now though!

  • Merrci

    Great advice and suggestions.

  • favored1

    Always good to see examples.

  • flycatcher

    The fact is, this kind of lens is not only more successful – it is also a heck of a lot more fun to create!

    • bdkz


  • d-artist

    I whole heartily agree with content that matters! However the subject matters always used for example here, are craft or food subjects. I feel the the kind of lenses that I write have good content, not gauged at how many views, but who views. I’m saying this because of my Genealogy related lenses. I have had the best luck from contacts all over the world, reading my lenses and giving me information that I’ve looked for close to 50 years…which I would never have found in research…and for that, I Thank Squidoo! ;-)

    • bdkz

      Genealogy lenses are awesome and have great content.

  • nancycarol

    I always think that these are the things I’m doing. But maybe not, and maybe I need to look further. I AM hampered by my lack of ability to make my own photos, but still, I do have someone who can make them for me. Maybe I need to call upon her more, if she’s amenable. Thanks for more good tips on lensbuilding.

    • bdkz

      Nancy, use Creative Commons photos.

      • A-Redneck

        It is one of my favorite sites for free photos. You still have to check if it is a reputable source though and read the guidelines for using them just to stay safe.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Always helpful to be reminded of what I can do to make my lenses more valuable. Thank you, Bonnie!

  • survivoryea

    Thanks for the tips and examples! :>)

  • Deborah-Diane

    Thank you for the helpful examples. I appreciated the detailed information.

  • TableTalk

    Thank you for the tips Bonnie! :)

  • roguedogtraining

    Great info!

  • LoreleiCohen

    I generally begin with an article first and then add in the products so this plan works for me ;)

  • dngtlf1207

    Thanks for the advice

  • soasmw

    Thanks for the examples

  • adventuretravelshop

    Great examples – will just keep plugging on and improving my lenses as I update them.

  • SgtCecil

    very cool!

  • asereht1970

    Thanks for the advice.

  • GypsyOwl

    Thank you!

  • Karen1960

    Could you explain though how the ‘Best of’ subdomains are accessed? How does someone clicking on the home page, for example, click through to ‘Best of Books’?

  • Karen1960

    Could you explain though how the ‘Best of’ subdomains are accessed? How does someone clicking on the home page, for example, click through to ‘Best of Books’?

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    I have always tried to make my lenses mostly content. Content creation is what I do best.

  • Kathryn Grace

    Bonnie, I just got back to reading the example lenses, most of them anyway, and I agree they are wonderful and content-rich. I wonder if you might clarify something. Recently, you told us that we should try to limit our lenses to ten modules or less. Some of these examples have several more than ten. When do you feel that more than ten modules are okay, and how much time do you feel we should spend going back through our lenses and cutting down the number of modules?

    • bdkz

      Hi Kathryn, the “Sweet Spot” for lens length appears to be around 10 modules. I would not go back and shorten current lenses, but maybe try a few new ones that are around 10 modules.

      • Kathryn Grace

        Thanks Bonnie. Sounds good.

  • globalflight

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    long lasting. I will apply it for my website eva airways

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    cool information’s, thanks for sharing :)

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  • flinnie

    Thanks for the tips and the examples.

  • StephenJParkin

    I am wondering where you drive the traffic from to get results like that. Of course being Squidoo HQ staff will help, However what promotional efforts do you actually make?

    • mojo_007

      Well of course being a staff get’s her traffic up, as all the little squids prolly upvote her stuff, and not too mention all the other staffers.

      • bdkz

        The surge in traffic was from adding the lens to Best of Crafts.

    • bdkz

      I don’t do anything to promote that lens. It’s mostly search engine traffic.

  • tammitt

    Being a newbie here this was very informative. Thanks for the examples!

    • bdkz

      You’re welcome!

  • Charito1962

    Thanks for this great advice, Ms. Bonnie!

  • LindaJM

    I love your example lenses!

  • Hairdresser007

    I agree. WOW I wish I had those kinds of numbers! I’m excited if I get 7 views a day! HAHA

    • JenwithFlash

      Yep, me too. I wonder what’s going on if I have more than about 5 views in a day.

  • lecarter

    The point about adding content and not just products on the Amazon module says it all….it makes sense. Great advice

  • knowledgetoday

    I checked the sample lens and will try to do same with my lenses.

  • harrybarack
  • cold0911

    I’m curious to why when linking to your own lenses you use high quality anchor texts for your html links, but when linking to other peoples’ lenses you use the horrible anchor text “This”? That’s not very cool and doesn’t set a very good example for others to follow, being that you are supposed to be a mentor and all.

  • teriann

    excellent examples of how to and how not to do a content rich page…thx for keeping us up to date and on the straight path to continue to grow…

  • vikksimmons

    Great examples. Thanks!

  • jillurrahim
  • leonvd

    Impressive amount of visits, what is the best of crafts subdomain?

  • tnoskoguy

    This has certainly inspired me to go create something!

  • Debs

    Really appreciate the efforts here at Squidoo to help us gain traffic and craft quality content.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    Great insight and examples. . . .

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    Like to see these examples,gives some help.

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