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Reminder: HubPages Opt Out Deadline is Tomorrow

Squidoo & HubpagesIf you’ve already hit the green button on your dashboard to accelerate the transfer to HubPages, you’re in good shape. If you’ve already deleted your Squidoo account, you’re also set (and remember, you’ll still get paid for all the time your account has been live). This is a note for those that are still trying to decide.

Just a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to opt out of the HubPages transfer. The deadline for this is 2pm EDT. (Here’s a handy timezone converter to help you find what time that is in your location). If you opt out, your pages won’t show up any longer and nothing of yours will be moved to HubPages when the transfer is complete.

In order to opt out, your account must be deleted by 2pm EDT tomorrow, August 29th. After that time, you will no longer be able to delete your account or any lenses attached to it, because we have to freeze everything to do the transfer. All lenses on Squidoo will automatically be deleted after the transfer is completed.

We want to make it clear that even after tomorrow’s deadline, you will have complete access to your Dashboard, stats and the Workshop (without Publishing), and you’ll be able to continue to backup your account.

If you miss the deadline and decide HubPages isn’t right for you, you can always delete your account on HubPages after the transfer is complete. Hit the green button, accelerate the transfer, check it out when it’s done, and if you don’t like it, by all means, hit delete…

Both teams at HubPages and Squidoo have been hard at work with the transition tools. Things are working well in our tests, spanning hundreds of accounts and thousands of lenses in a test environment. Everything is on track for the timeline to begin converting accounts on Tuesday, September 2nd.

If you do want your account transferred, we do encourage you to click the green button on your Dashboard to opt in. In doing so, you’ll be picking your username at HubPages, and be able to set up your account and create Hubs the way you’d like.

If we don’t hear from you… if you don’t opt in or out… and you have at least one featured lens – your account will be transferred instead of being automatically deleted. If your Squidoo username isn’t available on HubPages, they’ll assign you an alternative. Usernames on HubPages cannot be changed, so it is best to keep this in your control.

So, to summarize:
a. you’ll get paid for all the revenue your pages generate on Squidoo, by Squidoo.
b. if you hit the delete button, nothing will be moved.
c. if you hit the green button, you’ll get moved in the order of the people who have opted in.
d. if you do nothing, we’ll move your eligible pages to preserve them, but you can delete them at any time on HubPages.

If you experience any issues, please file a bug report so we can address it as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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Corey is the COO and one of the cofounders of Squidoo. Follow his antics at coreyweb.

  • redamohammed9

    There is something I want to ask:

    Will I still get the September payout on squidoo and is the threshold still $25?

    And when will my lens be transferred to hubpages? Wasn’t it gonna be transferred at August 25th?

    • corey brown

      Hi redamohammed9. Please see the links at the end of the post for all the details. The threshold was changed to $1, from $25. The transfer to HubPages has been planned to begin September 2nd, though we said some accounts who opted in early could be transferred before then. We’ve been making sure everything is working right to make this smooth, so no accounts have been transferred yet. We’re on track for Tuesday though.

      • redamohammed9

        Thanks for the reply, but something weird happened today(or yesterday), I was paid and it said that the money was sent to my paypal address see here:

        But when I check my paypal account I find that it’s wasn’t sent at all, is this an error and I will just get my payout on the middle of the month or is there really a problem? And yes I did receive money with the same paypal address from this site before so I don’t think that I mistyped my address.

        Can you help?

    • susukem

      if it right control you have the correct

  • 4U2C

    Perhaps this is not the proper place to ask this question, but I have read and read and read, and still am a bit confused. There are comments about outgoing links and Amazon links, etc., on HubPages. When giving photo credits for Wikipedia, or the Wiki Commons, they require you to link to them. Will we be penalized for having several? I do, on one of the Lenses I have that receives the most traffic. Also, re: Amazon links – will we have the opportunity to alter our Lenses on HubPages, so we do not exceed the number of links to Amazon that are allowed? Perhaps this is a question that is obvious to others, but the answer has not been obvious to me.

    • corey brown

      HubPages has different rules than Squidoo, but they’re giving Squidoo lensmasters who convert a 4-month grace period before their rules will apply.

  • d-artist

    I had hit the GREEN BUTTON a while back and remember seeing a welcome note and information on the transfer…however I can’t remember if this was noted on the HP site or if I received an email…either way it can’t find this anywhere. Hope this question is not too late…GOOD BY SQUIDOO, I will miss my daily routine here…my heart is heavy.

    • Luv2help

      You should have gotten an email from HP about your new account. Too, you were asked to choose your new user ID over there at HP. If you don’t remember doing that, you can either wait and let your account move with the other late movers or you can try hitting the green button again. I wouldn’t do anything until I checked my email spam folder and backed up my work. Did you do a search on your email for HubPages? You can’t move your work here into a pre-existing account at HP; you’ll be asked to choose another name over there if do have a HP a/c. I hope this helps. :)

      • d-artist

        I did open a HP account and chose an ID name, so I know all hat’s good…my lenses are backed up as well. I went to my HP account, I didn’t see anything new.

        • corey brown

          You are all set, d-artist! Once your account is transferred, you’ll get an email from HubPages. They’re starting the transfer process on Tuesday (9/2).

          • d-artist

            Thank You Corey! I did get an mail welcoming me at HP…just remembered I opened a new email account for my HubPage account…I forgot….I hate getting old LOL!

  • Comfortdoc

    Corey – Three questions
    1. When do the lights get turned off at Squidoo? e.g. When are the lenses going to go away on the Squidoo site? As they are transferred or all at once?
    2. Will the Amazon modules on Squidoo be transferred to Amazon modules on Hubpages with our new Amazon information, or will we need to get in and change around all of the codes?
    3. Will Hubpages be transferring over all of our lens content to their hubs, or will the stop (like Squidoo did in a way) once we’ve exceeded their voilations.

    Thanks for all the work the team has done and also in keeping us informed about the transitions.

    • corey brown

      We won’t turn the lights off until after all of the accounts that are going to be transferred are successfully transferred and we’ve done all the other necessary things. The expected date for that would be late September or early October.

      Your account will be transferred all at once, but the accounts themselves will be transferred on a rolling basis. You’ll get an email once your account is moved.

      Amazon and eBay modules are being converted over. You should check your profile on HubPages for Amazon and other settings.

      If your account is opted in (or hasn’t been deleted and has at least 1 featured lens), then all of your lenses attached to that account will be transferred. Featured lenses will be published on HubPages with a 301 redirect from the original Squidoo URL. WIP lenses will be in your account, but unpublished. You can update/publish those at any time.

      HubPages is giving all lensmasters who transfer a grace period of at least 4 months before their rules will apply. The goal here being to give lensmasters who transfer the best chance for the Halloween and holiday shopping seasons.

      • Comfortdoc

        Thank you Corey. It has been challenging to say the least, in trying to figure out what is going on.

        So, I once I get the email from HubPages that the lenses are now hubs, I would expect to ‘see’ them on HubPages and not lenses on Squidoo. Revenues would be transferred over to earning on HubPages.

        If I understand correctly though, our Dashboards will remain until “lights out” here.

        • corey brown

          Yes, once you get the email from HubPages, your lenses will be hubs, and all Featured lenses will have 301 redirects in place from Squidoo.

          Dashboards will remain until the Squidoo servers are taken offline.

          Just to be clear on the revenue: we are not transferring earnings to HubPages. Once your lenses are live on HubPages, you will earn money through their programs, not Squidoo’s. We will be sending payments out to all lensmasters who have earnings, with the minimum payment threshold set to $1. Two payments are scheduled: one by September 15th, and one around the beginning of October.

          • katiecolette

            What about Amazon and Ebay earnings while the lenses are still on Squidoo? I haven’t had any sale updates in 5 days. Are we still going to get the earnings? even though the sales are not showing up in the feed?

  • LeanneChesser

    Corey, I set up my transfer as soon as the announcement was made, but my lenses haven’t been transferred yet. Is there an issue, or is it just taking longer? My understanding was that those of us who opted in for the transfer early would be transferred starting on the 25th. Thanks for any help. I can’t file a bug report or contact support anymore, it seems.

    • corey brown

      No transfers have been made. The 25th was the earliest possible date, for opt ins only. Everyone involved has been taking a lot of care in making this right, so we weren’t able to start this earlier. But we are on track for the September 2nd milestone we said for all transfers to begin.

      • LeanneChesser

        OK. Thanks for your reply, Corey.

  • generationzip

    Unfortunately, I didn’t get an opportunity to log into Squidoo to delete my account before today’s deadline. I went ahead and accelerated my transfer in order to get my lens moved with the idea that I would delete my hubpages account immediately. Can you share what the process will be to delete our hubpages account? Finally, once our hubpages account is deleted when will our Squidoo lenses and Squidoo account be deleted?

    • corey brown

      Once your account is moved, all of your Featured lenses will get a 301 redirect. You’ll have to check with HubPages on how to delete your account. We plan to shut down the Squidoo servers after all accounts are successfully transferred and we’ve wrapped up everything on this end. That’s expected to happen at the end of September/beginning of October.

  • Snakesmum

    All good info, thanks for letting us know.

  • lollyj

    Guess I got my dates wrong. Was planning to delete my lenses today and discovered there are no delete options. Not sure I have the mind or energy to jump through new hoops at hub pages.

    • Comfortdoc

      Slow and steady Lollyj. It’s taken a bit of adjusting to writing hubs, but they are similar to Wizzley and Zujava if you have used those writing platforms.

      • lollyj

        Thanks Comfortdoc. Squidoo is the only platform I’ve used. Did not plan to transfer my lenses. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see how things are on hub pages.

  • SynchronicityHouse

    Thanks so much keeping us posted Corey :)

  • Kaylah_Bellydancer

    I have a question:

    I had a popular feature lenses, so it would have been eligible for transition to Hubpages. It became unpublished and was subject to manual review by Squidoo some months ago. I have contacted Squidoo about this many times, Case 157193, but the lense is still in unpublished mode and locked by Squidoo with no feedback as to whats happening. I have also lost the ability to claim the earnings on this lense due to the time it has been locked.

    I have also contacted HubPages & they advised not all content will be transferred. That prpbably means mine wont be as it isn’t published ??

    Can you please advise me what I can do?

    • MissNikkiSays

      Squidoo is not responding to anything written here which really says a lot. I also had a lense that was “locked” and when I edited it and tried to get it published again I got NO response whatsoever to my 5 or 6 emails sent to their customer service department.

  • AstroGremlin

    I have a lens that was just demoted to a “work in progress”. It’s What should I do?

  • MissNikkiSays

    I want to delete my squidoo account but missed the dead line … when will I be able to delete my hub pages account after it goes through?

    • MissNikkiSays

      And what if I already have a hubpages account? Will my content move there?

  • molhambakir

    I already have a hubpage account, but can’t login as it always take me to sign up with hubpage!

  • nugaprima
  • Jeannieinabottle

    I already have a HubPages account with the same user name I have on Squidoo. Is it possible for the 3 lenses I have on Squidoo to transfer into my current account on HubPages?

  • Medyum Platformu
  • aswahayah

    good info, thanks for letting us know.

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  • albertgaga

    All good info, thanks

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