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75 Things To Write About On Squidoo

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 1.05.04 PMI’ve had a couple of community questions regarding what lensmasters should write about on Squidoo and I got pretty excited and this post was born.

There are in fact thousands of things that you can write about but I’ve narrowed my own list down to 75. These are the things that I personally love and care about, you of course should make your own list and I’ll bet there are a few things on my list that you love (or not) so feel free to grab a few. You’re likely to love them for completely different reasons than me and that’s the beauty of multiple people sharing the same things.

Some of these ideas are super niche, some are broad but I’m hoping they give you some brain fuel to run with. The key to success is writing with passion and sharing the things that you know and love. Being humans we often times love the same things which brings about connections and sharing and brilliant conversation. Share online like you share in person.

So your exercise for this week is to make your own list. Try to add as many ideas as you can (even if it’s 10). As your list grows you might find some interesting patterns and new ideas. What’s awesome about this exercise is that you’ll have wonderful ideas for lenses going into the new year.

Reach deep, go far and make human connections via your writing. As you write down one idea a new one is sure to be sparked from the previous…I call this the “If You Give  A Mouse A Cookie” phenomenon (which I love).

This is what it’s all about, YOU!

Here goes…

  1. Han Solo – Yep, I’m a huge fan of Han and I could write for hours on why he trumps Luke any day. Any Han Solo memorabilia is tops on my list.
  2. Qwirkle – I just recently discovered this game and have been playing non-stop with my mom. I’ve discovered I’m pretty darn good at getting Qwirkles!
  3. Parry Sound, Ont. – I vacationed there as a kid and have a slew of great memories, photos and information about the area.
  4. Dramaturgy – I was a Dramaturg in college and enjoyed it immensely.
  5. State Quarters – My collection is vast. I am such a fan of the art work and design.
  6. 200 Cigarettes - One of my favorite movies and a fun ride for anyone who loves the 1980′s.
  7. The Red Hot Chili Peppers – I could review every album they ever made with reckless abandon. Go Anthony and Flea, these guys know how to rock.
  8. Speaking of Rock – I really need to do a lens on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (me being in Cleveland and all).
  9. Meat Loaf – This man can sing! I’ve met him once, he’s quite amazing and his music is the best on the planet. He still rocks it in his 60′s.
  10. The Keurig – We have two. One for coffe and one for tea. My how I love technology.
  11. iPad – This little device goes everywhere with me and it’s often the place where I e-mail you all back at odd hours of the day. Could not live with out it.
  12. Mums – I have some and like to keep them alive. My journey in doing so needs documented.
  13. Star Wars (see number 1) – I could write books on the value of the 3 original movies and win at Star Wars trivia.
  14. Martha Stewart – I like her and her stuff.
  15. Breaking Bad – My all time favorite show. I could talk about the genius of Vince Gilligan and Breaking Bad for days. Oh how I miss Walter!
  16. Lake Erie – I live near it and it’s not as bad as the news reports. We love the lake in the Summer.
  17. Lake Effect Snow – Now that’s something to behold. 30″ in 6 hours.
  18. Crocheted Blankets – I’m actually quite good at crocheting and wish I had more time to do it.
  19. Rod Stewart – A favorite of mine, he looks amazing at 68 too. Did you know he builds model trains?
  20. Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs- I need to review this book. Steve Jobs had a great impact on the way I think.
  21. LEGOS – We love building with LEGOS at our house and I could write 10 lenses about our creations and the unfortunate byproduct of building for hours…Lego Finger.
  22. Birkenstocks – My feet love these shoes.
  23. Indiana Jones – Yes I know, more Harrison Ford but come on Indy was amazing. My favorite was the first movie.
  24. Minions – As in Despicable Me. I prefer the yellow ones. Kenny is my favorite.
  25. Speaking of Kenny…I am a South Park fan.
  26. Scrabbled Eggs – The one food I am pretty good at making.
  27. Penn & Teller – I was such a fan that in college I wrote a pretty complex term paper on their genius. I love them together and as well as individually (they have very separate lives off stage).
  28. Duran Duran – If you saw me at 14 you’d understand my obsession.
  29. Can you tell I love Pop Culture? I could/should write a book.
  30. The Blue Hole – An underwater sinkhole in Ohio.
  31. Guinea Pigs – I have 4.
  32. Drew Barrymore Movies – I have a great respect for Drew as a female leading lady and character actress. Ever After is an all time favorite.
  33. Sand Dollars – I have a collection.
  34. Sea Glass – Another thing I collect.
  35. Fords – I’ve owned my fair share.
  36. Mario Bros. – I’m old school I love the 8-bit Nintendo but I’ve grown fond of Super Mario Bros. on the Wii in recent years.
  37. Banana Splits without the banana or pineapple but with extra nuts.
  38. Freddie Mercury.
  39. Beads – I collect glass beads and try to make things once in awhile, mostly I just love looking at them.
  40. Marbles – Marbles are kind of like beads only bigger and with no hole and they’re pretty.
  41. Abandoned Amusement Parks – There is something hauntingly beautiful about their decay. I’d love to do a series on this.
  42. Community Organizing – I do this for a living and can alway write more.
  43. The Little House Series – Laura Ingalls Wilder was one of my early heros.
  44. The Kinks – I’m listening to Ray Davies sing right now.
  45. Stephen King – More than anyone he inspired me to want to write. I loved how affected I was after I finished one of his books.
  46. My Fitbit – I try really hard to walk every day.
  47. Horses – I rode nearly everyday for 8 years.
  48. Peanuts – I could gleefully share at least 3 recipes with peanuts.
  49. Early 80′s Punk Rock – I lived in that world for a few years and loved every minute.
  50. Books – I love my iPad but there is something magical about holding a book in your hands.
  51. Atari 2600 – Old school fun, jittery paddles and all.
  52. Badfinger – Breaking Bad connection.
  53. Malcolm In The Middle – Because I was a Bryan Cranston fan way before Walter White came along.
  54. Bob Geldof – For heading up the Boomtown Rats and founding BandAid with Midege Ure.
  55. Robin Zander.
  56. Play-doh – Even as an adult I can stop everything I’m doing to play with Play-Doh.
  57. Murphy Brown – Because she’s the only woman on TV I aspired to be. We share multiple personality traits.
  58. The Official Preppy Handbook by Lisa Birnbach – Because after my stint with punk rock I became a Preppy. Penny Loafers and all (only I wore black ones with dimes).
  59. The B-52′s – Rock Lobster
  60. Educational Reform – My ideas are vast.
  61. Genealogy - My mom and I have traced our heritage to American Indians and the Revolutionary War.
  62. Snorkeling - Something I want to try.
  63. Molly Ringwald – She rocked our world in the 80′s and she did it with class.
  64. Vera Bradley – I like paisley and bright colored patterns.
  65. Rock Gardens – One day I plan to make one.
  66. Paper Snow Flakes – I need to get better at these.
  67. Parakeets – I have 2.
  68. Pottery - Play-doh for adults and something I love doing. I could spend all day in the studio and never get bored.
  69. Chewbacca – Because he hangs out with Han Solo.
  70. Midnight Oil, Blue Sky Mine – Peter Garrett is an amazing human.
  71. Canasta – I am an expert player.
  72. Steve Martin – My favorite Steve Martin movie is by far The Jerk.
  73. Valley Girl – Missing the 80′s again…and the music.
  74. Astronomy and Space – My second career choice.
  75. Meatballs – One of the best Summer Camp movies ever, just don’t watch the sequels.

This list was fun and I could easily add about 200 more things that I love. This is just a small collection of things that shape my personality and I could create a quality lens about every one of them and I know that you can too.

I’ll end with a Steve Jobs Quote: If you keep your eye on the profit, you’re going to skimp on the product. But if you focus on making really great products, then the profits will follow.

Start now…make a list…then…

Review something you own and love.
Share a recipe.
Write about something you’re passionate about.

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Bonnie Diczhazy (bdkz) is Editor of the SquidooHQ Blog and Head of Community here at

  • britflorida

    Wow, that’s a great list Bonnie! In view of number 41 (amusement parks) you should see the video on this lens :)

    • bdkz

      That is really neat, I love stories like this.

  • Susan52

    What a great read! If this list doesn’t get people’s wheels spinning, they just don’t have wheels!

    • bdkz

      LOL Susan!

  • SynchronicityHouse

    What a list Bonnie! You’ve made me begin my own – ready for a writing frenzy … I hope … in 2014!

    • bdkz

      That’s awesome! An ongoing list is definitely something that will spark your imagination.

  • TeacherPat

    Thank you for the list! It definitely helped me with my own list.

    • bdkz

      Thank YOU for creating a list : )

  • d-artist

    47. Horses, 61. Genealogy and 67. Parakeets are also my interests, the last one still in the box….sadly my wheels are busted at this time Susan ;-)

  • PaigSr

    Thanks for all the ideas. If I can’t use even one it will be time to get my head looked at. Again.

  • getmoreinfo

    Wow that is a big list.

  • kinworm

    Fantastic list of topics unique to you. I do write on lots of different topics but had never sat down and made a big list like this. After a quick brainstorm, I came up with 73 things. I’m going to look at it again tomorrow because there’s a lot more to add. This will be excellent for getting back into writing in the New Year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • bdkz

      I was shocked myself how much fun and how many ideas I came up with. I could easily add more, I just love pop culture : )

  • gloria freeman

    Hi Bonnie, what great ideas. Got me started on my list. Thanks.

    • bdkz

      Awesome Gloria!

  • aaalyssadeboer

    great list! will definitly try some of these ideas

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    The cool thing about this list is that it was an insightful “about me.” I found it very interesting to discover more of your facets. Just imagine if each of us had a “listography” that others could see (kind of like an Amazon Wish List for Squidoo Lenses).

    • bdkz

      Love that!

    • MarleMac

      Oh!!! I DO like that and will definitely create one right NOW! Thanks SOOOO much! Listography Lens…HA! I think that this will do great for my Rocketsquid “About Me” Quest! Squidoo Lens Wish List comin’ up!

      Thanks for your list Bonnie! It really gives a background to someone by looking at their interests…kinda like looking at the books on their book shelves does too!

      • MarleMac

        Rats! Quest is about something specific, but still gonna make the Wish List! Great Inspiration! Awesome Community! LOVE SQUIDOO!!!!

  • SuzyShopping

    Great list – especially #38!

    • bdkz

      Freddie was simply amazing.

  • TanoCalvenoa

    Han trumps Luke?! Blasphemy!

    • bdkz


  • artyfax

    NIce list, I am sure that everybody could brainstorm a similar list for themselves

  • StephenJParkin

    I rather think that we should all keep a list and add just one new item everyday and knock one off by writing a lens everyday. That way we will always have 75 great ideas to use.

    • bdkz

      Great idea!

  • JoanneOtt

    I’m a huge pop culture fan too. This post has given me some great ideas. I love writing about classic tv and movies.

  • Nonersays

    Thank you for this list. 75 great ideas, but a reminder that even what someone might think the most mundane thing about their lives would make a great lens!

    • bdkz

      No ones life is mundane, but there are products when written about over and over and over again get pretty darn boring and impersonal. The art is making the judgement call.

  • bibleblog


  • jmchaconne

    Now you’ve got me going on a great to do list. Thanks.

  • Merrci

    Fun idea and great list. I started one too. It’s amazing how one idea leads to another, and it grows and grows!

    • bdkz

      I know, isn’t that cool!

  • grammieo

    This is a great list, are we related? I could and just might grab like about 60 of them, put them in my incubator and see what hatches out! Thanks Bonnie!

    • bdkz

      LOL…we might be : )

  • snazzyunicorn

    AWESOME List! Especially #56 :) Thanks for the creative inspiration!

  • EditorDave

    Hmm. Lots of ideas … and I agree with what Susan52 said … if the list doesn’t get folk’s wheels spinning, they don’t have wheels (or even an axle).

  • paullenton

    My starting point was a sudden flash, an idea sprung up and then started writing. Now of course, I’ll try the idea list. I think it’s a good exercise. Thanks, Bonnie!

  • veryirie

    I absolutely have to sit down and write a list now. You’ve motivated me!

    • bdkz


  • SoundFinance

    What a collection…and I haven’t even heard of half of them. I thought “I know Mums” but the description made me realise you weren’t thinking about Moms!! lol
    Love the end quote.

    • bdkz

      LOL…yes that Mum changes the context completely : )

  • kiwinana71

    Great list, thanks for all your ideas, will try to do more writing in 2014.

  • LiteraryMind

    Love the Steve Jobs quote.

  • NorthRover

    Nice list! I feel like I could hang out with you now and have tons of things to chat about!

  • dyvonneshotwell

    Bonnie, thanks for sharing your ideas. It does help to keep us motivated. That is what I like about Squidoo. There is so much encouragement!

  • charlesdevid

    Well done job Bonnie :) You really great things share among us.

  • favored1

    It’s funny how one thing spawns another … You set some things in motion here and I can just imagine what will be the result of these ideas. People will go “nuts” over it :)

  • aredey

    great post ,espercilly the picture ,love

  • notsuperstitious13

    You just gave me some great ideas, but but are wrong about number 71, as I am the expert at Canasta. LOL

    • bdkz

      I just love that game!

  • MarcellaCarlton

    What an amazing list!

  • VickiSims

    Great list and lots of interesting topics.

  • manlalakbay

    I think I love the quotation you provided here, thanks to Steve Jobs! I should create my own list as well. Sarah Geronimo for the win! :)

  • graemewhyte

    Thanks for the ideas and help and support. I am a bit fed up today
    because my lens has been copied and published elsewhere! I wonder if you
    have any advice about what I can do about it? (if anything!)

  • raveonstudio

    Steve Martin in The Jerk yesss hi5! Great post;-) Same here I could just sit and write all day lol

  • AnuradhaM

    hmm…. list is helpful, i got some new ideas

  • Doc_Holliday

    Today I used 11, ate 26, spoke to 12 and went 62. Do these count?

    • Bonnie Diczhazy


  • MJP7200

    A little bit of everything on here. Fun stuff.

  • mutter

    This list sparks enthusiasm for life- which can wane as you get older
    and writing about it sort of commits you to pursuing it! Very positive!

    • bdkz

      Thank you!

  • Miximports

    What a great variety!

  • bestwebfinds

    Already got some ideas going through your list. Thanks

  • ClassyGals

    Love the Steve Jobs quote!

  • Debs

    Fantastic stuff…have been busy with day job for months now but my 2014 resolution is to get back to Squidoo! Great list to get the creative juices flowing!

  • MaryMitchell

    Fantastic list Bonnie – we have much in common, lol!

  • atala1

    A good way to get the creative juices flowing.

  • survivoryea

    Super list! I love Lake Erie too-haven’t been there in years but lived in Lakewood as a child and loved it!

  • TheRopesToKnow

    I am a new Squidoo Beginner so this lens was very helpful to me! Thanks so much!

  • adianty-lili2

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  • paul4595

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  • idoo4traffic

    This is a great list of things for different lenses, capable of inspiring anyone to generate his or her own list for Squidoo lenses, even at short notice.

    I should brainstorm as well to generate 100 or in fact infinite number of things for lenses.

    Though I have already made a small list, I am now inspired to increase it much more.

    Thanks for the idea.

  • sampathkumar7

    Great thank you for the suggestions!

  • Jolene_Belmain

    Having some extra idea’s to work with, is never a bad thing :)

  • Hieu90

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  • casus2402

    {Experience the Thrill of Making Music with Dr. Drum

  • cercis70

    Lake Erie, amusement parks, lake snow effect…what a load of memories only these three categories stir up. You are correct. I think I have enough ideas to last me through 2014, and add to those the quests challenges :-)

  • beachday

    What an awesome list! Really got me thinking. Especially seeing RHCP on that list. My 19 year old is a huge fan. Even though I had their earlier CD’s before he was even born:)

  • studyaids

    Han Solo, number 1?… I agree with that

  • HollyBee

    Love your ideas, I relate to so many of them! hahah love the “Lake effect snow” one as well…unless you’ve experienced it it’s hard to believe! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • —Chazz

    what a great list! very inspirational.

  • oh-man

    This list is a great motivator Bonnie. I have just published a new lens on astronomy, the 74th item on your list.

  • goldenrulecomics

    Nice list!

  • sojournstar

    very cool list

  • MysticTurtle

    Bonnie, I didn’t know you were in Cleveland! I’ll be heading that way on Christmas day to join my niece and go out for a Chinese buffet.

    I’ve meant to do a lens on Blue Hole myself, but couldn’t get to that area this past summer. Maybe in a few months….

  • LaughingLady

    Fun list!

  • marc_kh

    Wheels are so once upon a time. This list just fired up some jets… thanks for sharing :)

  • hmommers

    I thought I could make a list of about 25 myself, but once started it became a hundred. And those were just generic subjects. It’s great to make a list like that. :-)

  • PadmashriSriram

    That is an awesome 75 list.

  • AilynK

    Wow… talk about bucket list

  • idoo4traffic

    This is great and inspiring.

    I already have my small list but this lens is challenging me to write at least 100 and in fact many more titles for different lenses. Not to boast, if I brainstorm for a few minutes a day, I should get more than 100 lens titles in a few days.

    Let me take up the challenge and see the outcome in four days.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  • elynmac

    How fun – I like this list a lot! I love guinea pigs too. Alas, now allergic… Thanks for the fun ideas!

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    This is a great list … and sparked a few ideas for me. Thanks, Bonnie!

  • MSchindel

    Coming up with our own lists like this is an awesome idea, Bonnie! It also makes it easier to create multiple lenses within each idea niche. :)

  • AlanMorris

    As deacon I have always tried to make people aware of media (music, movies, internet, etc.) that is not promoted in mainstream media but is important socially. The mainstream media is driven by money, but true joy and happiness are found in unselfish love and unselfish relationships. Sometimes we get hurt in those relationships, but we pick ourselves up, and start over. In the long run, it’s worth it!

  • trung-le-1238

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  • ebook-maniac

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  • Shari

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  • hjmalms97

    Thank you for sharing your list. I’m currently creating my first lens and am having a lot of fun with it and after looking at your idea list, a number of different ideas sprang to mind as to what I can do next. :-) Sometimes it helps reading other’s ideas in order to unlock your own.

  • Sholland10

    I have started a list and need to add to it. I just need to find the time. :-) May the Force be with you!! :-)

  • 0ctavias0fferings

    Great list. My problem tends to be not having enough hours in the day for all I want to do

  • jennifer-lawyer

    I see so many of my own loves here! Thanks for the inspiration (and the walk down my own personal memory lane!).

  • 3QuartersToday

    Great list, I’ve been meaning to do this and I think I’ll start it now. That’s for the inspiration.

  • jcs10319

    I think you gave us some ideas.

  • 1976stane

    i do not now half of them

  • Laura Brown

    The problem isn’t coming up with ideas to write about. I have sites of my own to write on and actually make something (in terms of money). I haven’t had a cent yet from Squidoo so I can’t give it a lot of priority. As much as I enjoy being part of a community, I have to be realistic about the time and energy I put into it versus what I get from it.

  • anna-lin-16906715

    Hi Bonnie. Liked the no 19, he’s my favourite too since childhood. Thanks for the list!

  • Mileage

    That was a fun read! I’m inspired to begin a “Things I Love” list of my own as my very first ‘lens’. Something I learned is I have a little more ‘mileage’ – which I did expect to notice around here. Love your style.

  • HappyBrain

    My mind is really scatterred. This lenses gave me an idea how to frame my thinking.

  • ikeephouse

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