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Introducing flora-crew

Today we’re pleased to introduce flora-crew. She’s a lifelong-learner and a writer with a wonderful outlook on life and a great sense of humor to top it all off. Enjoy getting to know her better.

What brought you to Squidoo? I guess what brought me to Squidoo was that I was looking for freelance work. I saw Squidoo and joined. Then I got hooked trying to make points and get trophies. Then I joined Rocket Squids and here I am.

You have a very interesting portfolio of lenses – and a wonderful, subtle sense of humor. I’m very curious to know what topics are coming up next on your lensmaking list. I am supposed to take a class in treatment strategies at Oakton next semester. I already have the book, and a friend lent me a new copy of the DSM V. I have thought about writing reviews of both of them. I also have a lot of books lying around my apartment. One is on the history of pi. It actually has a lot of cool facts in it. Most of my writing is either autobiographical or reviews but I would like to expand. I also have an assortment of passe plugs and computers lying around my bedroom. I thought about writing a humor piece about taking computer technology at Oakton.

What can Squidoo do for you? I think Squidoo is helping to keep me motivated. I get a government check but any income generated would also be appreciated. I was thinking about hooking Squidoo up to my website and blog also. That might motivate me to update them more than I currently do. I have had them since the late 1990′s but let them go by the wayside a lot. When I took a class at Oakton Community College, I started paying a small amount of money for the site. That way I could start advertising on the site myself if it ever started generating any income.

Susan52 didn't know she wanted to be a Giant Squid when she grew up, but here she is and she couldn't be happier about it! When she isn't doing one thing or another here at Squidoo, you'll probably find her spending time with her family or otherwise appreciating life one precious moment at a time.

  • grammieo

    NIce to meet you flora-crew!

  • 3michi

    I wish you all the success in following your dreams! I think it’s pretty amazing you want to be a teacher or counselor those are commendable professions. :D

  • tonyleather

    Good to see Flora-crew becoming part of squidoo!

  • Merrci

    Glad to meet you! Looking forward to reading your lenses.

  • DebW07


  • SherwinG

    It’s a pleasure to meet you.

  • FreshStart7

    Welcome to Squidoo, flora-crew and enjoy your journey with us!

  • d-artist

    Welcome to Squidoo, nice to meet you through your article!

  • DaisyDixon

    Nice to meet you!

  • sierradawn

    I am so pleased to meet you flora-crew! Congratulations on your LotD! Great lens!

  • wdeal1

    Flora-crew The part I get from this is you don’t know how to quit and you have a great attitude

  • LynnKK

    Hi flora-crew!

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