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Topics Bug – UPDATED

Screen Shot 2013-11-12 at 11.43.10 AMThere is a bug that is causing the topics pages not to show up properly, they appear empty:

We’re currently working on a fix so hang in there!

UPDATE – This is fixed along with the related lens bug.

Bonnie Diczhazy (bdkz) is Editor of the SquidooHQ Blog and Head of Community here at

  • Comfortdoc

    Is there a bug with the Related Lenses too?
    I noticed editing a lens last night that they were not showing in the right side bar and that whatever had been put into the “Add your 6 favorite related lenses!” as additional lenses was missing..

  • PaulOnBooks

    Is the home page topic links bug related? (Reported a few hours ago.)

  • getmoreinfo

    Okay, thanks!

  • scarlettohairy

    Very odd. I’m showing only 5 lenses (not mine)! Good luck with the fix!

    • Comfortdoc

      Are they EmmaCoopers? I am only seeing 5 lenses now too and they are hers.

      I think I’d better stop what I am working on, so it doesn’t get lost.

      • BrownEyedGirl69

        I have all 5 of EmmaCoopers lenses on my lenses page too!

        • LillyQueen

          ME TOO!

      • zentao

        I bet EmmaCooper is getting some great traffic today. I am only showing hers too!

    • Louida M

      I’m seeing this too!

  • phanter2829

    Where is my lenses? and why EmmaCoopers? Must use Shellox aerosol spray! LOL!

  • acreativethinker

    Hi Bonnie,
    I am a little confused as to why none of my lenses are showing up on my dashboard, there are 5 lenses that are not mine showing up there too. Please let me know if there is a bug. All my lenses seem to be gone from the list.


  • Louida M

    There is now a bug on my Lens Dashboard- I’m seeing someone else lenses instead of mines. Please HELP!!!!!!! I sent a bug report already.

  • StephenJParkin

    I am currently only showing 5 lenses and they belong to Emma Cooper!

  • lbrummer

    I’ve got Emmas also.

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