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Introducing john-tabernik

We’re reviving our Squidoo Debut series of interviews with RocketSquids who are making their presence known around Squidoo. We begin with john-tabernik who also happens to be the author of today’s Lens of the Day.

How did you find Squidoo? I have known about Squidoo for years because I have done some SEO and everyone mentions Squidoo as a great place to help grow your web presence by writing articles in your areas of expertise. But I had never really done anything with it until Bonnie Diczhazy sent out a request on Facebook for people to write a review. I knew Bonnie back when we were both in high school. She has also provided some good guidance and assistance when I have had questions or issues.

Of the lenses you’ve made so far, which is your favorite and why? I think my most recent lens on the iMac is my favorite. It allowed me to write about technology, which I enjoy quite a lot. I am an IT consultant, a job that I really enjoy, and writing anything about technology, especially trying to communicate potentially confusing ideas in terms that non-techies can understand, is always enjoyable for me. I also enjoyed writing this lens because I love being able to relate personal stories that I think can help others. Being able to lead people through my story of slowing adopting the Mac may convince others who were deeply embedded in the PC world, as I was, that the transition can be a smooth one. So being able to share a personal experience with others if it can help them is also something I enjoy.

What one tip would you give to a new lensmaster starting out? To a new lens master, I would tell them that often-repeated advice, write about what you know. But I would add a caveat as well—make sure it is something you are passionate about. A review can be an especially personal story. There may be things you both loved and hated about a product, movie, album—these are great things to share. Reviews that share the good and the bad of something set your expectations before you would get the product yourself—maybe then you are aware that there are shortcomings and you will not be disappointed. So the review gives a writer a great opportunity to tell their story of their experiences with the product.

Passion is a wonderful thing because it is contagious. If you really love something, do your best to describe it, and often the person reading your lens will get a glimpse of whatever it is that made you love it. Whether it is a review, a personal story, or a how-to, write about something that you can write about with passion. I think this really transforms a lens from commonplace to engaging!

You’ll find more from John when you visit his Lensmaster Page.

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