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Introducing penny-richens

Our Squidoo Debuts have been on hiatus for the past few weeks, but we’re pleased today to resume our interviews with new (or nearly new) lensmasters by introducing you to penny-richens. Enjoy our interview, say hello, then don’t forget to check out her lenses. You’ll be glad you did!

How did you find Squidoo? I found Squidoo because I was looking for a way to share my ideas without being obligated to curate a blog. I have a broad knowledge of useful information on a lot of things, but not enough of any one thing to write about it every day. I have tried keeping blogs in the past, and would peter out after a few weeks because they just weren’t fun anymore. Squidoo gives me the freedom to make one really good lens on something I care about without having to try and follow up with new information every week. Not that I don’t like staying relevant and updating information as new things become available, but writing filler is not what I’m about. I also wanted to have a reputable way to display my writing for freelance gigs that I occasionally get. A partially finished blog is not really something you want to show a prospective client. A well written and manicured lens on the other hand is perfect.

Obviously your first love is horses, but you’ve touched on a couple of other topics too, including the popular Paleo topic. What’s coming up next on your lensmaking list? Oh heavens, Susan, I am a fount of trivial information, lol. I suppose if you could open up my head it would look like the inside of a house from an episode of Hoarders. Horses are a big part of my life, and I love riding with my nieces and nephews. I am also a Wyoming Girl, and I love everything about living in the West. I’d like to do some travel guides to Wyoming, there is a lot more going on here than Energy Production and Dude Ranches; and Yellowsone/Grand Teton are only a small part of where I live. There is so much to explore and try. I’m pretty crafty and will probably do a lens or two on projects I’ve made. I teach guitar lessons and play Flamenco style guitar, there is a lens or two there I’m sure. I live the Paleo Lifestyle, and I will probably share some of my best grilling recipes. I go fishing with my husband quite a bit and we love to go four-wheeling, I’m sure I could make a country girl’s guide from those experiences. I am also an amateur photographer (aren’t we all these days?), and I enjoy taking pictures to add with my posts. Stock photography is not for me. So really, I have an endless supply of ideas that come from my daily experiences.

What can Squidoo do for you? The thing I think Squidoo can help me with the most is having a positive creative outlet. There are so many sites out there that you can share on, but very few have a positive online culture like Squidoo does. I also like that I can get a little bit of a kick back from my writing. Money is not a motivator for me, but a bi-product of success. I love the idea that the reason I’m getting paid is because people really like and use what I’m putting out there. That and I can always use a little extra scratch to buy more cowboy boots (could probably write a lens about that too). Mostly, I’ve been going about my chores and things thinking about how much fun I’m going to have writing with no strings attached. I’m excited about the lenses I’ve already done and really look forward to tweaking and adding to them. Squidoo is the perfect outlet for me!

Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • d-artist

    Hello Penny, welcome to the life of Squidoing! Great interview, nicely written…I’m also a horse lover equine artist, former breeder and all around animal lover…again welcome to Squidoo!

  • esmonaco

    Hi Penny, and welcome to Squidoo, I enjoyed reading this very nice interview, and will be looking forward to reading your lenses.

  • bdkz

    So glad to meet you!

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