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RIP Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou was brilliant with words and an inspiration to millions.

Remember her today by reviewing your favorite Maya Angelou book.

RIP Maya Angelou

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  • mistonja3


  • sheilamarie

    She was an inspiration.

  • FreshStart7

    Dr. Maya Angelou truly embraced life and will remain a great inspiration and example for all!

  • mjfanhezron

    May you Rest in Peace as Michael Jackson.

  • soofyan

    nice to mett you

  • nuxa76

    what a woman

  • Titia

    Sad she passed away, but I’ve never heard of her.

  • puttinggreenman


  • flinnie

    RIP, Maya Angelou. I feel your lost.

  • AuntyMN

    Rest in peace.

  • Mary Walton

    One more “brilliant” shinning star in our cosmos has taken their place in history.RIP!!

  • dohuong


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