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29 Topics, Titles, Writing Prompts and Ideas for Your Next Great Lens

1432985834_3ad866f3d0Sometimes inspiration comes suddenly, like in the famous tale of Archimedes’s bathtub “Eureka!” or Oprah’s concept of “A-ha!” moments.

More often than not, inspiration comes to us when we’re actively looking to be inspired. In recognition of this truth, today I’ve got a list of 29 ideas, titles, topics and subjects designed to help inspire you to create your next masterpiece. You can take any of these and run wild with the ideas that grab you or just read the list and let your imagination guide you somewhere new.

Whatever you do, I wish you all the best of luck and can’t wait to see what you come up with. If an entry on this list inspires a lens, please come back and share the lens in the comments so we can see what you’ve created.

1. My favorite hat ever

2. The best sun protection for my lifestyle

3. I hated this book!

4. How I chose my favorite pet

5. Repair, don’t replace!

6. The moment that changed everything.

7. A weeknight meal for lazy cooks like me.

8. Stay-cations: How I relax at home

9. Saving money by doing it yourself

10. The biggest challenge of my life

11. What I learned when I…

12. Something everyone should know how to do

13. The most useless purchase I’ve ever made

14. What I wish I’d known then

15. How I de-stress

16. Easy drinks for hot summer days

17. My favorite places to learn

18. 10 people who inspire me

19. Books that changed my life

20. Never again!

21. You can do it too

22. My latest obsession

23. The best thing I ever did for myself

24. 5 easy life-hacks

25. Why I’ll never cut corners again

26. A tool I’ll never be without

27. My indulgence

28. Advice from my grandparents

29. A Lazy Sunday

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  • Susan Deppner

    I love lists like this one. Thanks, Tom!

    • Tom Maybrier

      I do too, sometimes you just need a list of ideas!

  • partybuzz

    Thanks for the ideas!

    • Tom Maybrier

      You’re welcome!

  • ibidii

    Great list!

    • Tom Maybrier

      Why thank you!

  • GypsyOwl

    This is a great thought provoking list! Thank you <3

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thanks! Hope you find something that gets your fingers flying.

  • FreshStart7

    Thanks a lot for the list, Tom! Have a blessed week.

    • Tom Maybrier

      You’re most welcome.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    My brain is buzzing. You definitely succeeded in jolting the part of my brain that shows up as high Squidoo activity on brain scans.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Mission accomplished! Or, take two and call me in the morning?

  • topclimb

    Great list. Thanks for taking the time to create it!

    • Tom Maybrier

      My pleasure!

  • DaveStone13

    Outstanding, Tom. It just occurred to me this morning that I hadn’t seen anything from you in a while. This is worth the wait. Thanks.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Hope you see something that sparks your imagination. More coming next week!

  • rms

    Great list of ideas!

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thanks Robin!

  • artyfax

    I see at least one new lens, thanks

    • Tom Maybrier


  • mikkaintermedia

    nice info

  • Merrci

    What clever suggestions! Thank you Tom!

  • Wednesday_Elf

    I think ‘writing prompts’ are great.

  • short49

    I like the list now if I can pick one.

  • khungreg

    #6 describes my first lens

  • grammieo

    Oh! Thanks I needed that!

  • zangano660315

    very good thanks!

  • unholyscribe

    Great list that sparks ideas as soon as you look at it. . . .thanks

  • aswahayah

    something that gets my fingers flying.

  • knowledgetoday

    I love this list. I will start writing lens with some of these ideas. Thank you.

  • short49

    I am new at this, I wrote a lens on #4, How I chose My Favorite Pet. Let me know how good or bad.

  • aswahayah

    tks for your great list !

  • anitabakshi

    You really need to see more of the sun , not less of it . There is a world wide epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency because we think of ways to avoid the sun . We use sun screens , we spend time indoors and we cover ourselves up all the time . Vitamin D deficiency leads to fragile bones in middle and old age and often fractures . All builds up to a great deal of morbidity . So get more of the sun and exercise to stay healthy

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