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RIP Robin Williams

Such an amazing talent and kind soul. The world has lost a true talent.

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  • MSchindel

    Severe depression can have truly devastating power. The world is much poorer for the loss of this wonderful and generous human being. RIP, Robin.

  • reasonablerobinson

    Such very sad news

  • grammieo

    It is so sad that no one was able to reach him. Depression is a killer in many ways! Rest in Peace Robin, you will be missed!

  • invictus95

    This is really sad news. :(

  • Deborah-Diane

    So sad … I feel as though I have known him my entire life. This is such a tragedy.

  • serendipity831

    Robin has always been my favorite comedian and actor. I’m devastated over this loss.

  • rhondass

    So sad. RIP, Robin.

  • Ladymermaid

    Thank you for this tribute Bonnie. There are so many of us grieving very deeply today for the man who was so much a part of our lives. He was one of my favorite actors and I watched his movies over and over again. He brought so much happiness to so many. RIP Robin.

  • bakerwoman

    I grew up with Mork and Mrs. Doubtfire. He brought us so much joy and laughter. He was one-of-a-kind.

  • Tom Maybrier

    If you or someone you know needs help – please, reach out.
    In the U.S. call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

    Thanks for the post, Bonnie.

    • MSchindel

      Thank you for this important reminder, Tom.

  • CherylFay

    Very sad. R.I.P.

  • z420ms

    sad sad day. It goes to show you that money does mean happiness. May he rest in peace #morknmindy

  • Lovelifelaughter

    What? Oh my goodnes. I am shocked. How sad. It is the middle of the night here. I only turned my iPad on briefly while I took some pain relief for my ME. I didn’t expect this. So sad.

  • fitnessbuzz

    I watched Mrs Doubtfire almost every month when I was a kid. The cooking scene was my favorite one. RIP, Robin :(

  • Scindhia

    It is shocking to know that he took this kind of drastic step. The world has lost a great icon. RIP Robin.

  • antoinemarcello

    I don’t know why he committed suicide. Deeply sad for the death of Robbin Williams.

  • Justin00704

    Robin Williams one of the best actor…..:( I always remember him as peter pan….

  • ezcertification

    So Sad! RIP Robin! we ‘ll miss you, you are one of my favorites

  • ShivaliSharma7

    May his soul rest in peace…He was truly a talented man.

  • lordy21

    One of the best comedian and actor ever yet was struggling with severe depression. The world can be so cruelly ironic. RIP Robin.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Why is it that we all too often lose our geniuses in this way? It breaks my heart.

  • mutter

    How sad he could make us smile and laugh, but not himself.

  • superbusymama

    I was very shocked and saddened to hear of his passing. I grew up watching all of his wonderful movies. May he rest in peace.

  • pauljacobs1977

    Thanks for the memories, so many,

  • Titia

    So sad that he wasn’t able to see himself as we all saw him: a wonderful man with this great talent to make the world laugh and cry at the same time. One of the great Actors who will never be forgotten.

  • cybaby

    SHOCK! What a loss, I could not believe it when I first heard it.. Sad news.. The world has indeed lost one of its greatest.. … Thank you Robin William – RIP.

  • skat10

    So very sad. :-( A kind soul that touched the lives of millions around the world. He will truly be missed. A memorable comedian with true genius. Thanks for the memories, Robin. RIP.

  • ajgodinho

    Sad indeed…RIP Robin Williams…

  • Insulin-Dependent

    My all time favorite comedian. From the Fisher King to the voice of the Genie on Aladdin he was a genius at his work. My condolences to his wife and kids!

  • SherwinG

    A real tragic loss.

  • lewisstennis

    its really sad to hear this news I’ve been long time fan of him

  • short49

    Loved all his movies, I really liked the one about Heaven I think it was called, ‘What Dreams May Come”.

  • DebMartin

    Awwww. Love and miss this wonderful person. Peace

  • GrandmaT2

    So very sad, Robin Williams a man who had friends and family that lo loved him and he couldn’t be saved.

  • ibelieveinsuccess

    We miss you Robin…you were an Angelic soul that walked among us.

  • AwesomeAuthor

    It is so hard to believe Robin Williams is no longer with us. He made us laugh and made us cry. He was a genius of his art, as an actor. He will be so missed. My condolences to his family.

    Awesome Author

  • capritaylor

    Robin was so funny in Mrs. Doubtfire when his facial mask was melting off of his face and was sweetening his tea. Love his sweet and kind soul and spirit, boundless energy and off the charts talent. May the peace and joy in heaven be with you always Robin!

  • affordableseating

    The world lost a great one. Not just a great comedian but a really good person. RIP.

  • woodupic

    So sad….

  • aswahayah

    Such very sad news

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