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Slow Loading On Squidoo. Update: Fixed

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.58.52 PMYou be experiencing slow loading on the site. We’re working hard to get things up and running again.

Thanks for your patience. In the mean time check us out on Google+.

This is now fixed.

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  • Tracy1973

    It was verrrryyyy s-l-ow there for a minute, but seems to be running just fine now. Thanks for the quick repairs!

    • muzaffaraps

      but i did not notice it

  • Tokoo69

    Didn’t even noticed.

  • asereht1970

    It was alright on my place… didn’t noticed that the site was slow…

    • muzaffaraps

      yes i am agree with u

  • burntchestnut

    This is probably not the right place to report 2 issues I have, but I can’t find a better place. The first issue has to do with using the Safari browser. For over a week, I get a message that the squidoo page is going to a redirect and then redirecting to the same page. I can use firefox instead, but I’m having no other issues with Safari.

    Second, I revised a page yesterday and when I published it, none of my photos show up except for the intro photo and none of my Amazon products show up. I saw on Facebook that others had this same issue. I checked this same lens this morning and the problem has not been fixed. My other lenses are fine, so I’m afraid to do any updating or make a new lens.

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