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Connecting with People who Are Prominent in Your Niche: Tips from lensmaster Brite-Ideas

briteideasAs our “Country Music” contributor, lensmaster Brite-Ideas is having huge success making contact with some very important people in the country music business by way of social media.   I asked her if she’d share a few of her secrets and she graciously obliged.

Read on to learn how you might be able to build a powerful social media plan of your own.

My own personal motto is, ‘With so many people struggling to be heard online, it’s those who stop and listen who are heard the most’.
Of course, it was Seth Godin, Co-founder of Squidoo, who introduced us to the concept of ‘Go-Giving’. For those who aren’t familiar, it means to acknowledge others; give them your time, read their work, share their work and if you’re so inclined, comment on their work.

Certainly here at Squidoo, our detailed and personal reviews allow us to write about movies, music, authors and more, day in and day out. But that’s not enough.

12 Practical Steps I Keep in Mind When Building Socially
1. Try to Find the Social Platforms that Work best for Your Niche and master each of them one at a time. For me it’s Twitter at the moment – Artists, writers and entertainers tend to be active on Twitter.

2. I always tag the artist using an @andtheirname

3. I connect my Facebook Fan Page to my Twitter Page – It forces me to take the time to check for the proper tags on both Facebook and Twitter ensuring I use the correct ones, and the practical ones. It also forces me to keep my facebook fan posts short (140 characters or less). If you haven’t learned about the power of tagging, I suggest spending some time to better understand it. By the way, don’t worry if you’ve connected your accounts and other people happen to post on your Fan page, those posts won’t go to Twitter.

4. When starting in my niche, I had to choose whether to use my existing twitter account or start a new one. I wasn’t very active on Twitter at all prior to this…so I decided that I could make my current twitter name @poemslyrics work.

5. In order to better ‘brand myself’, I created a Country Music Background that I use on several platforms; My Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and I now use it as the background on my own personal music reviews. Give this background a great deal of thought, it should say exactly what you’re about just by looking at it. Also, be careful not to put too many words on it, because Facebook backgrounds are not suppose to be ‘blatant advertising’ (or so I read in their TOS).  You can see her brand background in action HERE.

6. On Twitter, I changed my name in my settings from Barbara to Country Music Reviews, that way, every time I post on Twitter, my post shows up as ‘Country Music Reviews’. However, I’m a big believer in keeping a personal connection to everything I do, so I rewrote the header on my Twitter profile to include my full name, my Squidoo Contributorship, and two links – one to my Squidoo Contributor Bio page, and one to my Facebook Fan Page.

7. Have compassion for the Artist in particular: They’re trying desperately to be heard in a very noisy world. Honestly acknowledging their work in social media by tagging, complimenting and ‘hearing them’, is the ultimate gift. I spend time reading other posts on Twitter and Facebook, as well as listening to their music; I share it, comment on it, favorite it, and follow when appropriate. All of it comes from a real place – It has nothing to do with trying to get massive follows.

8. When it comes to Social Media I live by another motto, ‘do everything and expect nothing’. When I tag, share, and comment on an artist’s work, I expect nothing in return. If I’ve written a review about an artist or song and share it with them, I also expect nothing from them. If they choose to acknowledge it, it’s a bonus, and a gift; of course I’m thrilled (even shocked), but it’s not the driving force for why I do what I do. My social connections on Twitter are building more naturally with this approach.

9. When prominent people and other famous artists follow you on Twitter, your name shows up as someone they follow, and other musicians and artists may thus be more inclined to check you out and follow you as well.

10. When Artists follow, take the time to share and acknowledge them more than just once. How do I track this when new artists are following me daily? By creating ‘Private Lists’ in Twitter: As an example, I’ve put all Country Music Artists who’ve followed me into a list called ‘Country Music’ – That way when I go to my list I can see just those artists tweets and am more easily able to sort through them, read them, share them, fave them or comment. As more artists follow, I may further breakdown that list – for now it’s building slow enough that this is working fine.

11. I don’t think of anyone as competition. I’m building out my niche with my own unique approach – If you’re confident about how you’re building, competition is almost irrelevant. There’s room enough for everyone, we’re all individuals with something unique to offer…think hard about what your uniqueness is.

12. Artists, particularly musicians and poets write with the intention of reaching people with their words. Be open to letting the artist know in a review, that they’ve done just that. Perhaps your story will also move them. It’s the ultimate compliment to them; really understand that, and you too will be heard.

To Your Success, Barb

Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • britflorida

    Wow, what brilliant tips – thank you!

    • Brite-Ideas

      thanks Jackie, your article was very wise, I enjoyed reading it

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Awesome philosophy and strategies for living what you believe. I very much respect how you go about lifting others unselfishly.

    • Brite-Ideas

      thank you for such a kind comment too

  • serendipity831

    I’m yet to master the art of Twitter, so I honestly appreciate all of your tips and advice. Thanks so much!

    • Brite-Ideas

      I just really jumped into Twitter too – I do love the quick personal connection that can be made

  • ibidii

    Wonderful information! Thank you Barbara – You certainly choose the correct name as Brite-ideas! I will have to make a new FB page with my niche.

    • Brite-Ideas

      ibidii, thank you – I find you quite an inspiration too

  • tonyleather

    Excellent advice Barbara. Thanks!

    • Brite-Ideas

      Tony, thank you!

  • gt06jh

    Thanks for the information, I can see how connecting with other people is helpful for creating a meaningful network.

    • Brite-Ideas

      it can be a slow build, but it feels good to build that way for certain things online – thank you

  • DebW07

    Thanks so much for the tips and congratulations on your success!

    • Brite-Ideas

      Thanks Deb!

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    Thanks for sharing these tips! :)

    • Brite-Ideas

      my pleasure, thanks for reading!

  • nancycarol

    Wonderful tips and fully expected from you Barbara. You’re one of the best writers and social experts I know. Applause, applause!

    • Brite-Ideas

      Nancy, you’ve been a wonderful support and terrific inspiration, I’m learning a lot from you – thank you

  • mjogiyal

    Awesome thanks!

  • Road_Runner

    If you don’t build your own dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs…inspirational quote( Dhirubhai Ambani)

    • Brite-Ideas

      love this quote, one of my faves :) thanks for posting it here

  • grammieo

    Very articulate way to explain all of this, thanks Brite Ideas! this is great!

    • Brite-Ideas

      thanks grammieo :)

  • Kathryn Grace

    Not only does this look good for helping to build our niches, but also for building our online reputation. Thank you, Robin, for asking BriteIdeas/Barb to share her wisdom with us, and thank you, Barb, for taking the time to write such a thoughtful article.

    I don’t know much about tagging, so when you mention tags in Steps 2 & 3, I’m not sure what you mean. I’d love to learn more about that. Perhaps a separate article sometime?

    • Brite-Ideas

      Kathryn, thanks for the kind words, much appreciated – there are a lot of articles on tagging – once you grasp the concept ‘the tagging part’ is easy – I like to think of tagging as a ‘giant online filing system’ – when we put a #(hashtag) in front of a word, we’re simply filing it in that category, as is everyone else who uses that same hashtag – thus we see each others posts under that hashtag whether we’re connected with a person or not – ‘a giant filing system of words’

      • Kathryn Grace

        Thanks, Barb. I did not realize that tagging and hashtag were synonymous. Language!

        • Brite-Ideas

          once you get going on this you’ll see how easy it is – it’s usually the darn concepts that hold us up at first (it was for me)

  • poetvix

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    Excellent tips… thank you!! I especially appreciated the first tip; pick your platform, then master it. There are so many different social media sites out there, it can be tempting to set them all up at once. I’ll definitely be keeping your advice close to heart for my future social media expeditions. :)

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  • debop

    Thanks Barb. Good tips. I didn’t know there were lists on twitter. That’s really helpful. If you like experimental music you can see my squid about the ENS from Buenos Aires. Intense, moody and powerful music. It’s not tango but does have the same Argentinean intensity ( I like your approach to connect without expecting anything, from a “real” place. I try to do the same for better or worse! Also it’s good to be reminded that everyone is on their unique path and there is space for everyone. It doesn’t always feel like that but I think it’s the only way to stay healthy and sane. Keep shining, and to your success too-oooo-oo!!!

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