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Try Squidoo Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 10.53.13 AMThis is really fun and easy.

Squidoo is doing all the work.

Just ask your friends follow and communities to follow us @TrySquidoo

and/or share this lens:

PS – Be sure to follow us too so you can cheer on your friends when they make a new lens.

We super excited to have new people trying Squidoo!

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Delighted to share Squidoo!

    • bdkz

      Thanks Ruthi!

  • MSchindel

    Bonnie, this is a great idea and I’ll be happy to help spread the word and how much I #lovesquidoo! :)

    • bdkz

      Thank you!

  • Deborah-Diane

    I’m thrilled to do this! It’s a great way to promote Squidoo.

    • bdkz


  • Merrci

    Great way to spread the word!

  • Tracy1973


    • bdkz


  • favored1


  • alteredkat

    Happily tweeted :)

  • topclimb

    Just sent out my tweet to friends, family and professional associates! Great way to promote and I am happy to spread the work about Squidoo!

  • thatgrrl

    It’s actually Canada Day today. So I’m sticking with the national holiday. I can celebrate Try Squidoo on July 4th.

    • bdkz

      We love Canada Day too! : )

  • healinghands123

    Love these new #TwitterBlitzes…

  • cold0911

    OR refer them with your OWN referral link and get the referral commission for yourself, instead of letting it go to someone else.

  • fibonacci1123

    I sent a tweet. Nice idea for publicity.

    • bdkz

      Thank you!

  • MarcellaCarlton


  • Kathryn Grace

    Hope it counts that I shared last night after the sneak peek. I know at least one of my friends has passed it along already.

  • kiwinana71

    Nice way to promote Squidoo have done a couple on twitter I’m known as kiwinana.

  • christenwypy

    Done. Shared from @workhomewisdom on Twitter.

  • mhalou-urgelles


  • mala1963

    Thanks for the idea

  • SoundFinance

    I’ve not been around for a while…busy with new regulation etc! Anyway, I’m delighted to share Squidoo with others.

  • unholyscribe

    Great idea. . . .

  • short49

    I am happy to join Squidoo, and happy to find a place to write about my passion music. Thanks

  • dnwaokocha

    I’ll spread the word by email to some of my personal associates.

  • aswaha yah

    wonderful ,i am very happy to know the news

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