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Squidoo Lens Redesign & CSS Compatibility

As part of our lens redesign project we need to take some steps to get ready for the upgrade. One of those steps is to make sure that all content is compatible with the new design, which means we’re going to eliminate custom CSS. We are not removing custom HTML, just custom CSS. Removing custom CSS will create a more consistent look and make the site much easier to maintain.

Below you’ll see two examples of what happens when we remove custom CSS on a lens. As you can see, the lens content is not disturbed. The custom borders, colors and lettering are simply going to be removed.

There is nothing that you have to do during this process. Everything that needs to be done will be on our end.

First example:

CSS removal - example 1

Another example:

CSS removal - example 2

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • britflorida

    Excellent. I can’t remember ever seeing custom CSS on Squidoo that looks good, or adds any value to the lens. This is great news :)

    • prosperity66

      I’ve seen very good CSS on Squidoo!!!!!

      • Ramkitten

        Agreed! And CSS is more than just colors and borders. I believe
        alignment is also CSS. Bullet points as well. But I’m still trying to
        get clarification on those items.

        • shay_marie

          I think bullet points are HTML.

        • sockii

          I would love clarification as well. I have lenses with some carefully detailed content aligned in tables which will just be unsightly, bulky and awkward to deal with if that is taken away. CSS can be used to add clarity and readability; it’s not just about making pages colorful.

          • Luv2help

            I use box builder. Will that work be erased? I too, have my work aligned to discuss decorating and pattern comparison, etc.

          • Janiece

            I’ve got things aligned in tables as well…and have no idea what to do to fix them.

        • prosperity66

          Now you know that for as long as they don’t have text style code they are HTML… However I fear that Squidtools will disappear from our lenses as they use CSS just like most lensmasters used since HTML apart from some tiny codes like lists, never worked on Squidoo. So we may have to double check our external tables and product displays from SquidUtils, SquidTools and more.

          • Janiece

            Anything with the word “style” in it is CSS? <p style= That's CSS?

          • prosperity66

            As long as it is included in a line like this one, yes: etc. More on CSS at :)

            Though most of the HTML don’t work on Squidoo, apart from image tags, font style like bold , italic etc. along with bullet lists WITHOUT style: and (remove spaces of course). It was for this reason that one used to recommend using CSS instead of HTML.

          • lestroischenes

            Does that mean that all the pictures from allposters will go?

          • marsha32

            another good question that I hope someone will answer!

          • Janiece

            Thanks! Would this still work? < b style = " font-size: medium

          • Janiece

            How do we resize photos now? This will no longer work? style = ” width :75%

          • prosperity66

            Easy : that is HTML instead of CSS :) However beware: they may remove HTML tags as well in the future – at least with all the personalization that goes away I fear that that one will be gone soon too :(

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    I will be happy to see the CSS go by the wayside. Some pages are so over-done with the bells and whistles that content isn’t readable or it becomes a major distraction to good content. So many times I shake my head and think how the writer’s work could have stood well on its own. It’s a lesson that I, myself, had to learn a while back too.

    • kiwinana71

      I agree with you Ruthi. When I come across a page with CSS I move on to another lens. It is a major distraction and very hard for old eyes to read.

      • Luv2help

        That big arrow thing is a major turnoff; I never use it, as it looks like a cheap hotel neon vacancy sign. When I see it, I’m so turned off.

        • Ramkitten

          The Big Arrow is a Squidoo module.

          • AtomicGirl


      • prosperity66

        So Kiwinana, you move on to other lenses when you find an interesting one that features a comparison chart or a stat chart or even a table? I like getting more in-depth information and comparison when I look for some specific things. Now it’s going to be impossible to find that kind of works on Squidoo. Unless the author spends/wastes hours doing them on Photoshop…

  • Merrci

    Looks better I think! Nice job all at HQ.

  • bestwebfinds

    Thanks for the update. A consistent look will make it easy for visitors to read the content as they move from one lens to another.

  • fullofshoes


  • CosmeticMom

    The examples you show have a cleaner look!

  • thatgrrl

    I hope the redesign will give us more options for adding some of the bells and whistles legitimately (within the workshop features). I thought the CSS helped lenses look creative versus bland text. I would LOVE to be able to do more with the text modules, like adding images and placing them in the middle of the module to break up text. (Especially in the lenses which are only allowed two text modules). Anyway, I think the redesign makes a smoother and polished looking lens. It is on the right track!

    • CalobrenaOmai

      I didn’t realize that was CSS. Though it would be nice to options for this within the modules.

  • dbodnariuc

    My only css is the photo credit line, which I wanted to appear with a smaller text. It will look uglier, but not the end of the world.

    • vikksimmons

      Uh oh, I wonder if mine is CSS. Have no clue., LOL

    • marsha32

      oh gosh, you remind me that I have all of my lenses where I’m stating that photos are my own win a light blue background with a dotted outline. I will have to see how that looks after the change.

    • Janiece

      The photo credit line is one of my concerns as well. I usually put it either centered under the photo, or on the right side of the page (under the photo), and always in smaller text. I think it will look odd having it in regular size text.

  • veryirie

    Looks like another good move by Squidoo; thanks!

  • artyfax

    I have never really taken to CSS but I must admit I am guity ofthe odd border around the intro module which I have removed over the past few months. Thanks for the heads-up

  • KonaGirl

    Thanks once again for the heads up. It is always a good thing to know in advance what the changes will be rather than trying to figure out what is wrong when they happen.

  • Mia-Mia

    Mostly, I am happy to see this, too, but there are a very few places in my lenses where I would prefer to keep the option. Overall, though, I applaud this move.

  • Kylyssa

    So you mean if I’ve got any of that junk left that I missed getting rid of somehow, you’re cleaning it up for me? Cool.

  • lhbeninger

    I like the change!

    • ppob

      I am also the same


  • yasminefromgo

    It’s make me rush nice!

  • QuiltFinger

    Sounds like a good improvement. As long as the picture formatting remains intact! I had a giant (okay exaggerating) problem with the HTML formatting disappearing from lenses, so I had to redo them in CSS, a language that I totally don’t understand! Now, it seems as through the HTML codes are working again on my images though.

  • kinworm

    I love the idea of clean looking and more consistent formats. I’m also very happy that any stray CSS I’ve used on old lenses will be magically taken care of for me :)

  • relache

    As someone who’s used CSS sparingly over the years (the examples above are, to me, way overdone), I’ll miss it. But I won’t miss the 90s-MySpace use that others put it to.

    • britflorida

      Ha – they always make me think of MySpace too :)

  • Ramkitten

    When will the CSS be disabled? And are bullet points made with HTML or CSS?

    • CalobrenaOmai

      If I’m remembering correctly is part of HTML.

  • AlleyCatLane

    Fine with me. I also found the custom CSS rather distracting.

  • Debs

    Excellent – i think we’re all probably guilty of having tried to customise Squidoo at some time or another! No need now with the Squidoo’s new look!

  • calconcrete

    I have no idea what CSS even is so I probably won’t miss it.

  • flycatcher

    Custom CSS? Er… guilty. But I’m sure I am not the only one of the older lensmasters who’ve “float:right” here and there, back in the “olden days” before Text modules let us place our images anywhere but on the left. :) Yes, I’m sure a few of my lenses do look very very “MySpace” by today’s standards. So good to know they will be all cleaned up and brought up to modern standards automatically, whew!

    • Ramkitten

      So, aligning something right or left (or center) is CSS … or is that HTML? Like, … which is that?

      • flycatcher

        @Ramkitten Alignment can be done with either CSS or HTML, though CSS is preferred (on the web, I mean, not here) as it goes to presentation rather than content. So, it depends how you’ve done it…

        BUT if (hypothetically) the HTML allowed is only going to be the basics, e.g. what is allowed in forum comments, then all kinds of alignment would be off the table, I should think?

        In general, my policy the last year or so (with the new-and-improved Text modules) has been to gradually shift to uploading images into the module rather than calling from a third-party site, and using the module’s new Left/Big/Right options to do the placement. I believe that’s the most sustainable approach for the long term, as change is inevitable & the more we stick with what the platform has to offer, the better… It’s just that business of bringing the ancient lenses up to scratch that is a bit of a chore. :) Well worth it, though, long term.

        • Ramkitten

          If calling in images from a third-party site (ie. Photobucket … as in, our own account) isn’t going to work right, there are going to be a LOT of messed up lenses.

          • flycatcher

            You should still be able to call in the image, just you won’t be able to center the caption under the photo.

          • Ladymermaid

            I bring in allposters images which are supposed to be html I think and then center it with p align=”center” I hope it all stays where it should.

          • flycatcher

            @Ladymermaid The align=”center” in paragraph tag is an HTML attribute, not CSS – so *presumably* won’t be stripped out in this redesign process? It should work on some browsers and devices for some time to come, generally, but the downside is that the align attribute is not valid in HTML 5, as alignment is now handled by CSS as part of the on-going effort in the web standards world to separate structure & appearance of content. See for more than any of us wants to know! :)

          • Luv2help

            Is boxbuilder dead, then?

          • prosperity66

            Yes. If you use Squidtools or Squidutils indeed, they are CSS lines… :(

          • Luv2help

            I would like more clarification.

          • prosperity66

            You can call images from outside, it’s more or less one of the few HTML that works on Squidoo. It’s style that won’t work any more :)

          • Gloriousconfusion

            So does that mean we can call an image from outside, but can’t specify the size or placement?
            And what about borders – will these now be deleted?

          • prosperity66

            Unless I’m wrong you can specify placement with the align=”left/right” tag. You can also use the padding or margin tags…

          • Gloriousconfusion

            I think it would be a good idea for someone knowledgeable to make a new lens describing the up-to-date methods of doing things such as what prosperity66 has described. She described how to specifiy placement but not how to resize a photo on a module, which I’ve only recently discovered how to do.

          • prosperity66

            There are such lenses that exist for such a purpose Gloriousconfusion, made by highly knowledgeable people about HTML and SEO… unless they’re locked now :(

  • AmineBomBom

    well, good luck with that

  • favored1

    Aw … there goes the pretty stuff. I’ll miss seeing it. Looks like I’m the only one.

    • marsha32

      you aren’t the only one, I really like how it looks. Someone said the examples in the post were way over done but I don’t see it.

  • Kathryn Grace

    No more bright boxes with brightly colored lettering surrounded by bold borders? Hooray! I know that stuff is fun to make, but oh so distracting for the reader, especially those of us with vision issues. Does this also mean no more spinning graphics on pages? That would help as well. It is nearly impossible for me to read a page with flashing graphics. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    • sockii

      CSS is far more than spinning graphics and bright colors; it’s putting image credits directly beneath images and creating neatly formatted data tables, just for two examples. And now those will no longer be possible.

      • Kathryn Grace

        You’re right, sockii. I’ve been gradually removing image credits from beneath my pix and relying on a single copyright notice at the bottom of the page. Cleans it up a bit, but I do wonder whether it is sufficient.

  • MuleWagon

    Uh-oh! Is this going to mess up the paragraph styles we’ve used to float a caption under the intro image? Is this going to count as html or css?

    • flycatcher

      @MuleWagon If you used ‘style=”whatever”‘ within your paragraph tags – as I have certainly done in years past, to create captions for images – then, yeah, that is technically CSS and I would imagine it would be stripped with the rest of it. That’s the assumption I’m working on, anyway.

      • MuleWagon

        Oh, well, I guess everything gets an update! The captions will move down to the bottom of the paragraph, maybe in bold. (This is also going to play hob with any outside product listings, like those made with Squidtools, or any other positioning.)

        • flycatcher

          Yes, those third-party tools seem to rely very heavily on CSS – this is as it should be, in terms of web standards, but obviously the code produced will no longer fly on Squidoo. Hopefully the new design will pretty up the “thumbnail” view in Amazon modules a bit, so people can use that instead to get the same effect.

          • Luv2help

            I’ll be happy if thumbnail gets improved. It looked mighty odd when I only wanted to use three images–which are WAY too small to be useful.

  • mala1963

    Thank you, we await your changes.

  • nancycarol

    I think it’s great that this is being done. Without the CSS, there’s a much cleaner appearance to the page, and that can only improve views. It was easy to get carried away with using it, because it was so easy. Good deal, and thanks!

  • ChapelHillFiddler

    I’m leaving Squidoo now. It just takes a while to save the content but I’m out of here.

  • AcornOakForest

    Looks clean and professional. Thanks for the work!

  • LindaJM

    I’m glad to hear that this will be done automatically ………… I don’t know if I have any CSS left on my lenses.

  • DaveStone13

    Happy to say I’ve never used CSS here. I never saw the value, so no gain or loss, but I’m again happy to see HQ continuing with the improvements. Thanks.

  • hutch87

    I like the change. The best lenses are those that are simple and look clean. CSS just over-complicates the page and takes the focus away from the content

  • CalobrenaOmai

    That fancy stuff is custom CSS?! I thought it was some special feature unlocked at a high level. Its been a while since my web design classes but now have the terms confused. I always thought the terms CSS and HTML were interchangeable. Guess they’re not.

  • vikksimmons

    Thanks for the heads-up. Not sure I have any but I’ll keep an eye on some of the older lenses as we move along.

  • kajohu

    Don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but when will this happen? I know some of my pages have CSS on them, and they may look odd if this formatting is deleted — I’m not sure yet. I can redo — but I’m also going on vacation soon.

  • Ladymermaid

    I don’t really know the difference between html and CSS but I don’t think I have much or any at all on my lenses. I do use html to increase the size of my text but am not sure if that qualifies as CSS? I am not very computer programmer savvy.

  • darkprinceofjazz

    I don’t use much CSS, I did years ago when I thought I was going to be the Jackson Pollock of lensmasters, unfortunately abstract expressionism did not lend its self to easy to read articles.

    I have seen many tastefully done articles with CSS, but, I must admit, you don’t see too much of that on other sites. I personally appreciate a clean readable design. Hopefully it wont be too painful for the larger account squids.

  • nancycarol

    I’m happy to see this. None of the borders and fancy stuff add anything to the content, which I believe is the most important. Thanks for another improvement!

    • Ramkitten

      Keep in mind that CSS is not just borders, colors and “fancy stuff.”

    • Titia

      Just large pieces of text can be very, very boring and like Ramkitten said, CSS is not only color and borders.

  • bloomingrose

    I would like clarification on bulleting, alignment and other ways to add creative features. But I concur that these improvements will probably help in the Google search, I think that is why they are being done. Pinned to my “Just for Squids” board.

    • CalobrenaOmai

      The thing is, there are lenses that make the Google search successfully. Though it shocked me to see some of my lenses in the top spots of Yahoo Search.

    • prosperity66

      How can this help for Google search???

      • CalobrenaOmai

        I don’t think the changes will help much with Google search but might paint a picture of professionalism for Squidoo and might better register among analytics with Google.

        • prosperity66

          I’ve never seen such low traffic stats since I joined Squidoo 7 years ago… even though they implement all those changes. It just seems to make traffic even worse. Personalization and curated content were our motto and the reason for the success..

  • DeniseMcGill

    Since I never used any custom CSS on Squidoo, I have nothing to worry about. But thanks for the information. I always love being kept in the loop on changes.

  • AtomicGirl

    This sweeping change will definitely break pages for those of us who used things like “text-align” and “font-size.” Instead of penalizing lensmasters who only used CSS to float images and shrink or enlarge text, why not just filter out CSS commands like “background-color” or “border”?

    • Ramkitten

      A lot of lensmasters would be very happy if that could happen instead of a blanket change. Seems a lot of folks are under the impression–and the post lends itself to that impression–that CSS is just colorful backgrounds and borders. “Bells and whistles” and “fancy stuff.” But that’s not the case.

    • Jodi_k

      Yes, just filtering out “background-color” or “border” would be great! I think I have a few large initial caps and numbers (done before we had numbered lists), and maybe a highlighted quote or two. Those wouldn’t be too hard to fix. Having to redo all the text alignment, floating, squidtools boxes, and fonts (usually for image credits) would be a long, hard slog!

  • SheilaMilne

    Since I don’t really know what CSS is, I have to hope I have none.

  • flinnie

    Hi thanks for the head up. I think this is great idea.

  • d-artist

    Oh boy, this is going to be a lot of work for me…I’ve been wanting to remove this a while ago, seeing we might be coming to this…I guess I must restructure my design thinking cap LOL!

    • Titia

      I’m sorry, but yes you have to redo your lenses if there’s any CSS in them and they won’t look as nice and personal as they do now.

  • grammieo

    I can see where some of the “chachkies” make a lens stand out, but I could never wrap my little brain around all that CSS stuff, so I don’t think I will miss it too much.

  • Insulin-Dependent

    This is a little vague. Are you removing “styling” which can be CSS or in-line, or is there a way to attach a CSS to a lens (which is a Cascading Style Sheet)! For example, there is a Squidoo How-To page out there ( which technically has a lot of in-line styling. Will that be stripped from our HTML?

    • prosperity66

      Yes that is what is going to disappear… “in-line” stuff which is CSS.

  • Tracy1973

    Yikes! Some folks are going to be upset about this…

  • marsha32

    I was going to say that I don’t know what CSS is, but in fact, I used it just the other day to outline a review in one of my lenses so it would stand out.
    I know some people have over used it but honestly, I always loved how lenses with it looked.
    I’m working away updating lenses each day so I guess I will notice a difference in the ones I did use it in when I get to those on updating.

  • Snakesmum

    Don’t think I’ve ever used it – fine with me!

  • Deborah-Diane

    I think this is a good idea. I agree with britflorida who said that most of the time the custom CSS does not look very good.

    • CalobrenaOmai

      In the right hands, CSS can be executed to look as if its one with the page and not like a sore thumb.

  • Charito1962

    Very well!

  • 0ctavias0fferings

    I don’t think I’ve used custom CSS but I have noticed a lot of images have gone from lenses I have in WIP and I can’t replace those so some perfectly good lenses, which took a lot of work to put together, are now ruined by Squidoo’s changes.
    I only noticed this when I went to update some lenses to get them published again but if I have to go through 65 lenses (the number put back into WIP by previous Squidoo changes) it simply isn’t going to be worth my time neither is it achievable to sort them all out.
    The disappearance of the photos is the most inconvenient as I’ve changed computer more than once since they were originally uploaded and cannot replace them.
    You may gather I’m a tad upset by all this. Many months of work all down the drain and for what?
    It seems to me you want lensmasters to concentrate on product reviews these days rather than creativity. That’s fine but had I originally known that was the way Squidoo would go then frankly I wouldn’t have bothered.
    I’m more interested in sharing knowledge than wasting my time on product reviews.
    In case you hadn’t guessed it by now I’m reconsidering my presence on the site.

    • CalobrenaOmai

      They, hopefully, aren’t heading in that direction. Product reviews are great but there are times when product reviews don’t leave a lot of room to expand. However; they’re great for writing on topics that are simple and to the point. I was pushing 50 in the lens creation and had a bulk of lenses KO’d by the changes. I hanging steady at 35 though it may become 34 soon. You don’t have to leave the site altogether but can move content that’s been knocked into WIP elsewhere; like your own site or blog. That way you can have more than one income outlet.

  • Ladymermaid

    Someone mentioned in this thread that squidutils is CSS. I have the featured lens tool used on each of my lenses because I like to have my links open externally. Is this change going to make those links disappear? And the bigger unanswered question: What about people who use Squidutils to create their own amazon links? I don’t but I have seen many lenses that do.

    • prosperity66

      I’ve set my whole account to open external links in another window or tab in my settings. Dunno if the option is still available but it was a real time saver.

  • katiesnow


  • reasonablerobinson

    Like the idea of general consistency. Good for brand association. Thank you.

  • Stephaniehut

    I’m not sure what CSS is, but after reading this, I have a better idea.

  • teriann

    Thanks for the continued updates to the new ways of Squidoo…Change continues with Squidoo and so must we…onward and upward

  • miriamyentraccm

    Thank you for the excellent examples, Bonnie! Looks like the pages will be faster to load without all that custom CSS!

  • ColonelAntilles

    As far as I know, I have never knowingly used CSS and therefore and neither familiar with it or quit certain what it is; but from just re reading th the comments posted so far, I have gathered that it is a computer code similar to HTML – which I am familiar with – and used to ‘personalized’ one’s Lens’s. Because I am not familiar with CSS, I will withhold any comments about it going by the wayside as I feel that I am not necessarily qualified to offer an informed opinion or comment.

  • marsha32

    I have a question that some one else brought up. I was using some website where instead of using the featured lenses modules it would generate code for us to share our other lenses within lenses. The purpose was suppose to be that searches weren’t picking up those lenses in the featured lenses module.
    Are those codes CSS??
    If so I’m going to have a LOT of work ahead of me not only replacing, but also figuring out what was there once they disappear.

    • sockii

      That’s the SquidTools Featured Lens code and yeah, I have a feeling it’s going to be busted at this point – something I’ll have to fix now on my 200+ lenses. To me it was pretty useful especially with the new 175k WIP lens limit. When I had lensography or niche pages I wanted to be able to have permanent links to related content there, I used it. I’m not going to use the Featured Lens module and have to keep constantly re-adding lenses if they might drop to WIP for a few days.

      • Ladymermaid

        I have it on each of my lenses as well. Hopefully just the image will disappear.

  • Barbara Radisavljevic

    I guess there are certain advantages to not having used CSS. I may have used some a couple of times, but it wasn’t worth the effort to me to continue. Some people used it very well and I used to envy the look the achieved. I’m not longer envious, since I won’t have as much to correct, except for a few squidutils product links I used.

  • emerald125

    Hopefully a table feature could be included in the next update to help with displaying information without resorting to CSS

  • Titia

    Oh darn, it will make some of my poems to images that need to be both centered look like crap. It will make all my lenses in which I use my Zazzle products look like crap. It will make all my Lambing season lenses look like crap. CSS can be overdone, but it also can be done in a good way.

    Sorry that I’m not cheering with the crowd, I’m not in a good mood right now. This last week has been hell and very emotional in my country. It’s 4.52 am overhere and I haven’t slept yet, couldn’t, so I thought to log into Squidoo for a while. I had better not done that, because I’m even more upset now than I already was.

    Like some of the others stated already: CSS is more than only the fancy stuff.

  • cercis70

    I’ve seen custom CSS on some lens, but have always wondered if they are “worth” the time necessary to implement them. Having read most of the comments below, I wonder how everything will shake out. I am all for a cohesive lens look throughout the site.

  • YayasHome

    It seems to me that with all the changes from Google, having still more changes with removing CSS (which it took me a while to figure out what you meant, anyway), is jus’ gonna’ bring still more confusion. I’m still tryin’ to grasp what it takes to simply create lenses. Removing the ability to make ‘em my own will pro’lly fry my brain or sumptin’. Needless to say, everything that has been happening is beyond frustrating, as far as tryin’ to recover from Google’s major shakeup.

  • topclimb

    Thanks for the update!

  • knowledgetoday

    Okay. Looks inviting and interesting.

  • KitandCaboodle

    I like the consistent look. It will be a good change.

  • rlmodranski

    Not entirely crazy about this change. I don’t use it a lot, but most of my modules have small borders along the bottom because otherwise they look like the run together. Plus, I also generally right align and make smaller my photo credits. Additionally, I often add a photo in the middle of my longer text modules and have always been able to adjust the size right in the module. I understand the need to get rid of the ability to clutter the page or put too much color, but I would venture to say that a lot of what you call CSS is actually very pleasant to the readers. ( I say “call” CSS because it’s really HTML – CSS is a command that controls the entire page – HTML is a line of code that controls everything between the – took me a while to figure out what you were talking about)

  • BinkMeister

    Yes, I can see how this may help since CSS can be a little distracting. It seems to take away the more important part of a lens which is the actual information that someone is trying to convey.

  • SynchronicityHouse

    Thanks for the update. I guess a change and a bit of a new look is going to be good for Squidoo and us,

  • sabutler

    Thank you for the information. :)

  • Ilona1

    wow. This is going to be a lot of work.

  • bbsoulful2

    Changes like this can be challenging when you have a lot of lenses. Lots of editing to make them look right again.

  • gottaloveit

    I’ve only seen CSS that was way overdone. I like the idea of stripping it off.

    • prosperity66

      What about tables and other comparison charts? There are people out there who love to have a comparison chart when looking for products to buy or enjoy stats in the form of graphics or just need tables to better view things.
      That mainly is why CSS was used too.

  • StephenJParkin

    CSS or Cascading style sheets are the main tool for theme designs and the reason that Squidoo wishes to restrict its use is so that all lenses can be more easily maintained by them as they roll out new updates and releases of the software. The testing required and issues caused by CSS were obviously a nightmare for them in maintaining the site on an ongoing basis and I for one can see their need to do this.

    Updating individual lenses is hard enough but when there are 100′s of thousands and more, why put the entire site at risk to cater for the needs of a few more technical users? Also it was not possible for them to maintain standards when all authors were doing their own thing. Thank you for keeping us informed Bonnie.

  • alternative-therapies

    Always getting better!

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