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5 Things To Make Your Product Review Lens Pop!

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 4.32.05 PM1. Get Personal. When people read a product recommendation, they want to know they can trust the person who wrote it. That’s why a personal touch is so important. A review written in the voice of the reviewer helps to explain why you know what you’re talking about. Why you’re the expert. Why you can be trusted. Be yourself, just don’t be anonymous.

2. Get Focused. Don’t stray from your topic. Keep your product niche narrow and stick with it. While including a few alternatives to your main product is fine, remember that your reader probably found your lens by searching for the product by name or type, so that’s what she really wants to know about.

3. Let them know you care. “Just the facts, ma’am” probably isn’t enough for a product review lens. Facts are great, helpful, and even required when describing an item. But go the extra mile by providing a personal anecdote about how you use the product. Use the guestbook to solicit comments as well as questions from your readers. If you do get a question, research and post a timely response to show readers that you really do care.

4. Get noticed. If it seems everyone, absolutely everyone is talking about it, don’t join the crowd. Instead, narrow the product niche. How about focusing in on one important accessory? When you do, use words and phrases in your lens that people actually search for. Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and search the way they would, in language they would use, for the information you’re planning to present. We call those search terms “keywords,” a topic that people fret about all too much. Just use words that real people use. It’s fine to use keyword-finding tools, but put common sense to work first.

5. Make sure your links work. How many sales have been lost because the link to a product doesn’t work? Think back to a time when you’ve been drawn into an awesome story, or sold on an idea or a product, just to click on the link and the item isn’t there. It happens far too frequently. Remember the UUU’s of Squidoo: make your lenses unique, useful, and updated. Check your product links often to ensure that all products are still available and their links are still alive and kickin’.

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  • AtlantaGeorgia

    Great tips – thank you! I’m off to work on my product review lens.

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