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Squidoo & HubpagesAugust 15, 2014

Here’s some good news, big news, news that will open some new possibilities for you…

HubPages is acquiring key content from Squidoo, creating the largest site of its kind in the world.

For nearly a decade, both Squidoo and HubPages have provided a home for content creators online. We’ve made it easy for people to use our platforms to share content that they care about, to tell stories, write articles and link to places that matter to them. Over the years, more than four billion visits have been made to the two sites, which host content from more than five million people.

Today, we’re announcing that as a result of this acquisition, Squidoo is moving the best of its content to HubPages. They’re the industry leader, continually pushing the envelope in terms of their content, its presentation and the traffic and traction they get online. The best way we know to serve our users is to give them an even better place for their content, and when I talked with Paul Edmondson at HubPages, it became clear to both of us that combining these platforms leads to a stronger, more efficient, more generous way to share great stuff online.

Starting in a few weeks, all traffic to Squidoo will automatically be redirected to the relevant pages on HubPages instead. We’ve been busy building transfer tools that will make it easy (and mostly automatic) for content to move from the Squidoo site to HubPages. Together with some members of the Squidoo team, I’ll be working with HubPages to ensure that we make the best possible transition and impact going forward. Squidoo pages will cease to be visible in September or early October.

You don’t have to wait a few weeks to get started, though! Click on the ‘get started’ button on your dashboard and you’ll be able to set up your HubPages settings as well as start building new pages there while you wait for the transfer to be complete (and your transfers will get done first).

It’s important to note that we’ll only be moving our highest rated and most useful content to HubPages. Some pages won’t be making the move, and will no longer be hosted online, so it’s prudent to go to your dashboard and download an archive of what you’ve built so you can keep it forever.

Click here for a faq to see answers to commonly asked questions about this move

You can start using the HubPages platform right away just by clicking the Set Up Your Transfer button on your dashboard. As your lenses are automatically moved, you’ll see the steps on how to set up an account that will help you earn money from your pages. Payment will continue uninterrupted (between us, the two companies have enabled our users to earn tens of millions of dollars for themselves and their causes!)

If you don’t do anything, you’ll get a notice by email and on your dashboard when the transfer is completed and your pages are live. At that point, you have to click on the link and activate your HubPages account in order to make changes and earn money.

If you’d rather not have your account and content moved to HubPages, don’t worry. There are instructions on your dashboard about how to download your data so you can take it with you, as well as a big button that lets you delete your Squidoo account. As long as you do this by August 29, 2014 none of your data will be moved.

We’re doing this now so we can have as much in place by October 1 as possible… just in time for Halloween.

It’s never easy to end a project (sometimes it’s even harder than starting one), but the Squidoo team has always been focused on what’s best for you, our users, and it’s clear to us that Paul and his team have built a platform that will help you reach your goals even faster than we can do it alone. Moving these assets to HubPages opens the door for even more magic.

You’ll certainly see many familiar Squidoo faces when you browse around HubPages, but some of the Squidoo staff will be moving on to new projects. I hope you’ll join me in thanking the extraordinary team that’s pioneered so many of the tools we use every day, and even better, that you’ll celebrate with ever better content that will be seen by ever more people.

Have fun. Make a ruckus. Do good work.

Thanks for the magic you make, and for being kind and generous.

Seth is a blogger, the author of 14 bestselling books, a successful entrepreneur and the founder of Squidoo.

  • RoadMonkey

    Wow! I am totally amazed! Never thought this would happen!

    • kiwinana71

      Yes agree, it’s a shock to my body, never ever thought of Squidoo being, no longer Squidoo

      • Kylyssa

        It was pretty clear they’d decided to end Squidoo when they didn’t take HubPages direction when Google improved its search engines. The direction to saving Squidoo would have been more human oversight, higher quality standards (rather than weird, arbitrary ones), and an end to user-generated ad-copy standing in for content.

        I guess I’m thankful that Squidoo took this road because I’ve been working up the oomph to move my content to a more professional site for quite some time.

    • EMangl

      they started to dig their own grave last year – so no suprise that they throw the towel now

      • CuriousBoy

        One line that says it all..
        (I agree and I could not say it better!)

  • britflorida


    • EditionH

      A new change and challenge ,isn’t that great?

    • Tran Lieu

      chon mua 24h

  • susan-zutautas

    Oh my!

    • Satta Matkaa


      • maruf

        hlw dear

        • maruf


  • jeanne-grunert

    wow! Quick question: I am already an active HubPages writer. How can I move my content to my existing Hub account (without setting up a new one?) Thanks.

    • bdkz

      Everything you need to know about transferring is in the FAQ’s: so please read through carefully for the next step.

    • jeffwend

      Looks like no. And it also looks like we will be forfeiting all unpaid funds.

      • darkprinceofjazz

        Not true, at least according to the FAQ.

        • Protasker

          It is true, it will go to SQUIDPP’s charity, you have no choice, Read it again and you will see. :( I don’t make much hear so maybe I will make more, or not?

          • LeanneChesser

            You will be paid if you’re over the threshold. This is what the FAQ states in answer to whether you’ll be paid or not: “Yes! We’ll be continuing our monthly paydays through October, meaning all your advertising and Amazon payments will be completely up to date through September, 2014. We do have some partners that send us small payments late, and those, along with payments below the threshold, will be donated to the Acumen Fund. After that, if you’ve set up your HubPages account, you’ll be paid by them. HubPages will let you know what you have to do to set up various partner accounts, as their process is different from ours.”

          • cinstress

            So they knew they’d be selling Squidoo and upped their payout threshold to $25. Now when they close the doors they’ll be able to keep the money on all those accounts that don’t reach $25 by then. Pretty low. They said they’re giving to charity, but will be no proof of the charity receiving it.

          • bradleynelson

            Seth Godin built Squidoo with the goal of having 80% of the users sending their revenue straight to charity, he is the proof that it will happen.

            If you have reason to believe otherwise, send me the proof and I will pay any outstanding balance you have

          • famook

            I am sure it is all part of the plan. This site was on it’s way out the minute they had crappy auto content monitors deleting everything in sight. No human support and no answers. Just make as much as they can before the ship sinks all together. Now they will take your hard earned money and run. Best of luck to all who stuck it out and are owed money.

          • happynutritionist

            Is this true even if you decide to opt out of the transfer and delete your account? Will I still be paid for July in September?

          • maruf

            what is

    • hjohn1024

      Go to you wont regret it. You have nothing to lose from trying. I have been there less than 3 months and I have earned in excess of $100. No gimmics. &hjohn is my profile name

      • Miriam Baglio Parker

        Hi, John, thanks for the recommendation of Bubblews! I will definitely try it!

        • gberardesco

          Have you seen the hub about Bubblews? Most of those people are not getting paid be careful.

          • hjohn1024

            I cannot agree with that. My experience with Bubblews has been quite good. There were some delays in payments due to an upgrade of the platform which had some glitches but legitimate earners eventually received their payments. Also there were some cheaters who got their accounts banned for breach of terms.

    • maruf


  • DaveStone13

    This is unsettling. I left HubPages because I was unhappy with their rules, the lack of vibrant community and, significantly, the inability to earn money. And, to be honest, it’s a betrayal, and a shock that Squidoo would undermine the community that has stood strongly with them through thick and thin without a word of consultation or request for input. Bad faith dealing, Seth. We all thought you were above it.

    • gottaloveit

      David, I think you’ve nailed it on the head. We’ve tried to be a supportive group on FB and this is where it got us? Goodbye Squidoo, hello websites!

    • Vicki_P

      I know. HubPages doesn’t pay out until you have a balance of $50 (at least last time I checked). Here, I had a tiny bit in my account, now it’s gone. Someone got that income. Even though it was like nothing, I’m sure many others had much more but it didn’t meet the threshold – so that money is simply taken. The whole thing is weird at these sites. Better just to build up your own site and do affiliates and the like. That’s what these sites do, but they keep what the writers earn and make interest on it, while the writers have to wait (or they may never see their income). Better to spend time writing for publishers that actually pay instead. Anyway, yeah, sad and tiring to read spin all the time, about how certain things are good news or good apps, when they’re not; they could be for some, but much text here is spin.

      • Protasker

        but with your idea, I’ve tried to build my own website, there are soooooo many hidden fees involved that I couldn’t afford every month and had to stop, this gave me some kind of platform and now its gone.

        • abouthealthtips

          What hidden fees are you talking about? You pay for hosting and a domain registration. If you are using wordpress, then you will want to buy a premium theme rather than some cheap freebie. Take the time to learn how to build a proper site and you will never be reliant on some other 3rd party system. The entire reason for building your own site, you choose what type of content to put on rather than some over zealous moderator like Squidoo or Hubpages.

        • DaveBordel

          Domain is only $9 per year and hosting is $4 per month. I have only been paying less than $5 per month over the last 3 years, but have been gaining lots through adsense and amazon.

          WordPress is really, really easy to learn. And you don’t have to pay for premium theme. Trust me.

          This squidoo thingy was just an experiment for me. Having a website and getting all of your profits to yourself is way better.

        • susan369

          Try Google’s blogger – it’s completely free. It’s extremely easy to use and fully customizable so you can really make it your own. You can use a blogger subdomain for free or splash out on your own domain name for a few bucks a year. You can have multiple blogs as well.

        • hjohn1024

          You can join Bubblews. You will be able to post your content there at no cost. You get paid for every like, view and comment your articles receive. I have been making a few dollars there.

          • gberardesco

            Have you seen the hub on Bubblews? Some of those people if not most are not getting paid. Be careful.

          • hjohn1024

            These are just lies. Some of these people are cheaters who want to copy and paste other people’s work and get paid. Bubblews is trying to stamp out these people. Everyone whose work is legitimate eventually gets paid.

      • CalobrenaOmai

        Just checked HP’s ToS, the minimum cashout is still 50USD. 25USD more than the one here. Plus the earnings isn’t as straightforward as on here; to me anyway.

        • DaveStone13

          That’s for their ad system. You will get better results, even though the minimum payout is higher from Adsense.

      • kimadagem

        I’m glad you mentioned this, Vicki. I’m not on HubPages so I don’t know much about how they operate. The $25 minimum here was bad enough; $50 is worse. My lenses won’t be going to HubPages and neither will I.

      • hjohn1024

        This is not so with, you earn from each view, like and comment that someone makes on your article and you see your earnings instantly. It’s entirely free to join. Check it out, you will be glad you did. &hjohn

    • Mia-Mia

      Even with all the frustrations of the recent changes, I stood with Squidoo. I feel abandoned and unappreciated. I think you’re right, Dave. Not sure what I’ll do right now. Bummer.

      • Protasker

        So did I, I’m a old Squidder :)

        • compugraphd

          I’ve been with Squidoo for a while, writing what I consider good content, not making much money (I don’t know how to spread the word too terribly well, I guess) but if I had to wait to get to $50, it would have taken me something like 5 years to get anything.

          • mrducksmrnot

            WE WERE FAMILY. I donated all to Squidoo. Did not care about the money because the company of folks on squidoo pouring out their hearts, and more could not be bought for all the money in the world. Happy trails my friends/family. I am most truely blessed for the time I was here.

          • hjohn1024

            You can make $50 writing short articles on in weeks or even days depending on the work you put in.

      • hjohn1024

        Bubblews is the best place to go right now. You get paid for your articles and you can earn quickly. It’s not a get rich quick scheme but it works fine. There is no cost to joining.

    • tonyplaysthemambo

      I agree 100 percent. Will be looking for someone else where I can post now. I left Hub Pages for Squidoo because I felt Hub Pages doesn’t care about who provides their content as long as they can profit off of it.

      • mokiwigirl

        I absolutely agree with you, I too had enough of Hub Pages as they couldn’t recognize good content so I have persevered with Squidoo with all their changes and now this amalgamation, this is a big mistake….not happy at all.

        • webgirl256

          wow this place has really took a bad turn!!

          • David1051989

            Sure webgirl256, but change is inevitable, change is good. Let’s adopt the new setting and adapt to it.

      • hjohn1024

        Go to you have nothing to lose and everything to gain here. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.

    • darkprinceofjazz

      Yeah, still not sure how in the world I am going to make content from Squidoo fit on HP, especially the stuff that will not jive with HP’s affiliate link limits.

      I will say though, I have made HP work for me the last 18 months, and it can be profitable. To each his own of course. Check out Spacial Anomaly Dave, I am serious, might match your writing style. I respect you as writer very much.

      • sockii

        Thank you for mentioning my site, Spacial Anomaly, dpoj. Yes, I would be very happy to see some former Squidoo writers there if you have content that would match our niches.

    • prosperity66

      Please don’t include all people in your “we all thought”…

    • Protasker

      Great! That’s what we want to hear, when they haven’t even CONSIDERED us OR given us a choice! Just a money making decision by the “already rich guys” to make more money and we don’t matter. Feels real good, huhummmm sarcastically.

    • compugraphd

      Nice to know I’m not the only one…. Though, I must say, I’ve been getting progressively more and more frustrated with Squidoo and their automatic removal of things they’ve decided violate their precious rules without actually checking to see that they do (also the “set up a lens to sell stuff” and then decide that lens violates their rules, again, without checking)

  • StephenJParkin

    Frankly I agree with Dave Stone. I already have a Hubpages account and I always preferred Squidoo. This was really the last thing I thought Seth would do! I am very upset.

    • mokiwigirl

      Totally agree, these guys are not concerned about us , the people that help make them rich…totally looking at doing my own thing now.

      • mrducksmrnot

        It’s called politics. Latin meaning poly=many + tics=blood sucking parasites.

  • OhMe

    What about our Squidoo Supported Charity, Friends of the Park?

    • bdkz

      All charities will be paid like the lensmasters. You can refer to the “Will I still get paid the money Squidoo owes me?” section of the FAQ’s for more information.

      • TopTenGamer


        It’s my opinion that payouts should go until November to take care of any lenses that are moved in September. Can you relay that message for me?

  • bobnolley

    You folks are right…the community always made the difference. Sorry to hear this, but as with everything that happens in this realm, watching the developments will be interesting

    • Protasker

      Couldn’t we start a community over there? I don’t know anything about HP yet.

      • hjohn1024

        Join the community. You wont regrt it.

  • CosmeticMom

    Really surprised to see the announcement. I don’t have a HubPages account and curious to see which lenses can be transferred.

    • Linda Smith

      Featured lenses will be transferred unless you opt out. If you are already a hubber, you need to open a new account for lenses. If not, your account will be for lenses.

  • pawpaw911

    And so it goes.

  • gottaloveit

    So, the buyout didn’t take the staff with it? That is really a shame.

  • resabi

    Has anyone else tried to use the download/back up your articles link? I tried it and was able to download a zip file that apparently is invalid and can’t be opened. Any suggestions? I did submit a bug report.

    • ChocolateLily

      Yeah, my husband suggested typing https:// before the link in the pop-up window/tab and that works for me. You’ll have to copy and paste the text to a word doc or something similar since the webpage will be deleted.

    • Protasker

      YES! I got a empty zip file and then it went to my pictures and downloaded some pictures off my lenses??! What is going on?? I have a bad feeling about this.

    • ajgodinho

      Yes, I tried it a couple of times on Firefox and Google Chrome using the link on the dashboard. Both resulted in a blank zipped file, so it doesn’t seem to be working for me too. I tried backing up individual lenses and it worked, but that will be time-consuming if you have many lenses.

      • 7daytwournament

        How long did backing up the individual lenses take? I have 10 rather small squidoo lenses and it has so far taken over
        three hours to try and download all at once. Nothing seems to be happening but the export account page
        says “Your export is in progress. A button for downloading your export
        will be available here soon.” There is no evidence of anything

        • ajgodinho

          The same thing happened to me when I first tried to download (i.e. export) using the link on the dashboard). I just refreshed the browser and the Export button showed up, but the download was an empty file. If you do it individually, it takes just a few seconds for each lens.

      • EditorDave

        I had/have 428 lenses … and it seems to take 1-minute download time for each. I’m not wild about this change …. It has taken me quite a few hours for the past few days to download them all. Not sure how that will work.

      • compugraphd

        Yeah, I have over 100, but many of them are already on my blogs (on blogger).

    • compugraphd

      I’ve been having issues with Squidoo for a while. I stiopped changing my lenses too much whenever I got a yellow “card” so to speak. I just took my content and put a copy of it on my blog (I have a bunch, to match the subjects I have on Squidoo and some others I already had beforehand). I don’t make money (yet — haven’t reached the threshhold yet since marketing isn’t one of my fortes) on my blog, but I can still show my Cafe Press and Zazzle etc. stuff on my blog. That’s why I joined Squidoo to begin with — to advertise (without having to pay a fortune that I can’t afford) for my “print on demand” sites.

    • kimadagem

      I don’t know about download options but I always just used my browser to save the entire web page whenever I updated my lenses. It makes a lot of files but they tend to stay together, and it’s really fast – took me seconds per article and I’m on a fairly slow 3G connection. For those of you with a lot of lenses, I would suggest doing that, maybe organizing them into folders after you get them on your hard drive. You can always pull the text out later if you need it.

  • susan-zutautas

    I already have a user name at HubPages and it won’t accept it while trying to do the setup. What should I do?

    • britflorida

      In the FAQ I think it says that you need to open a new account.

  • goatfury

    I have 11 hubs built so far. I really enjoy the format over there, so I don’t think too much will change for me. Still, it seems like a very interesting change is afoot. Bracing for it!

  • paperfacets

    Such a disappointment, since I always thought Squidoo a fun place: so colorful, picture friendly and wholly inspiring. Thank you, so much for letting me learn how to be a writer at my own pace.

  • darkprinceofjazz

    I want to thank everyone at Squidoo, specifically Bonnie and Tom for personally answering questions I had over the years, and showing concern about issues. You guys really worked your rear end off and it was appreciated. Sad day, but on to new endeavors. I owe Squidoo a lot for giving me my start as a freelance writer, that I will never forget. Thanks again.

    • bdkz

      Thanks, we appreciate the support and kind words. It was a pleasure working with you too.

      • Protasker

        Thank you Bonnie for all your help here. Good luck on where ever you go next.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you! It’s been a pleasure, really.

      • Protasker

        Going to miss you, relied on you many, many times Tom. Are you by any chance moving to HP? :) I think a lot of us might need you there.

  • short49

    Everything ends

  • sockii

    I’m only bummed that it appears I cannot directly transfer lenses into an account I already have at Hubpages (which I’ve been very happy with and already started moving lenses to earlier this summer.) The very last minute announcement of this is disappointing as well. I have time-sensitive lenses for this summer/September which are going to be a bear to deal with on top of real life matters which have to take precedence. A little more advance notice would have been kindly.

    • Protasker

      In the FAQ’s I thought I read something about setting up a new account so the funds will transfer correctly?

    • 7daytwournament

      I agree. Giving just 14 days notice if you want to do something other than transfer to Hubpages is a bit rough!!

  • NanLT

    Surprised? No, not really. Squidoo has been circling the drain for a couple years now. Not helped by most of the top writers being forced off due to incompetencies at the highest level. I and others have been predicting that Squidoo would shut down before the end of the year.

    • prosperity66

      Yep I remember your predictions… and mine ;)

    • webgirl256


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  • thatgrrl

    Weird because I just went back into HubPages and began cleaning up all my old posts in there yesterday.

  • ajgodinho

    Wow, I’m quite shocked to hear the sudden and sad news, but I guess I’m not completely surprised. With all the changes that have happened, especially over the past couple of years, I still stuck with Squidoo. So I must admit I’m disappointed, to say the least. The timeline is quite tight and I think the announcement should have come earlier to give us more time.

    Anyway, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the Squidoo HQ team for all their support. I generally don’t like to single out specific persons, but I have to say a BIG THANK YOU to Bonnie and Robin!

    And finally, I’m very grateful to the many amazing people I met on Squidoo which made this place the best online community, at least in my opinion. I’m sure we will bump into each other online.

    Thank you Squidoo and good bye!

    • bdkz

      Thanks AJ!

    • rms

      Thank you AJ. It’s been a pleasure working with you.

  • SynchronicityHouse

    Wow! ….. Unexpected; but I guess change can be a good thing. Thank you Bonnie and team – will miss you – I wish you all the best of times in your new ventures:)

  • partybuzz

    This is a sad day for me. But, Seth knows what he’s doing, so I’ll trust him that this is a good move. I love Squidoo, and it will break my heart for it to be gone. It’s been so much fun building lenses, and the staff is always so helpful and encouraging. I’ll make the move, and hopefully most of my lenses will to. :) I’ll always be a squid at heart. See you there!

  • EditionH

    I always thought that the content created on Squidoo belongs to the writers,thats what the TOS say. How can Hubpages buy my best content without talking to me at all. What is the price they are going to pay to me?

    Or do I have to take this great new opportunity as a blatant WFIO?

    • Protasker

      No they are not paying. They are giving you the “option” of “transferring” your published work and that’s not a given that “all” of your lenses “will” get transferred.

  • Endamac

    First up my thanks to the wonderful Squidoo team who worked so hard to help us all. Thanks very much folks and may I wish you all the very best.

    I too have an account at Hubpages and rarely used it as to be honest, as their style is about as boring as one could ever imagine. I am glad I have my own sites that I now work on, otherwise I would have been shocked.

    Hubpages have recently been doing a lot of work with Adsense and heavily restricted the use of Amazon modules. I guess that is what you should suspect when and if you make the move.

  • sockii

    Question for clarification which I can’t get from the FAQ:

    We have until Aug 22 to edit lenses, ok. And Aug 29 to delete an account if we don’t want it transferred to Hubpages.

    What if I have specific lenses I prefer to move elsewhere, like my own websites – or even to the Hubpages account I already HAVE, and want to include niche-related content to? Do we have to delete them before Aug 22? What about between Aug 22 and Aug 29, can we still delete a lens during that time period so it won’t be transferred?

    To have only a week to deal with this is pretty insane making. To have at least TWO weeks to decide on the fate of individual lenses would certainly take some pressure off.

    • sockii

      …and, no response to what I see is a pretty important question, while HQ happily responds to anyone leaving cheery messages here. Disappointed once again but not surprised, given the way things have gone in recent months. So sad to be leaving the site with a sour taste in my mouth after three years of hard work and passion poured into my lenses.

      • dbodnariuc

        You can transfer it by manually copying the content, but this way you lose the traffic to that lens, because you won’t have a redirection.

        • Luv2help

          Great advice! Thanks :)

      • daoine

        Try eight years (!), with the last two years being utterly dismal and demoralising :-(

  • holisticwriter

    I am definitely sad to see the end of Squidoo.

    But honestly, I have the sense that things must have been agonizing for Squidoo staff (esp. Seth) for a while now. Sometimes it just makes sense to acknowledge the way the wind is blowing and accept it.

    Much gratitude to all the the Squidoo staff and lensmasters. See you on the Hub! (TerriCarr)

    • bdkz

      Thanks Teri! Looking forward to seeing you on HubPages!

  • kajohu

    OMG I am flabbergasted! Very sad, but intrigued by the news. It has already been a very odd and unsettling week for me.

  • mountainmist

    I was just starting to get the hang of Squidoo. Good thing I just wrote a review of “Professional Blogging for Dummies”. I learned a lot here. Special thanks to Bonnie, Tom, Susan and all of the Squidoo staff.

    • Tom Maybrier

      You are very welcome and thank you!

    • Susan Deppner

      Thanks for your kind words, mountainmist.

  • JJNW

    Big. Giant. Tears. I was hoping some day we would get back to greatness. Love to all my Squidoo friends and co-workers. What a ride.

  • Mary VanBronkhorst

    When will we be receiving the amounts in our account that haven’t yet hit the payout threshold? Or is that going to happen?

  • invictus95

    I just got here and you guys want to end the site? What will remain the same, and what will be different? I like the Squidoo lens editor, so will that be carried over? What about the ranking system?

  • littlebits

    No man, it is so sad to hear that. It is tragic. What are they gonna do with this platform? Are they gonna kill it?

    • PaulOnBooks

      They already have.

      • prosperity66

        They worked hard doing so ;)

  • clefty

    I have earnings that do not reach the limit and wont before the transfer. What happens with those? I sure hope they don’t go into Squidoo coffers. You hopefully will remove the recent payout limit as you close down. Otherwise seems fishy to suddenly have a minimum payout and then close down, keeping the monies that don’t reach new minimum… Please let me know…

    • Mary VanBronkhorst for info about payouts

      • Natalia Norman

        I could not understand from the FAQ whether one can opt-out of the transfer and still receive the earnings owed to them. Could anyone clarify?

  • Stephanie36

    I understand that payouts will continue until October. Does this mean that lenses will still get tier payments for August, even though lenses will be gone August 29? Without them I may be shy for the $25 by just the tiniest bit and it would be incredibly disappointing to lose out on that.

    • Natalia Norman

      Exactly. I have the same question, and the FAQ is quite vague about it. Also, do I have to opt-in (default, by doing nothing) in order to get paid? Or will I still get paid when opting-out? (Assuming my earnings will be honored, and paid, like any decent entity would do, of course…)

  • sponias

    This is ridiculous. I was unhappy with Squidoo because your system was locking my lenses without a reason. What will happen with the locked lenses? I stil have two locked for no reason because their content is excellent, and NOBODY answered my messages.

  • SherwinG

    Wow shocking.

  • nancymaggielee

    I too gave up on Hubpages because their community wasn’t like Squidoo’s. I could imagine Squidoo acquiring Hubpages, but not the other way around – which now seems to be out of our control. I am wondering if my lenses are going to look the same when transferred to Hubpages. Any thoughts, comments, or responses welcome!

    • wleon63

      I have just signed up with Hub Pages, after spending many happy years with Squidoo. To be honest. I very much doubt I will use Hub Pages, having read that it takes TWO YEARS to earn anything at all on there. Seems to be heavily affiliated too with ‘Adsense’ and such like. Now wondering if I should just close my account with Hub Pages altogether. I am very disappointed.

  • cold0911

    So you raise the minimum payout threshold to $25

    Then weeks later you sell out to Hub pages and inform us earnings under the new payout threshold will be forfeited and “donated to charity”.


    Just W-O-W!

    Glad i quit building lenses after all of my lenses that were ranked on page 1 of Google results got deleted for no good reason.

    At least my next payment will be over $25 and I won’t be GETTING ROBBED like a lot of the other writers here.


    • Natalia Norman

      Does this mean we can opt-out of the transfer and still get paid? I did not make the payout this last time, after the shady threshold raise, but should fon the next one, as I had some good sales in July. It is very frustrating that the FAQ is so vague and these questions are not being addressed here, either. :-(

      • cold0911

        I dunno if you will get paid if you opt out. Hell at this point I don’t know if we can trust that any of us will get paid, given that everything is broken and we aren’t getting answers or support.

        My sales commissions should push me over the $25 threshold, I bet they screw us out of august earnings since they are moving lenses before the end of the month which is SHADY AS HELL too. Why not transfer lenses on the first of the month?

        Oh that’s right, more ad earnings to earn and not pay us out.

        Betting the charity everyone’s unpaid cash gets donated to is the “squidoo staff severance package charity.”

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    I do want to say I appreciate what I’ve learned in the last couple of years by being a member of this great community and appreciate the staff helping when they could be so. I also must say that I am battling sadness and betrayal, too, and it’s rather appropriate and funny, in a sick sort of way, that this was my last published Squidoo lens. WoW!

  • dbodnariuc

    It feels like being fired. I always liked Squidoo more, HubPages never appealed to me. But that’s life, you gotta move on when it’s time. Hopefully, HubPages will learn the conversion lesson from Squidoo, with this acquisition.
    I learned a lot at Squidoo, and it was fun to write here.

    A big thank you goes to Bonnie and Robin, you rock. I hope you were included somewhere in this big plan too. Best of luck for the whole team at Squidoo!

    Let’s keep in touch on Google+ and Facebook.


    • rms

      It’s been a pleasure dbodnariuc.

    • bdkz

      Thank you dbodnariuc!

  • emiliariera

    I just joined Squidoo less than two weeks ago. Since I have not had enough time to be a major account, what will happen to me?

  • Ramkitten

    Since we don’t have much time at all to amend our lenses to comply with Hubpages’ TOS, being that some of their rules and limits are different than Squidoo’s, will our lenses be immediately in violation and therefore locked or deleted (I don’t know what Hubpages does) as soon as they land over there? I believe, if I understand correctly, that they allow only 2 “commercial links” per Hub. Obviously, many of us have many (successful) lenses that have more than two links to Amazon, Zazzle, etc.

    • prosperity66

      HubPages doesn’t lock pages, they only unpublish and their staff is 100% responsive, more than on Squidoo. I had a Hub unpublished, and 1 or 2 hours later, had communication with staff, Hub republished and even got help to fix the problems – which were due to site scrapers.

      • Ramkitten

        From what I’ve read so far, it SOUNDS like there’s a maximum of two links to products per Hub. Is that true?

        • ajgodinho

          I’m not on HP, so this may not be entirely correct. But, I’ve been doing some reading about the limits to affiliate links. I believe, the limit is two per domain per hub. That is, if you’re using your own affiliate links like CJ, Amazon, ShareASale, etc., you can have two links for each (I don’t know if there is an overall link limit).

          However, if you’re using HP Amazon or eBay modules for products, the above limit doesn’t apply. I’ve seen several hubs with over 5 Amazon products on each hub.

        • prosperity66

          What AJ said: 2 links per external domain – including affiliate links and personal sites (even the now dead Squidoo).

  • prosperity66

    It makes me sad to see that I was not wrong at all for those 18 hard last months on Squidoo, knowing that something was prepared, something that would make all Squids look like if they were lied and even worse.
    I said long ago that Squidoo would close business… Noboby believed me. Now it’s done. Some took measures and closed their accounts before this last step. Some others stayed – I stayed because I was on Squidooo for 7 + years.
    I just want to know where my money is going to go… I’ve money left in my account, my % commissions on sales and want to make sure I won’t lose a single red cent. That’s all that matters.
    As for Squidoo staff they are going to go to Hug Dug as everybody’s supposed to know, they won’t certainly lose anything since earnings for writers are a big no-no on there.

    • jeff_vance

      I believed you :)

      • prosperity66

        You predicted it before me, Jeff :D :P

    • bt55

      I believed you (selecteddee)

      • prosperity66

        You too Dee :D

  • clouda9

    If I hadn’t Squidoo’d I never, ever would’ve pursued the other things I’m doing online today. So here is a B.I.G virtual hug and a thank you to my Squidoo friends and the amazing team behind the scene! Let’s all keep on keeping on…”being kind and generous”!

    • rms

      Thank you clouda9.

  • d-artist


  • Deborah-Diane

    As I read this, I just wanted to cry. I have over 50 articles with Hubpages and only earn about $3 a month from them. At that rate, I’m only making payout about once every 17 or 18 months! I have never liked the rather dull, uninspiring layout of Hubpages. With my 150+ Squidoo articles, perhaps I’ll make payout every 4 or 5 months, but I’m sure it won’t be anything like the amounts I have earned on Squidoo. Of courses, if you must do this, you must. Logically, I’m sure you are doing this for the best of business reasons, and I assume Squidoo just doesn’t have the earnings to survive. I simply consider it a tragedy. I will initiate the transfer. I must say, however, that I’m really going to miss the enthusiastic support of Bonnie and Robin. Wherever the two of them land, I want to wish them the best of luck. They have been a wonderful blessing and one of the true benefits of writing on Squidoo. I logged on to write a new Squidoo article this evening. Obviously, that is pointless, now. Thanks for great opportunity to write here. I am really going to miss Squidoo!

    • rms

      Thanks so much Deborah-Diane.

    • bdkz

      Thank you Deborah-Diane, this means a lot to me.

  • campingman

    So squidoo sold out?

  • jeff_vance

    It was just a Dip, Seth. LOL

  • oldnavyguy12

    Let me understand this. Squidoo (AKA Seth Godin) sold out to Hubpages? Hubpages is NOT on anyone’s top 40 or even top 100 list of venues to showcase talent. Lots of double talk about why the move, but you know what they say…..follow the money. For this move, we all take the hit financially? Fortunately for me, I only had 7 small lenses, so the crush is not harsh for me but for others with 1-2-and even 3 or 400 pages on Squidoo? I feel for all of you. Just know that somewhere, someday, somehow…..Karma will raise it’s head and take a bite….for what has transpired today. Good luck to all those at Squid-world Headquarters who got the news that they were axed today. May each of your futures be bright anyway. Most of all, good luck to Robin (rms) for all of her hard work and positive support to any and all lensmasters. Good luck also to all of the valiant and hardworking squid-ites who worked their butts off creating ‘lenses’ to enable Seth to get where he is today. Your contributions were not in vain and will not be forgotten. To all? Copy each and every one of your lenses to ensure you do not lose any of the content to interloper’s or whatever. Good luck and we all move on…….

    • darkprinceofjazz

      I do not agree with your statement about HubPages not being in the top 100. Ever look at the Alexa numbers, compared to other like sites? I do agree with your other comments.

      • campingman

        Hey, thanks for your comments. Although I disagree with your assessment of Hubpages it sounds like you and Hubpages are a great fit and I wish you well. Cheers.

      • campingman

        Hey there, sorry you mis-understood his meaning about Hubpages NOT being in HIS top 40 or HIS top 100 list of venues’ to showcase talent. It had nothing to do with Internet rankings. I don’t think he meant to get your dander up.

    • prosperity66

      HubPages is ranked 68 on Quantcast (US rank) so it’s a little above Squidoo that is nowhere to be found since bad management induced a big drop in traffic, earnings and even rank. Squidoo was once in the top 100. You can’t find it nowadays. And HubPages traffic is 3 times and even more than Squidoo’s!

      • campingman

        Hey there, great comments. Sounds like the lower payouts and the higher payout threshold is no problem for you and you will get along great at Hupages. We all wish you well.

        • prosperity66

          I’m on HubPages since the beginning… I never stated that payout matters don’t bother me. Instead I’m extremely frustrated and angry about that since Squidoo HQ doesn’t seem to want to give a clear answer to that.

          However I won’t be bashing HubPages for doing better than Squidoo. After all Paul Edmondson doesn’t close the doors, he doesn’t leave Hubbers without knowledge of what will happen to their accounts and earnings, there is no suspicion of lost earnings either on there!

          After all it’s Seth Godin and staff’s decision to seel to HP. So if you have to bash anyone, do it on Squidoo and its owners.

          So before bashing HubPages, study their rankins, their traffic and next come up with solid argumentation. Thank you.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    I’m speechless… something that has never happened before.

  • vanidiana

    I don’t like Hubpages layout, small texts, amazon appearances, and more. To me Squidoo is much better as writing platform than Hubpages. It makes my eyes dry to read the pages there.

    • prosperity66

      HubPages site tells you more about how they are going to format pages in the future so as to have all pages better fit within both layouts.

  • ChocolateLily

    Not happy, Squidoo, not happy. I was afraid something was afoot with all the new changes. I’ll hang with you for a little longer, though, to see how it goes. I wish those Staff members who are leaving the best of luck. You guys were great mentors! I’ll miss our happy community as well!

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you, much appreciated.

  • smine27

    I am shocked to say the least but trying to stay positive. I want to take this opportunity to thank the incredible team here, especially Bonnie and Robin, who has always been there to answer my questions, no matter how trivial they may have seemed. I truly enjoyed working with you guys.

    I also want to thank all the amazing people I’ve met here. You have all inspired me with your creativity and passion. Thank you for your friendship and support during my year here.

    I do hope to stay connected to many of you over at hubpages, on social media or my blog. Thanks for the opportunity and a great ride!

    • rms

      I’ve enjoyed working with you as well Smine27.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Smine! It was a pleasure working with you too.

  • TNTbefree

    So it is true… All good things must come to an end. The people on squidoo are the best and I hope to see you all at Hub Pages. The only constant is change. The sooner we all accept that, the better off we will be. Good luck and know that you all are blessed and perfect.

    • prosperity66

      Well all good things don’t come to an end… Coca Cola is still there, Total, Shell as well… Apple, Microsoft. Ok not the best examples, especially Coke that is awful still lots of people do drink it.

  • LPerry60

    This is very sad and also a bit scary. I rarely see Hubs showing up in search results like they used to years ago. I find it ironic that I closed my Hubpages account years ago because the community was unfriendly; especially the forums with all the bickering and fussing.

    However, I have less than 50 lenses. I really feel bad for the Squids that have major content here and earn decent money.

    Squidoo has been a fun hobby of mine; okay, an addiction :) I am going to miss it.

    I always read the warnings about putting content on a site that belongs to someone else, so here we are! We never know if or when Hubpages might do the same thing. I’m glad I have been focusing on building my own domains because I can control what happens to my content.

    I downloaded and exported my lenses only to find the zip file totally empty. I’ll try again tomorrow.

    • KellydeBorda

      Good for you with your own sites! I’ve been telling people for years, that’s the way to do it. Squidoo was fun and great back in the day because you could rank quickly and start making a little income, but people never should have depended on it as a main source. It was perfect for learning the ropes, but that’s all it ever should have been for anyone serious about making money online.

      • capritaylor

        I agree with you Kelly. And wish I had began writing on Squidoo back in the day (2006) when I was alone and adrift in a sea of tricky multi level marketing schemes and scams.

  • asphyxia

    Wow. What a blow. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising but I don’t understand why Squidoo bothered with the recent (amazing!) lens update if this was on the horizon. I really thought that was a sign of good things to come. :( I’m so sad to see this community disappear.

    • sockii

      Only reason for the “amazing” update as far as I can tell was to strip out css to make the Hubpages transfer easier. It all seems kind of shady to me.

  • NYtoSCimjustme

    Am I alone in thinking that THIS announcement should have warranted an email to all contributors? Some contributors do not spend all their time on the dashboard anymore – a little courtesy to the folks who built this site FOR YOU over the last 10 years please? I can’t say I am shocked or even stunned – we’ve been handed a raw deal over and over the past couple of years – I could elaborate – but I’ve got content to save and delete.

    Will we at least get all earnings up to the date of the closing or can we just consider that another donation to Squidoo at this point? Yes – I’m a little bitter.

    And anyone who is planning on using the download export that they have posted in the announcement on your dashboard – don’t bother – my file is EMPTY. Save your pages one by one to your computer. They are ‘done’ with us – and don’t give a darn about the years of work we put into the site.

    • sockii

      Yeah, at least Yahoo had the courtesy to 1) email all contributors with notice of their shutdown this summer and 2) give us A MONTH to figure out what we wanted to do with our content…

    • daoine

      Yeah, I had to find out on Facebook :-/

  • Sundaycoffee

    This might be “good news, big news” but it still feels like a betrayal…

  • KellydeBorda

    And this is why I tell people over and over and over again – make your own website. Don’t leave your income up to the whims of a 3rd party site.

  • luvmyludwig

    I tried to use the download feature to export my lenses and the folder I am given is empty. It’s not working for me.

    • NYtoSCimjustme

      Same for me … I hope everyone checks before deleting their account….

      • luvmyludwig

        amen to that. all we get is an empty zipfile
        as of now

        • NYtoSCimjustme

          Stats are not working either – Wanted to grab my earnings reports for my taxes next year – and I can’t get that either. How am I supposed to accurately report if I can’t access MY figures?

          • luvmyludwig

            The won’t send tax info either, I had to use info from my paypal account.

    • Nonersays

      Yep, same here. Well, not even an empty zip file. I clicked the link and it told me a button to download would appear shortly, it still hasn’t appeared…….

      • luvmyludwig

        I had to refresh to ever get the download and then the file was empty. Either way it’s not working and we don’t have much time.

        • NYtoSCimjustme

          Someone told me they got the zip file to work with a program called 7zip ( ) I haven’t tried downloading it yet though.

    • sockii

      Never even got an empty file here!

      • luvmyludwig

        I had to refresh to even get the download button, but then it gave me an empty file. I waited 15 mins before I refreshed

      • campingman

        You my dear are just magic. The rest of us are well…normal.

  • Charito1962

    Hello, everyone. Lately, I’ve been checking my Squidoo account only on weekends since I’m now back in the work force maintaining a full-time job. I joined Squidoo in November 2013. I’m so heartbroken. Like lensmaster mountainmist, I too was just starting to get the hang of this site. I enjoyed every moment, and I was starting to establish friendships among you…CosmeticMom, Freshstart7, d-Artist, kiwinana71 (Ms. Elsie)…you’ve all been very nice to me.
    I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Bonnie, Ms. Robin, and Ms. Susan. I sincerely believe you all did a good job, and thank you for giving me much motivation (you don’t know how thrilled I was whenever you would squidlike my lenses!). The 3 of you made me feel so special here in Squidoo even if I’m an Asian. (And that’s what makes good editors – impartiality.) I guess the 3 of you and Mr. Seth Godin mean well for the transfer to HubPages. But it’s going to be a new beginning for me.
    Anyway, I’ll try to do the transfer process. If I encounter problems, expect to hear from me…and be patient with me, please.

    • rms

      Keep up the good work at HubPages Charito1962!

    • Susan Deppner

      Looking forward to writing with you at HubPages, Charlito!

  • Nonersays

    Well, I hate to join in with the angry and annoyed as I’ve tried hard to stay positive with every new change, but as someone who has never had any desire to write for hubpages, I fail to see how this is good news.

  • CalobrenaOmai

    All those changes that you did only to transfer items to another site? Then what was the purpose of all those modifications? To make transferring stuff over easier?

  • csbsews

    Cannot get the download to work. When I try to extract the files from the zip file, it tells me the file is invalid. Please address this issue..

    • Susan Deppner

      There is now a separate post addressing the downloads.

  • Success_At_School

    Transfer won’t take me long since all my lenses got LOCKED months ago.

  • wleon63

    I am absolutely stunned by this news. I loved Squidoo and had written many ‘squids’ on there. I have signed up with Hub Pages, but, to be quite honest, I very much doubt I will use that site. I wish to thank all of the staff at Squidoo for their invaluable help in the years I was with them. I wish them all the very best for the future.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you for the kind words. It’s been a lot of fun.

  • Protasker

    Wow is right @britflorida! I know I haven’t been gone that long, had no idea this was coming. Did I miss a post? Do we get to keep our high ranking url’s?! Not all our pages will be published? So how do we, as no longer lensmasters, win?

  • dbodnariuc

    Could we get a lens transferring period? I would like to consolidate two accounts before moving on.

  • NYtoSCimjustme

    I have a question – IF we delete our accounts before the transfer – do we also forfeit any earnings in our accounts? I don’t want to go to HubPages – but I would like to collect my earnings to date. I did after all EARN it. Can someone from HQ please answer this?

    • CalobrenaOmai

      That’s an excellent question. Wonder if they made the change to payout because they were expecting this and wanted to keep what was earned by the lensmasters.

  • iijuan12

    I clicked on the link “download all your lens content for this account .” Microsoft Office will not allow these files to download “for the safety of my computer.” Any suggestions on how I can safely download my 300 lenses?

    • NYtoSCimjustme

      open each lens in live view – right click – save as “complete web page” – That is how I did mine.

      • iijuan12

        Thank you!

      • 7daytwournament

        How do you then use the file/s which has been saved? Do you upload all the files into, for example, wordpress?

        • selfhelpguru

          You click on it and your content will open in your browser. then just copy and paste your content into the new place.

          • 7daytwournament


    • lakeerieartists

      Right click and then save as. . . for each individual lens.

  • invictus95

    What’s HubPages like?

  • iijuan12

    Will there be a forum set up for us to ask questions about this process?

  • TheCureForYouthMinistry

    Well, this will free up some time. Time to get get off the treadmill and move on t something new as well I guess. All good things must come to and end. Thanks for the memories Squidoo.

  • Pingback: Saying Goodbye to Squidoo and What You Can Do Right Now

  • sherioz

    I predicted this about 2 years ago and I wonder why it took so long for this to happen. I’m sick of how they continue to talk about how they have our best interests in mind.

    • prosperity66

      So do I Sheri :)

  • Hairdresser007

    Now it all makes sense!!! I’m very sad because I loved being a squid! But we all need to evolve! I’m moving over I hope I can keep my name!

  • 7daytwournament

    How long does the dowwnloading of data take when I do not want to have the account and content moved to hubpages? How can I tell it is still working? I have 10 rather small squidoo lenses and it has so far taken over three hours. Nothing seems to be happening but the export account page says “Your export is in progress. A button for downloading your export will be available here soon.” There is no evidence of anything occurring??

    • NYtoSCimjustme

      Reload the page. And you will need 7zip to unzip the file – otherwise it looks empty.
      You can open each page in your browser and right click then ‘save as’ ‘complete web page’ and you will have html versions of your page – you can copy and paste your text as needed then.

  • Isobel Phillips

    What a load of double-speak, Seth! The only reason you have content to sell is because lensmasters wrote it for you. I hope every single one of them removes it before the transfer, because if you all thought Squidoo was bad at locking lenses, just wait till you get to Hubpages! NOTHING about this deal is for the benefit of the content creators here.

  • hmommers

    I swallowed and tried to be positive about it and went to Hubpages to see what’s it all about. It seems that for foreigners it is not going to be a smooth transition. The W8BENform that every organization I was with so far has accepted, is not applicable. This is going to take me a lot of extra time to get it right, once I have deciphered all the rules.
    Given all the negative replies I read here about Hubpages itself I am having second thoughts.
    Any foreigners here that can give me a good tip?

    • prosperity66

      Taxes are easy to fill: just click on the wizard and answer questions, easy as a pie: if you’re not in the US, if you don’t have office or employees in the US, you’re done.

      • hmommers

        Thanks for your reply @squidoo-e9bb80dd41427d092898f49614c8eb35:disqus As far as I understood it, I have to fill in a form and then mail (snailmail that is) it to the IRS. I have had encounters with them before. Not the response kind of people in my opinion.
        But I won’t go through that. I’ve had time to think now, so I won’t go to any platform again with the risk of being shut off there as well in the future.

        • prosperity66

          What a wise decision. I’m moving because I have money on 40 lenses – that’s all HubPages will get from me and later on I will decide on what to do…

          • Natalia Norman

            It is unfortunate though, that we are left with no option but to agree to the move if we want to see the $ made by our lenses in *July*. Now we will only be able to delete and then reuse the content on our own websites after mid-October. (At least it is what I understand right now, as inquiries about opting-out of the move and payouts have been largely ignored by HQ). So as far as I know, the “Yes, you will get paid!” assumes we’re all enthusiastic about being shuffled somewhere else without having CHOSEN to.

  • pkmcr

    I have many thoughts about this, the implementation and the fact of it. However, as my focus is on remaining positive and moving forward I shall refrain from sharing those.

    However, I would like to take the opportunity of thanking Bonnie, Robin and Tom who I have always found helpful and courteous. I wish them and other lensmasters every success as we move on.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you! Best of luck to you as well.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Paul!

    • cold0911

      Speak your mind brother. You see what drinking the Koolaid got everyone.

  • CalobrenaOmai


  • 0ctavias0fferings

    have to say I’m with the people feeling abandoned and angry at this sudden change foisted upon us. I’d been losing faith in Squidoo for a while already but this absolutely proves I was right to be suspicious about motive and direction of the site.
    I will be copying my pages and setting up websites instead. Annoyed I’m going to lose what was in my payment hopper but that’s the least of it.
    I feel utterly betrayed by a site (and people) I formerly trusted.
    Lesson learned, I’ll be keeping my content to myself for my own use on my own websites.

  • stuhaynes

    The writing was on the wall from when Squidoo became Squidon’t any more. I’m sure that Seth and the crew were minting money before being shot down by Google

  • Chadrew

    I have no AdSense, so no HubPages for me.

    Still, thanks for the good times, Squidoo (and the $30k you paid me over the years).

  • queenofduvetcovers

    Very upsetting news. I wish there was a way that we could all find each other besides on hupages. Somewhere were we can support and help one another with this new transition. Squidoo has a great community. I tried hub pages before and it wasn’t the same. I don’t know how this is good news.

  • survivoryea

    Anything new is a challenge and I want to thank all the Squidoo folks for a great run….thanks for all you’ve done for us :>)

  • kimmanleyort

    Looking at the big picture, everything evolves and Squidoo has been a huge part of my own evolution. I learned so much about writing, SEO, html, etc. and made some amazing friends. Thank you Seth, Bonnie, Gil, Robin, and all for creating this platform.

  • pkmcr

    Urgent Request! The “download your content” link produced a “Download” button after about 30 minutes, which I assumed was because it was going to be a fairly large file. The Zip file it produced was empty. That needs fixing post haste and without delay please.

    • flycatcher

      Has the issue of the broken download tool been resolved (or acknowledged in any way by HQ), does anyone know?

      • NYtoSCimjustme

        Wait a little while after you request the download – then refresh the page – or just go back to it – the download button will be there. It looks empty at first glance – you need a program called 7zip to open and extract your lenses

        • pkmcr

          So winzip won’t find the files? I downloaded it and the file was empty. If we need a specific zip file opener then that needs to be explained clearly because I have never used the one you mention!

          • NYtoSCimjustme

            I haven’t either Paul – but it worked and no problems from the download

          • lakeerieartists

            I think you can use any zip file opener.

    • NYtoSCimjustme

      You need to use a program called 7zip I posted the link above somewhere – That will work and give you your pages in html format – The zip file isn’t really empty – it just looks that way –

      I used it and it did work. So … all is not lost

      • AstroGremlin

        After you unlock them, check the XML files. Mine were truncated versions of lense content and did not paste well into WordPress.. Alternative: Right clicking on a Squidoo page and saving as HTML saves all the (presumably proprietary) Squidoo content.
        Would like a less sanguine and more practical solution to preserving my (and only my) content. .

    • flycatcher

      Ah, well, that link seems to work now – but all I’m getting is a zipload of those blasted useless XML files. How very disappointing. Looks like lenses will have to be saved off one at a time after all. Could have saved an hour or two if I’d known that. Sigh.

  • susan300

    So, first they raise the payout minimum to something that will take a year to achieve, and then they close the site without giving anywhere near a year (only two weeks!!) to get to it?? Pretty sneaky. :(

    • marsha32

      They do need to give us more time, that’s for sure. Some of us can’t be on the computer 24/7 to move hundreds of things.
      I did save the coding, but I also need to go in to each lens and save pictures as well because I didn’t keep most of them.
      I hit to transfer but now I’m thinking of making most of my lenses into blog posts instead.
      I don’t know enough about hubpages, don’t have time to learn something new, and from what I am reading my earnings there would be little since I don’t have an adsense account.

  • richiewest

    Disgusted! What a shoddy way to treat loyal contributors with this “Great news” style announcement!! This exposes the REAL attitude they have towards lensmasters, rather than the PHONEY love commonly expressed. I assume we are expected to be grateful that our hard work will either be transfered to hub pages….or binned!!

  • CountrySunshine

    Oh, such good news, once again! :-( Such bad timing, as I’m heading out of town for the next week. It’s bad enough that the lenses are moving, but thinking of all the links I have out there to my lenses that will now go nowhere. A great way to show my professionalism! This platform has just about worn me out and disillusioned me to no end. Perhaps it’s time to move ALL of my lenses, hubs, leaves etc to my own site!


    Buh-bye Squidoo. I’m not one bit surprised by this, nor am I surprised that I’m not going to get paid. This bites, but at least it finally makes leaving possible. I have hung out with my T1 lens waiting to see if Squidoo was going to come out of this tailspin, and now I can complete the transfer to my own site without regrets.

  • cercis70

    Wowow! Did not see this coming!

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  • sandyspider

    So Squidoo will no longer be around?

  • QuiltFinger

    OW. Very disappointing. Plus, the export tool isn’t working. The button never appears. What the hay?!

  • goldenecho

    Wow…this doesn’t even begin to answer my questions. 1). How do we know which lenses will be transferred? It said to look on your dashboard for more info about the selection process, but I don’t see any info there about the selection process. 2). Does HubPages have similar modules? If they don’t, will things from those modules be lost? Which ones will e going away and should we make any changes to our page to our pages to accommodate that if these modules are important to our content? 3.) Does Hub Pages have a charity giving program?

    • flycatcher

      Your first question – how do we know which lenses will be transferred – is my question, too. Like you, I followed instructions to look on my dashboard for more info about the selection process, but I saw no info about the selection process on there at all. Perhaps this has all happened so quickly that they haven’t had time to figure out how it is all going to work. After all, the most important thing would be to arrange the sale of X number of lenses – which lenses are selected is probably only a matter of concern to lensmasters. To the companies, it’s all just so many “widgets” or interchangeable pages of content needed to make up the number agreed on for the acquisition deal. So, I guess we’ll just have to wait for yet another fun surprise! :)

      • goldenecho

        Yeah, looking over it again it does sound like all featured lenses will be transferred, and have a grace period (not sure how long) at HubPages before their rules will start to apply and they will then have to edit or…well, not sure how it works there but I guess get unpublished or deleted. Since I’ve read that they are much more strict on things like outbound links, I’m not sure many of mine will survive after the grace period. I’m not sure I’m willing to go through so much editing and tweaking again. I think I’m going to move most of my lenses to my blog or website where I have more control (maybe I’ll transfer a few of the “most likely to not get booted” lenses.

    • scottmccray

      The way I read the FAQ, if you have featured lenses *all* of your lenses will transfer. Your WIP lenses will remain unpublished. All featured lenses will have a 301 redirect linking from Squidoo to HubPages during the transition.

      “The lenses that will be transferred automatically will be the ones associated with your Squidoo account at that time. Lenses that have a Featured status on Squidoo will be transferred with redirects. If you have WIP lenses, those will be transferred without redirects from Squidoo and marked as unpublished on HubPages. If you improve and publish those pages once you get there, HubPages will do everything possible to set the redirect from the previous link on Squidoo.”

  • iijuan12

    Do you know which modules will not transfer over?

  • poddys

    Well at least we know now where we stand and what the future holds, even if we don’t know what this will mean for our earnings. They could go up again, or they could plummet even further.

    I did write a long reply but lost the internet at the hotel where we are staying and as a result lost the reply. So with a flaky connection, I will just say thanks for the support over the last 6 years and let’s hope the future earnings potential for all of us is better not worse.

  • Kylyssa

    My sympathy to lensmasters and to staff. Here’s hoping the Powers That Be were courteous to any staff they may have terminated with this move.

  • ducktoes

    But why? It was bought, sold, taken over, what? I have been frustrated lately by a few of my lenses being unpublished and republished all the time but I liked Squidoo. Why would Squidoo just close like that?

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  • lollyj

    I was barely technically savvy enough to create Squidoo pages so not sure I have what it takes to transfer lenses to another site. I’ll hate to see a handful of my lenses go away, but looks like that is what will happen.

  • kimadagem

    Was there an email sent about this? I didn’t receive one…

    • flycatcher

      I have not heard of anyone getting an email. Seems like this is a big enough development that the hassle of sending a form email to all members might have been justified? Good luck to people who might be off on family vacations, etc. before school start & not logging into their Squidoo dashboards.

      • kimadagem

        That’s what I was thinking. When YCN closed I got an email, more than a month in advance I believe. I was just here on Wednesday checking stats but wasn’t planning on coming back for a while; I found out about this by accident when someone mentioned it on another forum. I’m lucky I did but the people who don’t do the forums or visit much will miss this, and could lose their content as result.

        • Guest

          ycn? is that the yahoo contributor network? someone said something about yahoo before. is it really closed? i’m on the YCN website right now and things look OK… no wait… it looks like it’s game over this month.

          • kimadagem

            Yes, the articles were all removed at the end of July. I just checked my contributor profile and it’s still up but I expect that will change eventually because the articles listed are all gone now. We just got our last payment a couple of days ago so maybe they had to leave the profiles in place until then.

  • notsuperstitious13

    Very disappointed to say the least. I just finished saving all my lenses. I am just happy I only had 60 of them to take care of. Just what I need!! more work when I was very busy looking after my yard and also working on 4 or 5 more lenses. Good thing my new lenses are only in draft form on my computer.

    I learned a lot being a rocket squid and then finally a giant squid. I would like to thank Bonnie, Robin, and Susan52 for liking and commenting on my lenses, and all the other lens masters for visiting my lenses.

    I will go ahead with the transfer and see what happens. I am curious to find out which lenses they will accept. I am thankful that in over 1 year I was able to achieve 1 lens of the day, 14 purple stars and 13 best of lenses. As Shakespeare would say it: Fare thee well; I shall see thee anon.

    • Susan Deppner

      Thanks for your kind words, notsuperstitious13. Hope to see you on HubPages!

  • knowledgetoday

    It seems that Hub Pages is not getting very good reviews. Do any of you have suggestions that can be a more positive experience?

    • NYtoSCimjustme

      Us little birds are pushed from the nest. Time to fly! Start your own website instead of relying on someone else – it really isn’t that hard.

      When you move your content to someone else’s site – you are at the mercy of them once again. If you take a chance and build your own empire – then you have control of it and it’s destiny – not someone else.

      Good Luck!

  • nemesis233

    Will see how it will perform on HP.. Hopefully their pages will rank as good as Squidoo… Anyway, thanks for everything.. :)

  • scottmccray

    I finally finished saving my pages using the “Right click, Webpage, Complete” method. The folder that contains all of my *.htm and supporting files is 200 MB. The “Download Export” link provides me with a 415 Kb zip file. Methinks something is awry – has anyone heard when this will be fixed? I know I now have a backup, but I like the “belt and suspenders” approach of multiple backup methods.

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  • marsha32

    I don’t know how you can call this “good” news.
    I am not familiar with hubpages at all other than occasionally checking out an article to help out a friend.
    Will ANY of my content here (that I’ve worked hard on and even harder on since the payment threshold was upped and then the whole thing with many lenses going in to WIP status) be good enough for hubpages?
    It will be a surprise then if anything gets switched over?

    This deeply saddens me!

    Will we then be paid what’s in our hopper even if it’s under the $25? I just read the faq’s and that’s not fair to not pay us if we are under the threshold!

    Boy have I wasted my time the last 2 months. I have been going through all of my lenses and making updates, but also making notes of all of the different updates I could do…one at a time to keep the lenses fresh and out of WIP status.
    I just feel like a huge fool now for even trying.

  • AstroGremlin

    “What would Seth Godin do?” Guess we just found out.

  • cybaby

    Surprise Surprise!. just getting starting with Squidoo, Soon Squidoo will be no more. I damm prefer Squidoo to HubPage,. Well, just need to adapt to the changes.

  • M Burgess

    This really makes me sad! I loved being a writer here!!! =(

  • raveonstudio

    I look forward to the challenge, it looks as if you have made things pretty seamless – thank you Seth!

  • cybaby

    SURPRISE SURPRISE.. I just got started with Squidoo and soon Squidoo will be no more.

  • charmilbrettdotcom


  • DebMartin

    I’ve never really liked the goofy squids and other award characters so I’ll be glad to see those go. A quick visit to hubpages looks more professional. We’ll see. I guess the goofy characters at Squidoo were more than just images on my screen. This decision and the way it was handled was made by the biggest goofy character at Squidoo. Not appreciating being jerked around once again by Squidoo.

  • BowWowBear

    You try, you fail, you move on. I enjoyed this place the community and the staff and will be sad to see it go. I never did get past my initial three lenses but as this tribe shrinks I will find another to join and who knows, someday another to lead. Thanks to the staff, they were always ready with an answer to my questions. Best of luck and and best regards to everyone!

  • melaniekaren

    Hello everyone :) It’s been a full 24 hours for me since I discovered this news. I have read through countless posts here, in the forum and on Facebook. Now, I am ready to make a few comments.

    One, Bonnie and Robin and Susan are absolutely awesome! Thank you and also thank you to the rest of the staff at HQ. I don’t believe a better team could be put together in terms of support, friendliness and you name it. The whole staff is great, including the magazine editors, Tom, Gil and all…. I list Bonnie, Robin and Susan simply because I interacted with them the most. If any of the staff received bad news in terms of your future roles and employment, I am so so so sorry. I do know that you are all beyond highly hire-able though. I have no idea of what kind of person Seth is. However, he has always come across as friendly. He has his reasons for closing Squidoo, and I imagine it must have been difficult for him to tell HQ and the rest of us. Although, regarding Seth, I just really don’t know, but I certainly don’t want to bash him.

    Two, Squidoo has done so much for me. I am thoroughly grateful and do not feel betrayed as many of you do. I completely understand that it is easy to feel betrayed in this sort of situation. Business is not supposed to be personal so we’ve heard. However, business is ALWAYS personal. Whoever coined the phrase “business is business” was not human. With Squidoo I got to practice my writing after so many years of not writing so much (20 years! I’m 44). I look back and read some of my first lenses, and oh my goodness! I’ve come along way as a writer. Because of the support from HQ, the community and the endless articles of tips to improve writing, I feel we all benefited whether you are a newbie or seasoned writer.

    Three, I have past experience with acquisitions and mergers in past jobs. People have a difficult time adapting to change in general. It’s hard to stay positive. However, staying positive or lifting yourself back up again out of a bitter frame of mind will benefit you. The other side taking in the acquired group is usually gracious and welcoming (except for a few dingbats -just ignore them.)

    Also, it is my understanding that when a business acquisition occurs, it must absolutely remain hush, hush until the last legal documents are signed. This is always part of the standard agreement. Once the papers are signed and everything is official, announcements are made. I don’t know for sure, but I can bet that Seth wrote this article for us soon after.

    It is in my opinion that these things do need to take place quickly. It’s a shock and stressful depending how much work is involved for each writer. However, prolonging the situation would drag it out and allow for bitterness to grow. I just think it’s a smarter move. This is my opinion.

    I did expect this post to be lengthy, and it is. I just felt compelled to share my thoughts and feelings.

    Most of all, I will miss working closely with Bonnie and Robin and members of the community. However, it looks like we are all congregating pretty quickly over at HubPages, which is nice, comforting and makes the transition seem easier. If you are not transferring over to HubPages, I wish you well! :)

    • rms

      Thank you Melanie.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Melanie!

    • Susan Deppner

      I appreciate your kind words, Melanie.

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  • TheBlueCrystal

    Hello, Squidoo users. I am known as paradigmsearch over on HubPages. Do give HubPages a chance. You might be very pleasantly surprised when you see your earnings.

  • dagsmith

    So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

    All good things must come to an end. Given the declining fortunes of Squidoo in recent months this is no surprise. Squidoo survived (paid staff and servers) on 50% of the revenue. Given the dramatic drop in revenue, it seemed like it would be harder and harder to keep Squidoo afloat.

    The transfer to Hubpages and the quick timeline may be challenging for some, but quite frankly the alternatives were slim
    - Keep Squidoo afloat and start paying lensmasters less
    - Close Squidoo down completely
    - Squidoo staff and owners agree to pay cuts or to volunteer their time for free
    - Find another organization interested in some of the Squidoo content

    So, while I may not be thrilled with the turn of events, it seems likely to me that the Squidoo team selected the best option from a limited pool of options.

    I had fun, I made some money, I made some connections.

    Thanks Squidoo!

  • MyAroma

    Squidoo made so many bad decisions – locking lenses without notice and auto-locking, locking lenses which performed well and actually generated income, encouraging people to create garbage content then punishing them when they did so, never answering emails unless you were a giant squid.

    I’m not surprised you’re going down, that what happens when you have poor management and lack of foresight.

    • Kylyssa

      Their biggest mistakes occurred even before that. A few years ago they decided encouraging user-generated Amazon ads was the way to go and encouraged shopping cart lenses then cut off two-way communication with lensmasters. Maybe they got tired of us telling them a train wreck was coming and they ought to get off its tracks?

      The thing that bothered me the most was that every new Squid I tried to mentor got some of her or his honest lenses locked while straight-up plagiarism I’d reported sat collecting tier payouts months after she or he left after getting rude and unhelpful notification emails.

      That whole “the rules are secret and apt to change daily” policy was utterly ridiculous, too. It was like they thought baddies were going to somehow get away with something if they followed the rules that would be so horrible it was worth getting hundreds of lensmasters frustrated and ready to leave. HubPages rules aren’t secret.

      • AtomicGirl

        Kylyssa, I admit that HQ made some mistakes. But the point I was trying to make is that no matter how many times we can point out the mistakes they made, the errors they committed were a drop in the bucket compared to the rampant cheating, gaming, opportunism and scamming that went on at the site on a regular basis.

        HQ may have made the mistake of encouraging Amazon ads, but it didn’t encourage scammers to crank out 100s of thin sales lenses with barely any content, then game lens PR so that 1/4 of them made T1.

        It didn’t encourage lensmasters to engage in a “ring” where they’d like and bless each other’s lenses to artificially push their thin lenses to the top two tiers.

        It didn’t encourage lensmasters to abuse the ability to sell and buy lenses by cranking out cookie cutter lenses, gaming PR to push them to T1, then selling them off to desperate Get Rich Quick Schemers for a profit.

        All of these things that lensmasters did–which they did out of their own volition and no prompting from HQ– flooded Squidoo with thousands upon thousands of lenses that violated every Google rule in the playbook, which is why Google dealt it the fatal blow in 2013.

        • daoine

          While I agree with a lot of what you’re saying, I think that Squidoo’s actions did somewhat encourage gaming of the system. Think of the silly trophies and points thing that suddenly appeared one day… it turned the whole site into a popularity contest. Instead of spending valuable and limited time building and maintaining quality lenses, lensmasters were encouraged to trot around opening up lenses and leaving quick, meaningless comments and likes, in order to encourage those lensmasters to reciprocate. As you say, the easiest way to game this is to set up a ring. Or run a bot program to do it automatically.

          I bowed out when this became the case – as a new mother I did not have the time to read more than a couple of other lenses a month, let alone find some way to refresh the content on my own lenses which were on static topics, created back when static, unchanging information was accepted here at Squidoo.

          Open a lens workshop, click publish (without even changing a thing), and you get points as if you’ve added something of value? Squidoo was very, very broken.

    • AtomicGirl

      “I’m not surprised you’re going down, that what happens when you have poor management and lack of foresight.”

      And what about all the greedy opportunists, internet marketers, cheaters and scammers and internet marketers who ran this site into the ground? The arrogant lensmasters who constantly snubbed their noses at Bonnie and Seth after being begged to fix their lenses, and said in so many words, “Screw you; we’ll crank out as many threadbare sales lenses as we please.”

      And how easy it is to conveniently forget that in Fall of 2012, Squidoo was completely overrun with thousands upon thousands of lenses with spun content and cookie cutter lenses being spat out by “freelancers” who abused the marketplace? Or that spammers did such an amazing job damaging Squidoo’s reputation across the web that major sites like Reddit started blacklisting it, pretty much ruining everyone’s chances at promoting their lenses.

      HQ may have made some errors in trying to take control of the situation, but in the end, it was bottomless greed and arrogance on the part of the “make money at home” types that completely tanked Squidoo. No amount of “proper foresight” or “great management” could’ve undone the damage that was dealt the site once the scammers, spammers, cheaters and internet marketers took hold. Instead of putting the blame squarely on HQ for Squidoo dying, maybe you should thank them for trying everything they could to extend the site’s life as long as humanly possible, even though they had no chance in hell from recovering from the major Google slap of Spring 2013.

      • LindaJM

        Agreed, it was all those lens maker/seller people creating worthless lenses that caused the downfall of Squidoo. Management caught on too late and tried to save the site. Well, lessons learned.

      • abouthealthtips

        While I do agree with some of that….You can include Seth in this category of garbage lenses too. I’ve read some of them and oh my – totally useless.

  • Jodi_k

    I am sad to read this, but not terribly surprised. I do hope you change your mind and pay everyone what they’re owed. It’s the right thing to do.

    Also, thank you to Bonnie, Gil, Robin, and Tom for all your hard work and help all these years.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you Jodi!

  • Kylyssa

    The staff who dealt directly with us on Squidoo were awesome and did their best in a lousy situation. I feel terrible for any staff who were terminated.

    HubPages will be a big improvement and I’m glad this acquisition has taken place. I’ve been trying to figure out where and how to move my content somewhere since the change a few years back. I had too many articles tied by too many high quality organic backlinks to move them successfully. Now I’ll get redirects on any of them HubPages decides it wants.

  • takkhis

    I am shocked! I have met with good people here. They were all good to me, helped me a lot when I needed from them. To be honest I loved Squidoo, I love Squidoo and I will love Squidoo even though it will be gone! Thank you very much.

    • melaniekaren

      takkhis – Where are you on HubPages or Facebook or Google + I’d like to remain in contact. You have always been so wonderfully positive, genuine and supportive.

      • takkhis

        melaniekaren – Thank for saying that! Don’t worry, I will contact with you so that we keep in touch in the future. Actually I feel the same way you do feel about me, you were very supportive, no doubt about that.

  • Squimpleton

    Since I already have hubpages accounts, I won’t be moving my lenses. Instead I’ll download and make new hubs (or edit existing ones) with the content. However, the download thing just doesn’t work….

    It’s a shock to me that Squidoo will be gone. Although I was never good at it, it was one of the first sites I joined when I made my journey as an online writer. I was actually always better at hubpages, so go figure.

  • LindaJM

    Seth, I think your biggest charitable contribution through Squidoo was in helping so many of us have an opportunity to make money with this site. I’ve been living in poverty for a long time and the money I made on Squidoo has helped me pay my bills. I thank you for that opportunity. It is with some trepidation that I move on to HubPages, because so far I don’t have any evidence that it will create a similar income supplement for me… but I embrace the change and will always remember Squidoo fondly. Thank you! You helped me through a difficult time in my life.

    • hjohn1024

      Check out, you can make a good income there and it’s free. You do not have to sell anything. You earn when people view, like and comment on your articles (bubbles)

  • RinchenChodron

    Does Hubpages allow Zazzle links? if not where are you guys putting your hosting?

  • tracysmith159

    Can’t say I’m happy. I already have a hubpages account and don’t need two account. I would have been happier if they would merge into one account.

  • nemesis233

    I have a question about pages.. What’s the page new link gonna be? Or it will be different?

  • vikksimmons

    Wow. I stumbled across some news but didn’t know what it was about. I confess. I never thought this would happen. Very disappointed and especially disappointed that we have so little time in making our decision and figuring out what to do. (Shaking head.)

    • prosperity66

      I’m not surprised a bit Vikk :) Besides what I felt for 2 years, few months ago Gil made an announcement in a FB group that a BIG THING was going to happen… Then here we are. The big thing happened. It was planned long ago and it happens.

  • capritaylor

    I just started writing articles on Squidoo since last Spring right before Google’s algo changes began to effect Squidoo’s Google rankings as a whole. This site was a whole lot of fun with all of those adorable cartoon, character pop ups and awards that were like having your own personal cheering squad. I am very sad and shocked that Squidoo won’t be around anymore. Thanks Bonnie for being fun, friendly, caring and never overbearing. And for being an outstanding hostess of this site. And many thanks to all of the creative and interesting Squidoo writers from all over the states and the world whose lenses I had the pleasure of learning much from and experiencing things from a unique perspective.

    Squidoo was the funnest community I have ever come across and had a lot of personality. Every time I saw that Krackin liquor commercial with the giant squid I thought of Squidoo. Thanks Seth! Good luck and God bless everyone on all of your new website writing projects and ventures beyond Squidoo! I do wish Squidoo could have gone on and thrived beyond all of the algo changes.

    Just my 2 cents. It would have been less shock to the system if the Squidoo community of writers had more time to make the transition. Especially the people with more than 200+ lenses. Some on here even have more than 400 lenses which is totally mind blowing.

  • abouthealthtips

    Why is anyone really surprised by this decision? Squidoo got a manual penalty from big G and they could never recover. They lost tons of traffic (and money) despite the efforts to try and turn things around. Sure, they needed to improve the quality. But, some mods were simply over zealous and shut down or locked lenses for absolutely BS reasons.

    I had a lens locked because some dick head from another company claimed I was infringing upon copyright material. It was a personal review on a product that I actually own and really like. What did Squidoo do? They locked every single person’s lens instead of telling the company where to go and how to get there. Now, you have to be careful about even personal reviews of stuff you own. No, sorry – never going to happen.

    I’m personally glad I stopped supporting Squidoo well over a 18 months ago because of this very reason. They have just screwed ever single person that made Seth a wealthy man.

    Every single person should avoid supporting any of his new projects. That is how you pay these guys back. Don’t support them whatsoever.

    Best advice – get your own website, learn how to build one and you control your future.

  • vfleming

    Hub pages is not allowing me to transfer to an existing account.

    • capritaylor

      I believe it’s required that you create a new account at Hubpages to transfer your existing lenses. And only certain lenses will be able to make the transfer.

  • capritaylor

    I can not find any fault in the owner of this site who never placed a limit on the number of lenses you could create. He also allowed you to create more than one account under different pen names. At the end of the day people need to realize that Seth provided everyone with free hosting which does cost money and the amount of hosting space that was needed, was probably not cheap. If the website’s total earnings from Adsense, Amazon etc. isn’t more than what you have to pay to host thousands of webpages you can’t survive. If I was Seth, I would not have allowed anyone free hosting on more than 150 lenses. And even that many is being too generous.

  • KathyMcGraw

    Like most people this was a big shock when I saw it on someone’s FB post. I have been stressing over what to do, but have figured it out now. Like many of the Veterans here, I have good memories and some not so good. Today one of my friends from the platform I was at before coming here in Nov of 2008 asked me why I even left to come here. My answer was, “Squdioo was a challenge, and I loved the challenge of learning and trying to earn the different Giant Status’s of the time…Giant 50, then Giant 100. That and the community from my Giant Challenge with a_willow is what kept me here all this time.

    Well, looks like it’s time for a new adventure. My friends think I should go back to Active Rain, a professional site for my industry….but maybe it’s time for something new. Whatever my choices are, I know this. Squidoo was good to me in many ways. In others it was frustrating and annoying, but regardless I will miss it.

    Some of the comments on here are venting, some show frustration, and really a whole gambet of emotions. That’s healthy….people need to be heard, especially with the unknowns ahead. Anyway, to make this short (er) let me say that over the years I have gotten a lot of help from many people including HQ….and mostly Robin! I think she read every single lens I wrote years ago, and many of them were given awards. LOL…nothing recently, but hey….it’s not like I was very active in the last year and a half. Bonnie, Robin, Tom and then Susan….thank you. And Gil, thanks for fixing bugs and stuff over all these years. May you all grieve or celebrate as well, whatever your circumstance is. Best of luck to all of you in whatever you do next.

  • rlmodranski

    Wow! Just want you to know that I feel like I’ve lost a good friend. (There’s no ill will in that statement, just a statement about how much I’ve enjoyed Squidoo). Blessings to the entire Squidoo staff!

  • rlmodranski

    After reading all of the comments, I just want to say Thank you to Seth and the team for giving us this opportunity over the years. I am disappointed to say the least. My heart sank when I read the news. I have a couple of hubs, and to be honest, I’m not crazy about the platform. Squidoo’s payment method is easier and I feel as though I know the staff here. We never hear anything from the folks at HubPages, they are much more impersonal. Besides that, I feel as though I’ve lost a good friend. I’ve really grown to feel that way about Squidoo and the staff. Thanks again for the years and may God bless all of you as you move on to whatever it is you have planned (or don’t have planned) for your future!

  • mrducksmrnot

    Don’t know to take this as a trick or a treat?? (:>)) I will miss squidoo for sure.

  • SheilaSchnauzies

    Well, it was a huge shock and now I guess my Squidoo t-shirt is a collector’s item. (just kidding, I’d never part with it!) The saddest part of all is losing our community here. That’s people, not dollars. I would suggest it’s time to look up our favorite folks here and figure out how to stay in touch. Hopefully Squidoo will keep its Facebook presence alive. (Hey, it’s free right?)

    I’ve been writing on Squidoo since 2006. Seriously for the past 3-4 years, building up well over 300 lenses. I’ve been so proud of my work here and it has opened so many doors! Writing for SoCrafty magazine in particular was life-changing. When the magazines went away, I figured the end was coming. The changes over the last year have been frustrating but I’ve hung in there. Now, for something completely different! All we can do is try the new site I suppose, or wing off on our own direction.

    I want to thank Bonnie, Robin, and Stephanie for all your support and friendship over the years! You are tremendous people and I hope you will be around at HubPages… if not, let us know where we can find you (if you want to be found, LOL!)

    To all my Squidoo friends, thank you for the friendship and support over the years as well!

    • marsha32

      You are lucky that you got a t-shirt! I’ve bee promised one several times over the past 6 years and have yet to ever see one. Yeah, even if it’s closing, I would still want one! LOL
      After all, I did build lenses for 6 years and even though mine weren’t the best, I was still proud of them.

  • GrimRascal

    Wait, so what will happen to those with no adsense account? Do they get through the pain of apply for an adsense account? I heard it’s really problematic applying for an adsense account especially for those who live in certain countries.

  • aswahayah

    Will likely be hunting for someone else where I can post now. I left Hub Pages for Squidoo due to the fact I felt Hub Pages doesn’t care about who supplies their content provided that they will profit off of it. I just took my content and put a copy of it on my weblog. I don’t generate profits .

  • Karen1960

    “Authors may assign an affiliate ID for each third party account to their HubPages account (an “ID”). For example, you can input your Google Adsense information into your HubPages account, and HubPages will share the Impressions with such services through that ID. You are solely responsible for verifying that you have entered a valid ID correctly.

    HubPages will rotate Your third party IDs into 60% of the Impressions on the Hubs You create.”
    Could someone explain this in plain English, please? I have no idea what they’re talking about.

  • Linda Smith

    The handwriting was on the wall for past couple of years. Last minute notice, after deal is done, loss of earnings if you haven’t met the payment minimum. Seth slapped every writer who stuck around persevered, in the face. If his staff isn’t moving over, that is a good thing.

  • adventuretravelshop

    Hi I’ve just managed to log on from the mountains in Italy. What amazing news!! Bonnie will you be moving to Hubpages?

  • Mickie_G

    OK. I really do not need to hear this right now. My husband unexpectedly died on July 8th and I really do not have the time to think about moving my pages. I have had an established account at Hub, (Little Red Wagon). Should I open an account as Mickie G and move my articles to that account to maintain my online identity? HELP!

    • rms

      You will need to start a new account for the transfer of lenses. Click the green button on your dashboard to begin the process.

    • Heather426

      so sorry to hear about your husband Mickie!

    • daoine

      I’m so sorry to hear about your husband’s death, Mickie. What a shock. I hope you’re okay. Take care, xox

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  • Shar

    Thank you for finding me a new home for my articles… I appreciate your diligence, and support. It’s been nothing but a pleasure being able to post here at Squidoo.

  • Heather426

    Regardless of what has happened, I think we all deserved a letter instead of just an announcement. What about people on vacation who haven’t gone to their account to check? Unless I’m mistaken, there was no letter sent. (none came to me) I keep waiting for a letter. Isn’t this as important as locked lenses? Manners would dictate a letter. IMHO there should be one. I have a family member on Squidoo who is out of the country and he had no idea about this!!!! But as for the rest, there’s no easy way to say goodbye is there? Life happens and we have to learn to deal with it. I learned a lot at Squidoo and made hundreds of wonderful friends for which I’m grateful. But like many, there are things about how it was handled that irk me like the lack of a letter for notification and the small amount of time to handle moving our content. Farewell to all. :)

    • glockr

      You made the mistake of thinking they care about you. Don’t feel bad, I used to make the same mistake. It’s all about a gazillionaire cutting his losses. I’m sure his next book on “community” and profitablity will be a best seller.

  • campingman

    I’m reading lots of squid-hatin’ here…..and rightfully so. Seth and Company left you ALL hi and dry. But you ALL should know by now, this man has moved on, so should all of us. Just dump squidoo and do it today.

    • glockr

      Amen… just when you move on, be more careful, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, don’t trust gurus who’s sole claim to being a guru is ‘creating systems’ who help the ‘gurus’ get rich off the work of others while offering pennies for said work. There are ways to make money without taking advantage, I’ll let it go at that.

  • AomiArmster

    this is pretty awesome

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  • rosans

    Squidoo has sucked for a couple of years now. Good riddance!!!

  • rosans

    Squidoo has sucked for a couple of years now. Good riddance!!!

  • yez

    This is a sad day :( I’m very very very very disappointed. Squidoo is unique and I will never feel home at hubpages.
    Seth, I’m sorry you did this deal with hp and this will mean a goodbye from me

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  • Smash Flare
  • Toni_Roman

    I will miss the always polite staff, the always friendly fellow
    Squidoo members, all the gadgets & widgets, large choice of modules,
    the possibility of multiple streams of income that few other platforms
    on the internet have, the lack of petty moderators that put you back in
    the Petting Zoo after reaching veteran long-timer status, the speed of
    upload, the automatic promos on Facebook & Twitter, the lack of
    intrusive IRS and SSN questions over monthly payments under $10, the
    lack of censorship (HubPages gets high marks for freedom of speech
    also), the likes, the comments, the ease of use, the affiliates (Amazon,
    eBay, Etsy, etc.), traffic coming both from within the huge community
    and from off the internet, and a hundred other positives missing at
    similar platforms. Single article platforms and content farms and
    super-commercial sites are not the same as a site like Squidoo where you
    could have several articles and several different types of content and
    format within the lens. Each lens was a true mini-site or lens.

    course I must have had a reputation as having the biggest lenses at
    Squidoo. For example, my Guide to Avatar was one of several that were
    encyclopedias (I was proud of my coverage of the upcoming Avatar 2,
    Avatar 3 and Avatar 4) and nearly all my lenses are super-long and the
    result of hard work, all-nighters and constantly adding material.
    Fellow lensmasters even questioned why I did not make my lenses more
    commercial and emphasize selling stuff. Truth is that I am a writer and
    if a lens makes money fine but I care more about content than selling

    I will not miss the lockup of lenses that had 100 on the
    scorecard, trophies, likes, favorable comments, steady traffic and
    visitors, and sales. That is my definition of perfect lens. Never got
    explanation for this. The worst part was guessing what the violation
    (if any) was whereas at HubPages the software tells you EXACTLY what the
    hiccup is and you can quickly fix it. Never got those emails “we
    notified you”. The wording of the lockup seemed written by a computer
    with no feeling for how it would sound to a loyal long-time lensmaster
    along the lines of ‘get out and take your stuff and we are taking your
    pennies.’ I never consciously violated any rule and, as I gained
    experience, never unconsciously violated any rule. My “Guide to
    Hydraulic Fracturing” was locked up within hours after I did the routine
    promotion that we lensmasters are supposed to do. You know, plug on
    Facebook and Twitter. It is impossible to get rank improved and to get
    visitors if people come in response to the plugs and see a splash saying
    “This lens is not currently public”. After logging in I read that:
    “Your lens was unpublished on December 31, 1969.” Correct me if I am
    wrong but this is before the internet was created and before Squidoo was
    created. Anyway, a lens in lockup or works in progress cannot improve
    rank or gain visits if people cannot visit it. My last example tops
    even that.

    My “Guide to Mercury” was locked up _BEFORE_ I ever
    hit the publish button. I kid you not. The humans at Squidoo are and
    were great but the filters (computer software) should be summarily
    executed for frustrating writers of good will. It would seem that this
    is exactly what will happen.

    God bless everyone! or Best wishes everyone if you are non-religious!!!


    — If any venture capitalist wants to hire me to advise them on how to
    create the perfect platform with all of the positives and none of the
    negatives, then contact me. I can even tell you what company you should
    invest in where you can implement this new platform.

  • Hypersapien

    This move doesn’t surprise me. I’ve had both an HP and a Squidoo account for roughly the same period of time, and I’ve always made more $$$ on HP. Plus, the writing was on the wall when Squidoo starting branding lenses as sub-standard left and right – I think it was last year – and not only unpublishing them, but deleting them if you didn’t get them off the site fast enough. (Not to mention that there was no way to reach anyone to find out what was wrong with your lenses, how to fix them, etc.) To me, that kind of action seemed drastic and somewhat reeked of desperation. In essence, while I know other people will feel differently, I think that most will find that there’s not much difference between building lenses and hubs, and the experience on HP is an improvement in a lot of ways.

  • Guest

    it’s time to move on… but now i must say that this comment section is the MOST FUN i’ve ever had on this site! isn’t it great? the love, the hate, the poison, the pity… and the sweet irony of the last remaining quest? delicious! squidoo, perfect to the end! i’d say that’s worth whatever’s in my money gutter (or whatever it’s called). keep the change baby, you’ve earned it!

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  • nasacc

    …..good news

  • KFRaizor

    Farewell, Squidoo. I joined because you were NOT Hub Pages. Now you are. Bye. It was fun.

  • DaisyDixon

    Very sad to see Squidoo go. could things have been handled better? Maybe, probably, but it is what it is. sorry for anyone who is hurting from this. I will miss you Susan and Merrci and many other friendly faces. I don’t think I will be making the move.

    • DaisyDixon

      Best of luck to all of you and may you be blessed.

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  • Titia

    Not surprised at all. Lots of why’s in the recent past got answered now, puzzle pieces fall into their place. Only want to say that, despite the fact that we disagreed sometimes, I never ceased to respect the small staff on who’s shoulders this burden was layed.

    A quote from Seth’s blog:

    Just leave me to do my work!

    I need a sales rep (or ten) to do the selling so I can do my work.
    And investors to put up the money so I can do my work.
    And an accounting staff so I won’t have to think about inflows and outflows so I can do my work.
    And an admin to process and answer all my email and my paperwork…
    And employees who already know what to do so they won’t ask me…
    And an organization that not only doesn’t make me go to meetings, but also instantly understands and adopts my best ideas…
    And a coffee boy to bring me an espresso, a police escort so I don’t
    get stuck in traffic and a publicist so every media outlet in the world
    communicates what I’m working on.

    By now, you’ve probably realized: This isn’t going to happen. (end of quote)

    I think he’s wrong, I think he had all of this happening to him for a long, long time. We left him to do his job, but he should have done a better job, he should have payed some respect, at least to all those people who worked their buts off (if that’s the right expression) to make Squidoo what it was. He should have listened to his foot folk once in a while.

    So…thank you Bonny, Robin, Susan, Gil, Tom and other Staff behind the screen, for doing your jobs as good as you could in the given circomstances.

    • glockr

      And Seth was right. Maybe still is. His work was (is) getting really really rich off of the grunt work of others. The take-away is to not depend on others for your own success. I’ll never make as much as Seth has, but the lesson I’ve learned is priceless:)

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you, Titia! The lamb named after me will always be one of my fondest memories of Squidoo!

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  • Natalia Norman

    Thanks for deciding to honor the earnings of those that choose not to create an account at HubPages! I am happy that the relationship will not end on a sour note.

  • StacyBirch

    Can anyone tell us how they are deciding which articles are being used. I have one that has over 200 likes, was on the main page for a few days, but has fallen in popularity. Is it how much money they have made? We need to know what to move and what to save.

  • LaraineRose

    Well, I just did it. I am transferring all of my lenses over to Hub Pages. (Having said that, I am not certain that they will take all of them.) I have entered into another venture that is taking a lot of my time and do not have the time to download my lenses. I am actually going to have to hire someone to do this for me. I wish that I had sold the lot of them when I had the opportunity. Now it is probably too late.

    I do appreciate the staff working at Squidoo HQ! You were always there to help me when I had problems. My best wishes go out to you, Robin, Tom and Bonnie.

    • Tom Maybrier

      Thank you LaraineRose! Best of luck to you on Hubpages!

  • aboutkitchenreviews


    “The content: who owns it?

    As a Lensmaster, you will be able to incorporate various forms of
    Content into your Lenses. Squidoo does not claim ownership of the
    Content you place on your Lens. The Content will be owned by you or a
    third party from whom you got permission to post the content.” (note – no permission given or implied Seth).

    To stated above you will automatically move the content over is against your own terms of service. I’m not giving you permission to steal my best content and help hump pages (aka hubpages) get more content. The fact that I need to go into my dashboard and cancel the automatic transfer is really ridiculous. You didn’t ask my permission to transfer any content. I will simply delete all my content so you can’t steal it.

    Talk about being a bit unethical here. You preached forever about original high quality content and then try and pull this non sense is mind boggling.

  • BuildABetterMouseTrip

    Thank you to the Squidoo staff and community. We benefitted so much from the opportunities offered here – we were able to share information about a topic we love in a way that helped build our business and we were able to give some money to charity along the way. I am profoundly grateful for you all and wish you every blessing in the days to come. Thank you. I’ll miss this place and I’ll really miss those cute little monster badges. We part as friends.

  • SoundFinance

    Really sad new…I haven’t had time to be on Squidoo much this year as I’ve been somewhat busy in my day job. I’ve always preferred Squidoo over Hub Pages.

  • ForEverProud

    I don’t see any options to donate your earnings to a charity on HubPages? Is there a charity option on HB?

  • antoinemarcello

    Great, can’t wait to see new change!

  • antoinemarcello

    Great, can’t wait to see new change!

  • dannystaple

    Nonononono! Workshop editing disabled. I still want the content that the useless xml download doesn’t include. I will never be putting content I care about on someone elses site – what a godawful experience.

  • ForEverProud

    Well … not familiar with HubPages. My first impression …. HubPages visually is extremely boring. I believe good visuals are just as important as good content. I’m not at all interested in making money and I am disappointed that there seems to be no option for money earned to be donated to charity. I wasn’t a big fish at Squiddo … just have two featured, well-written lenses and two in-the-works, however I enjoyed reading and browsing through many interesting and unique lenses by other Squids, and I will miss the opportunity to do so in the future.

  • sierradawn

    So exciting!

  • Alex-45

    I notice how they have now stopped allowing access to editing. This means lenses not yet published and under development cannot be accessed to retrieve the work done. That’s mean.

  • Alex-45

    Tried downloading. Got the page “A button for downloading your export
    will be available here soon.” Absolutely nothing happened :-(

  • GKC

    No electric pressure cooker companies specified how to cook parboiled rice, i.e. the ratio of rice and water.

  • betsuzie

    I want to transfer some of my work to other platforms (not Hubpages) but I do not want it to show as copied content. I have already deleted a few lenses and want to put the work I deleted somewhere else but copyscape shows that it still is on Squidoo. Does anyone know how long it takes to get off of Squidoo after you delete a lens?

  • amyrechar

    Squidoo is going down…not a shock to me. I wish everyone the best on hubpages!

  • ceylontusker

    Good move.

  • lizabethjcarter


  • mhtiswan

    Hi Seith!
    It’s Andreas, the Storyteller of FUTURE NOW GLOBAL (mhtiswan). Although I hope my material will move to Hub I attempted to download my content. I was waiting for more than 12 hours but no button appeared. What should I do?

  • mhtiswan

    Hi, it’s mhtiswan again!
    This is my situation!

    What can I do to turn red signs to green? I upload new stuff everyday it’s a month from now

  • mhtiswan

    well, ‘my situtation’ didn’t show up. It’s as follows 336,881 (green check), 369,750 (green), 378,084 (green) 579,115 (red), 1,397,233 (red). What can I do now to change it?

  • 0ctavias0fferings

    Editing in the workshop has been disabled, how am I supposed to get the information which is on the lenses which are in WIP? I will be really severely displeased if this means I’ve lost all the work I’ve done on those lenses

  • 0ctavias0fferings

    I’m getting angrier by the minute, you have cut me off from many many hours of work by disabling the edit feature on lenses which are now WIP, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ACCESS MY WORK? Please allow me access to my work so that I can get copies of it enable editing again so that I can retrieve my work from your site!!!

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  • thay man hinh iphene
  • smartfinance


  • Ben Groover Smith

    Excellent Work…. Thank You :)

  • Khaula

    I cannot publish my lens, whats happening?

  • floppypoppygifts

    I am so glad I stopped working on my lenses back when all the conference calls started happening. Start your own blog and you’ll always be happy.

  • lisa


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  • queenofduvetcovers

    What’s going to happen with the money in our account?

  • quickbet88

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  • large bearings

    This site was on it’s way out the minute they had crappy auto content monitors deleting everything in sight. No human support and no answers. Just make as much as they can before the ship sinks all together.

  • large bearings

    I am sure it is all part of the plan. This site was on it’s way out the minute they had crappy auto content monitors deleting everything in sight. No human support and no answers.

  • large bearings

    I agree 100 percent. Will be looking for someone else where I can post now.

  • large bearings

    I left HubPages because I was unhappy with their rules, the lack of vibrant community and, significantly, the inability to earn money.

  • TheEarningMom2014

    i am trying to publish my first lens and it is refusing to let me due to the hub page merge. Anyone know hot to work around that? new around these parts!

  • Satta Matkaa

    This website
    helped me a lot thanks guys for creating such a helpful site.

  • AnakPranap

    Wow! Saya benar-benar kagum! Tidak pernah berpikir ini akan terjadi! Terima kasih atas informasinya. salam Kenal..
    Peluang Usaha

  • Tran Lieu
  • Tran Lieu

    mua hang nhanh tai chon 24h

  • VernonBlogger

    I predicted this last year when certain people were allowed to violate Squidoo’s own TOS,including publishing lesser quality lenses;and many got mad at me for bringing it up.In fact within a week of the comment my 3 top earning lenses in that account were suddenly “locked” because of the so-called Squidoo filter….yeah,right.
    If you made a lot of Amazon sales on Squidoo,you were getting ripped off with the %4 commission anyway (unless your state forbids you to sell as an Amazon affiliate).
    The difference in commissions would easily pay for servers with unlimited websites,which is what I did.
    Use Hostgator for web hosting,stop putting your work out there where someone else makes all the rules and has control over your work and your $$$!
    Goodbye Squidoo….and thanks for teaching us what happens when you use content management systems such as Squidoo when you don’t own them-you get your content ripped off,and the owners like Seth make the money by mass selling everyone’s content to Hubpages (another rip-off).

  • Pingback: Squidoo To Close Down Imminently

  • Guest

    It’s important to note that we’ll only be moving our highest rated and
    most useful content to HubPages. Some pages won’t be making the move,
    and will no longer be hosted online.

  • samir01

    I guess I’m thankful that Squidoo took this road because I’ve been
    working up the oomph to move my content to a more professional site for
    quite some time.



  • moxy_blue

    It’s so shocking, really. We’ve built so much out of hard work and time. Then, a sudden change. It means back to zero?

  • aziz


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    I feel really excited

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