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Welcome to DIY On Squidoo (Give It A Try)

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Image Credit -From the DIY lens Wood Burned Caddy for Oil and Vinegar

Today we’re launching a new project called “DIY on Squidoo”

I just created 21 new topics in Home & Garden for DIY and we’ve got a Best of DIY section too.

But first watch this video on YouTube about our DIY launch to get motivated.

Every single person on Squidoo can try a DIY project and have fun with it.

Next, read this lens:

How (and why) to share a DIY project on Squidoo to learn how YOU can participate. There’s some great tips on getting started.

Your Challenge.

I want every single person who reads this post to try a DIY lens. Trust me, it’s fun (and easy). Review a product, share a project, tell us about your favorite DIY book or TV host. Then submit you new DIY lens to the BIG DIY CHALLENGE Quest on your Quest tab. We’ll be compiling a list of our favorites and sharing these on social media. So have fun and challenge yourself.

Got questions? I’ve got answers. Post your questions and feedback below in the comments section of this post.

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • LoreleiCohen

    Can we use the old style lens template to do this quest?

    • bdkz

      You can use any lens format you want : )

  • biorra2

    Challenge accepted

    • bdkz


  • Tom Maybrier

    Looking forward to seeing the cool crafts and projects our lensmasters take on!

  • Robert Connor

    We are putting the thinking cap on!

    • bdkz

      Can’t wait!

  • Titia

    Maybe someone can write me a lens on how I can get my Firefox working properly ha ha, just kidding, but I do have major problems with it. I’m too busy with the sheep right now to write new lenses, alas.

  • Anonymous831

    I’m excited about this challenge, I love DIY projects.

  • favored1

    I attempted to use the new format but got stuck on it. Since we can use the regular ones maybe this will work for me. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • KateHon

    OKAY! I have just the DIY project in mind – glad I haven’t gotten to it until now!

  • RockinPicks

    Love it. Thank you for mentioning my lens. I have gotten several tweets and retweets!

  • CreativeArtist

    Accepted. : )

  • biorra2

    Completed Mine, check it out guys, How To Make A Liquor Bottle Lamp :)

  • veryirie

    I LOVE DIY! Always have! :) Gotta buckle down and put up some more lenses.

  • knowledgetoday

    I will research and see what I can do.

  • Mickie_G

    Thank you for this NEW topic. I absolutely LOVE it. Yes, I am shouting for joy. I have always been in a quandry when it comes to classifying my book repair lenses. Now I have a place to permanently park them. In fact, when I saw this announcement, I changed them all to DIY! Again, thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • bdkz

      I’m excited too!

  • TalkingFreebies

    Did I miss this challenge> It isn’t on my quest tab? If so do I turn in the lens here? Thank you!

    • bdkz

      Look now : )

      • TalkingFreebies

        Thank You!

  • MonkeyGirl18

    I’m going to do “How to make a ____ plushie” Whatever plushie it is I will eventually decide. I’ve been wanting to do one of those anyways… :D

  • autosubmit

    DIY lens to the BIG CHALLENGE DIY is very interesting. Waw!

  • veryirie

    Just finished one. Will be working on more. This is FUN!!! :)

  • tonga07


  • SheilaSchnauzies

    I have just the thing:) Working on it now!!

  • Scottzak

    How can i start my lens and get more visitors?

  • aswaha yah

    good chance, i love DIY things.

  • gem-nitya

    Hi, Bonnie, got time to make my next set of lens. So, want to try as suggested in the quests.
    DIY, as I know is Do it yourself, If we had to Review a product, then do we have to choose products from Amazon only or do we have other options as well.
    If possible can we also write about our hobby or interest?

  • kasman

    This challenge is just what I need to rekindle my interest in DIY!

  • JuliaJaf


  • River_Rose

    Cool idea!

  • worldwyde1

    WHERES my LENS!!!!!!!!!

  • teriann

    This was a fun quest and reignited me. I just submitted my new DIY that had been sitting on the back burner waiting to give it birth. I love quick, simple and easy DIY hope you like it too. Thx again Squidoo HQ for keeping it fresh! Chow!

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