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New Cash Payout Threshold

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 10.53.39 AMStarting with the July 2014 payout we’re changing the cash payout threshold to $25.

Currently you can set your cash payout to $1, $5, $10 $15 $20 or $50. Having multiple thresholds makes it hard for us to scale and we’ve found that the majority of the web uses a more standard payout threshold, usually in the $25 to $50 range.

This means that you’ll accumulate your earnings in your reserve hopper. Once the hopper reaches $25 or more you’ll be paid via PayPal.

You can read about the new policy in the Payment FAQ’s too.

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Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • britflorida

    Do we need to change settings or is it automatic? Thanks!

    • bdkz

      There’s nothing you need to do : )

      • britflorida

        Perfect – thank you :)

        • DaveStone13

          Perfect for me, too. Thanks for asking the question, Jackie.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    This is par for the course for most earning sites online, understandably so.

  • kindoak

    It’s a good move. Ought to save on administration/fees and anyway it’s the norm out there to have a single limit. 25 bucks is very reasonable..

  • scarlettohairy

    Sounds like a good idea. Thanks for the heads up!

  • DeniseMcGill

    Understandable. Thanks for letting us know.

  • mommytalks

    While I am not disagreeing that it is difficult to manage thousands of payments at just a few dollars each, I am hesitant to support this. Recent changes have led to many locked lenses and, in turn, payments are withheld. If earnings have dropped to a few dollars each month, it would take a YEAR or more to collect those earnings. Who knows what changes will be made over that year that would cause a lens to be locked?! In other words, earnings that were acceptably earned months prior will be lost to future changes simply because YOU changed the payment threshold!!

    Are you GUARANTEEING earnings or are you still KEEPING them?????

    • bdkz

      When an individual lens gets locked the lensmaster is eligible to receive payments for another 60 days on the locked lens.

      • mommytalks

        right, but if they don’t meet your new threshold within that 60 days, then what?!

        • bdkz

          The money just goes into your reserve hopper.

  • survivoryea

    Good business sense! Thanks for the heads up :>)

  • Vicki_P

    Yeah, this is not too surprising. Since I’m new, I think it’s going to take me a long time to get there, however. But I’m going to have to pace myself here since I really have the responsibility of making some extra money for my cash-strapped family! This is a fun place to be more creative . . . and I’m working on a lens now that is definitely different. Lol.

    • gottaloveit

      Vicki, you might be surprised how Squidoo earnings can snowball. Keep writing and producing well written, helpful lenses and you’ll get there quickly.

      • bdkz


  • tcaldy

    Makes sense.

  • reasonablerobinson

    Neat thanks for explaining :)

  • bushaex

    While raising the bar above $1 is a common-sense move, $25 will surely discourage more lensmasters than you seem to think. If Squidoo was really looking out for contributors, a middle ground of $5 to $10 would allow for more frequent positive reinforcement. Zujava happens to use $5 while HubPages goes the other way at $50. Like many lensmasters, I was earning between $15 and $40 per month before everything changed here at Squidoo. Now I’m lucky if it is $2. Nevertheless, that allowed Squidoo a chance to share the wealth every single month. With the new policy, I guess one check from Squidoo every 12 to 24 months makes financial sense for Squidoo’s corporate cash flow — but this is certainly another step backward in treating lensmasters as true partners.

    • jen09_writes

      I agree completely. The way things are now, many new lensmasters are discouraged and give up because they can’t even reach the $1 payout. That means less credibility for the site which equates to less visits which equates to less income (for Squidoo and lensmasters). Big loss for everyone.

    • KyraB

      I have the same problem as you! Most of the time I only get in between $2.00-$8.00 a month it will take me about four months to get to this new payout.

    • bdkz

      Think of the $25 threshold as a goal. If you’re only making $1 or $2 per month challenge yourself to make more content, try a new way of writing or participate more on social media. There are 1,000′s of lensmasters who meet the $25 threshold. Challenge yourself to be one of them. You can do it!

      • jen09_writes

        I would be interesting in knowing the total number of lensmasters, however to find the percentage. Thus far (and I know I have only been here for 2 months) I have 25 lenses and have yet to receive a tier 2 payout. That being said, I have been told by staff members I am doing very well. That being said, if I had 100 lenses at the current payout if all of those were tier 3 it would take 5 months to reach $25. That means if I had only 50 lenses it would take 10 months. When you consider that if you don’t cash out in one year my money is GONE, there seems to be a very good chance that I would never be paid. I know this works great for those who have developed a following, but what I am saying is that with those statistics, few newcomers will be paid within the first year of writing for Squidoo. That means less lenses will be made, fewer visits, lower payouts, and then it takes even longer. Not cool in my book and certainly not encouraging.

        Also should add that with a current problem I am having that is not being addressed I have only been credited $0.13 compared to more than $1 that should have been credited, I am wondering how much money is not paid out regardless. Sure would love someone to contact me to help resolve the problem I am having… it might give me a little more faith in decisions squidoo makes…

        • Judy_Filarecki

          I feel that the $25 level is too high for many of us. I’ve been at $5 and would consider raising it to $10, but feel discouraged about $25.One of the reasons I switched from other places I wrote for, was because the payout level was too high.
          Receiving a payout about 6 times a years has been a motivator. Now I’m not sure.

  • artbyrodriguez

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • RockinPicks

    Works for me.

  • CalobrenaOmai

    In my opinion, 25USD is too high of a threshold. 10USD is good, 5USD even but setting it so high will make things a bit daunting. The move is understandable but this may do more harm than good.

    • bdkz

      Payment will not change.

  • jen09_writes

    I am not sure how I feel about this and will need to do a little thinking on it… I have been getting upset with Squidoo over a payment issue anyway and this may just take it over the top enough for me to jump ship and find another more reliable site. Here is my opinion:

    I understand the difficulty in the different scales.
    I understand other sites do it this way.
    I understand that Squidoo takes time to build up a following and so forth.
    I understand Squidoo’s payouts are much much less than they used to be due to less traffic.
    I understand new lensmasters often get inpatient and won’t stick around long enough to get a payday of $1 as it takes too much time

    I believe that this will make it take longer to get a paycheck
    I believe that this will discourage more new lensmasters
    I believe this will cause many lensmasters to quit trying (quite possibly myself included)
    I believe discouraged and former lensmasters will give Squidoo a bad name
    I believe a bad name will mean less credibility
    I believe less credibility will mean less visits to the site
    I believe less visits to the site will mean smaller payouts
    I believe smaller payouts will make it take longer to get a paycheck
    And on the cycle goes

    I hope I am wrong but I really think this is going to hurt Squidoo a lot more than help it. I will do some thinking the next few days, but especially if my payment problem doesn’t get a response, I really think this new thing has put me over the edge and I will be gone.

  • Steve_Kaye

    Recognize that a reward system drives the way people participate. When I ran a management consulting business, I often challenged executives to consider how people might respond to company policies.

    While I understand the value in simple book keeping, I also realize that computers can crank through book keeping in seconds.

    So I encourage the HQ team to evaluate what they are really trying to accomplish and how this change helps make Squidoo a better place to publish.

    • mommytalks

      Well, it doesn’t make Squidoo a better place to *publish*. It makes it an easier place to manage. I ran a business for 18 years and I liked to challenge myself to keep my people happy. This isn’t winning over me as a raving fan!

      • Judy_Filarecki

        I agree with Steve and mommytalks. I personally feel discouraged by this change and think that only management has considered itself and not the impact on the writers, and without the writers, there is no Squidoo.

  • PaulOnBooks

    It would have been a good idea to stagger this over two or three months (and perhaps give a month’s notice).

  • Hairdresser007

    oh boy! My last payout was $1.26. I guess it will be quite some time till I get paid! HAHA. Oh well, I do it for the fun anyways.

    • CalobrenaOmai

      Its fun to an extent but I need every bit of money I can get. I’m actually surprised that I was able to cash out twice with $1 and change and I’ve been here since 2010. Have already deleted some lenses thanks to the additional change that has taken place recently and hope I won’t have to do so again.

  • rauspitz

    Not a bad idea. Not bad at all.

  • kiwinana71

    Thanks for letting us know about the changes. Have a great day and remember to smile.

  • Merrci

    Works for me! Thanks.

  • Lovelifelaughter

    I am quite disappointed to read this. I make very little from my lenses, and if you are still giving us only a year to make the $25 I cannot see me ever making anything. I am feeling quite discouraged. I suppose, on the plus side, at least the charities will benefit.

    • bdkz

      If you’re making $2.08 per month you’ll make $25 for the year. A couple sales per month will easily bring you over $2! My advice is try new lens styles, see what works and promote your lenses. Just like anything (blogs, brick & mortar stores and other online writing) the more you participate and produce the better results you’ll see. If you’re not making new content it may be harder to reach your goal, this applies to any writing, not just Squidoo : ) Don’t get discouraged, make a plan to succeed!

      • Lovelifelaughter

        Thanks for the encouragement, Bonnie.

      • RobertZimmerman

        Unfortunately, most of us have a limited amount of time. I already invested months learning how to create great lenses but the lack of traffic was not my doing. So now you expect us to spend all our free time experimenting with lenses? Basically you are making a business decision based on transaction fees that will net Squidoo tens of thousands of dollars. I can dig that, I might do the same. But I would not be surprised if the traffic decreased because of losing 60% of your writers. Good luck to all.

  • Stephaniehut

    Thank you for the heads up.

  • NanLT

    Not sure why this change was brought about. Perhaps the powers that be at HQ could elaborate? Given that my monthly payouts have been under $10 I take it I won’t be getting anything more than every 2 or 3 months.

    Hate to say this, but this is giving me the incentive to take my business elsewhere.

    • bdkz

      $25 is pretty much an industry standard. We’re acutally lower than most sites.

    • teddyy

      i agree

    • DreamsInBloom

      Among other things, it actually costs companies money for each payment they send out. To send out less payments means less fees to paypal. It also costs less in terms of time spent for their employees working on the payouts. It then also frees up time so they can be doing other tasks that are equally important.

      • PaulOnBooks

        Yes, there are costs associated with each transaction. No, it doesn’t free up people – the process will be automated, as will sanity checks on each payment run.

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  • Wir55

    This is unfortunate. My payouts have gone down considerably even though I have done as much work. They have gone from in the high $20 range down to $3 last payout. I too will be looking elsewhere

  • Ladymermaid

    I agree with a higher amount but also worry about new people being able to meet that amount in the first year. In the past money would roll over to charity if it were not withdrawn within a year. Will this be changed so people have a bit longer to garner the $25.00?

  • Deborah-Diane

    This makes sense. You are right that most of the other sites have a threshold that is about the same level. Thanks for letting us know.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Deborah!

  • Titia

    I always thought Squidoo was special because of the low treshhold payouts. Sorry to discover they’re not so special anymore. 25 bucks might seem reasonable for those who earn a lot each month, but it’s a high treshold for those who don’t.

  • DiMcDonald

    THis is not a good move for lensmasters. I have been with Squidoo since 2006 and right now the only thing that keeps me here is the fact that I can look forward to getting a payment each month. With my payments down to $5 a month right now, and the new policy of payouts when I reach $25…I may as well give up and go elsewhere. Do you not value your lensmasters???? Obviously not!!

    • bdkz

      We absolutely value lensmasters. You won’t be losing money, just getting a larger lump sum when you reach the payout.

      • jen09_writes

        Many newcomers will be losing money as we have to cash out at least once a year or our earnings are donated to charity. If we don’t meet the quota, our money disappears. I consider that losing money.

        • teddyy


      • DreamsInBloom

        Bonnie, I am seeing people concerned that if they earn, say only $15 in that year that they money will go to charity because of this. “It’s worth knowing that if you go more than twelve months without reaching a payout, regardless of how small, we’ll assume you’ve abandoned your account or aren’t here for the money, and your unclaimed royalties will be returned to our system and applied to our overhead and the Charity Fund.”
        For some that small amount less than $25 can still be really helpful, especially just after the holidays. Also, this would be especially frustrating to newcomers.
        Could/would the policy be adjusted since the payout threshold has changed?

      • jen09_writes

        Also want to add in here that while I know you only have to make $2.08 a month to get paid once a year, how many brand new lensmasters make that in their first month? second? third? with current payouts the way they are, I think it is very unlikely a new lensmaster makes that much every month

  • Nonersays

    Well, since I average 3 bucks and some change on a GOOD month, it’s gonna be a long time before ya’ll have to worry about paying me again I guess.

  • adventuretravelshop

    I have mine set at $50 at the moment do I have to change it to $25?

    • bdkz

      No need to change it : )

  • bloomingrose

    I am sad about this. I remember Squidoo paid me my first buck on line, I also remember getting a two dollar payout when I was released from the hosipital, and I have always bragged about Squidoo’s low threshold as an easy way to get on board – not now I guess.

  • rogeralyn

    Aw man now I’ll never get paid…LOL :)

    • bdkz

      You will! You can to this.

  • KyraB

    When it takes about four-five months to get to that amount…one is not so thrilled about it. =(

  • alisonw6971

    It seems a bit high to me. I have been discouraged from writing for other sites because I feel that I might never reach that figure. Even seeing $1 in your PayPal account would be encouraging. Instead, people will be likely to post some articles and then give up. This means that this site is now another one that will benefit from articles, yet never have to pay out much money. :(

    • bdkz

      1,000′s of our lensmasters will reach the $25 payout in July. It’s really not that hard if you’re creating new, useful and shareable content. Don’t get discouraged, find a way to succeed. The threshold does not take any money away, just think of it as a piggy bank.

      • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

        “…find a way to succeed.” Absolutely perfect advice, Bonnie!

  • favored1

    I do understand, but wish it didn’t jump so much. This will be really hard for some people who need encouragement for staying on Squidoo.

    • bdkz

      Thanks for the feedback. Think of the threshold as the encouragement! Most people probably won’t spend the $2 that gets paid into their PayPal account, they let it accumulate. This is the same thing. Once you get your first over $25 payment it will feel more substantial.

      • jen09_writes

        Still with all of the scammish websites out there, this makes Squidoo much less credible in my eyes as i do not have quick access to the money I have earned. When I am trying out a new website, one of the first things I want to know is: Will they really pay me? If I have to wait several months to find out if I get paid at all, it sends up a big red flag.

        • flycatcher

          Thousands and thousands of lensmasters have been paid by Squidoo on regular schedule since its launch in 2006. Realistically, one would be hard-pressed to find anything more “credible” on the internet than a site with that kind of track record. :)

          • jen09_writes

            The track record for others may be good, but the fact that one cannot get a response to a bug report regarding the first ever payment that didn’t occur says it may only be reliable for some people. I am saving all of my lenses and am now writing for Zujava. If I don’t get a response on my issue within 30 days I will be moving all lenses there.

  • rray001

    I am still working to get commission but this is the norm on other business I am involved with.

  • rray001

    I am still working to get commission but this is the norm on other business I am involved with.

  • massagetechniques

    Thanks for the heads up. It will take a month or two until I reach the threshold, but who knows with a couple of new good lenses, I could get to 25 each month. I better start writing.

  • aaalyssadeboer

    I’m still not being paid for my recipe lenses…. is there any way I can get a response from Squidoo?

    • jen09_writes

      I also am tryijng to get some payment issues taken care of. I will not be writing anymore until they get settled. If not fixed in a month I am finished and will be spreading the word about the issues as well. I have enjoyed my time here, but the lack of response to problems is more than upsetting me.

  • KateHon

    Thanks for the update – appreciate it!

  • vineliner

    I am NOT happy with this. $10.00 would be a lot more reasonable. With the dwindling payouts as of late, I am reminded of the Titanic!

  • dbodnariuc

    K, thanks for the heads up. It makes sense.

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thanks for letting us know, Bonnie.

  • kittyhappykitty

    Thanks for the information! You make me happy!

  • MCat711

    Personally, I’ll probably just set all my lenses to give everything to charity. I’m fairly certain I’ll never earn enough to make that payout threshold. Like many people here, I started lensmaking for fun and for the small number of people who found them useful, and the occasional dollar or two was just a nice bonus. So I won’t miss it much, but like so much about Squidoo lately, this is very disappointing.

    Of course, if my lenses keep getting locked and unlocked multiple times for no given reason, it’s pretty much a moot point…

  • Snakesmum

    While this is fine with those who are regularly earning reasonable amounts from Squidoo, I don’t think I can support it. My payments are usually around the $1 a month mark, and I’m sure there are many in this position. It is obviously going to take me at least 18 months to reach this new $25 total.
    Squidoo currently has a policy of giving earnings to charity, I believe, if the payout total is not reached within 12 months? Is this going to continue? If so, I and many others don’t have a chance of reaching the new threshold, and will therefore lose our earnings, unless this policy is changed.
    Sorry Bonnie, don’t go along with this at all.

  • hjohn1024

    Nice and informative lens. I’ve fallen back terrible on my Squidoo activities. This lens has served to motivate me to get going again

  • kajohu

    This sounds like a reasonable threshold to me. Adsense pays out after $100and the two affiliate programs I use pay out at $50. Bubblews (which I stopped writing for) raised its threshold from $25 to $50. It probably is a very wise business decision on Squidoo’s part to raise the threshold.

  • carlstarus

    Makes perfect sense… :-)

  • 0ctavias0fferings

    good thinking

  • denimexpert

    If you want to know more about New Cash Payout Threshold and Bangladesh then please see “” Bangladesh Denim Expo.

  • Novel_Idea_Books

    Looking forward to my first $25. Started on Squidoo for fun and the payments are just great.

  • james25882

    Its a good idea, who would really want a $1 payout anyway?

  • flinnie

    Sound like a good idea, thanks for the head uo.

  • gottaloveit

    Makes a lot of sense to me. I always thought it was quite generous of the site to set different thresholds.

  • prosperity66

    I thus won’t get next month payment before August 15th. A very first, a scoop, a never seen before, in my whole 7+ years Squidoo career :(

  • mojo_007

    Well that sux, so after you lock and close some of my best money making lenses…NOW I have to wait till I reach a payment of $25. But lemme guess all of the top Squids have the best ranking lenses, and make the biggest cut of all the money that is drawn to this site. I call shenanigans.

  • takkhis

    That’s fine for me! No problem at all. Thank you.

  • knowledgetoday

    Most companies do this.

  • MyAroma

    Sure seems that the point of this is to withhold money from lensmasters who don’t make all that much.

  • cavehouseman

    Oh, dear! I think you’ve moved the goalposts. And just as I was getting encouraged at the sight of a couple of dollars going into my account. Need to think about this one!

  • marsha32

    I already knew it was past time for me to ‘up my game’ Now I really have to unless I only want to get paid every 6 months! I already know which 2 lenses I am updating today.

    • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

      Bravo for you taking positive action by doing what you know needs done, Marsha! Here’s to that UPward motion!

  • bushaex

    I am pleased to see a growing consensus that this was a poorly-planned change by Squidoo. I can only hope that even more lensmasters speak out here candidly. After all, it does nothing to make Squidoo lenses rank more highly in the search engines. In fact, as noted by several lensmasters already, it will almost certainly lead to more and more lensmasters moving to sites like Zujava (where a $5 monthly payday is still a reality). That in turn means even less traffic for Squidoo and a smaller piece of the traffic pie. Where would Squidoo be without new and struggling lensmasters trying to make a buck here or there? This is truly a slap in the face for anybody except the “chosen few” who are fortunate enough to have figured out what it takes to remain in the top 2000 lenses month after month. That has never involved me but I have tried to remain loyal to Squidoo wherever I can. Like many I have had lenses locked for no good reason and only the vaguest explanation. Oh, and then there was the time a few months ago when Squidoo demoted me from being a Monster Squid because I didn’t want to produce three lenses with a new format. No loyalty seems to be forthcoming from Squidoo, certainly not with moves like this. Guys, Squidoo is messing around with “your” money. So for me, even with all of the locked lenses and demoted Monster Squids and everything else, June 17, 2014 is the day that the music died on Squidoo for me (my sincerest apologies to Don McLean and his American Pie lyrics).

    • jen09_writes

      THanks so much for telling me about Zujava… i have been trying to find a new site to write for. Moving business there today. Do you know of anymore like these you can share with me?

    • mojo_007

      Obviously my comment got deleted. People should speak out, because this is really underhanded, and only benefits the big squids who are all friends and are top.

  • Louida M

    Welp it looks like I’ll be getting paid every other month which doesn’t bother me.

  • smine27

    Sounds like a good idea to me.

  • flycatcher

    While I certainly would hate to see new lensmasters get discouraged, because those small “carrots” can be a real incentive to continue, there’s also much to be said for setting the bar a notch higher and giving oneself a goal to strive for. Looking around the web at other writing platforms, $25 is actually on the low-average side for payment thresholds so not at all unreasonable. It only takes a whisker over $2 per month to hit payout in a year, after all, so that’s not hard to achieve with just one single lens. On the whole, I suspect this will turn out to be a good thing for Squidoo.

    • JimHouston33

      It will definitely be a good thing for Squidoo. Just consider how many low earning sites there are on Squidoo, in the thousands. These people will basically never see their earnings. As far as helping to manage the entire site, this change is just a matter of a few keystrokes for them.

  • StephenJParkin

    Thanks. I think this actually makes sense.

  • sandyspider

    This makes sense.

  • MarcellaCarlton


  • marktplaatsshop

    thanks for sharing

  • PaigSr

    At this time all of my earnings go to the ASPCA. This just means that they will have to wait a bit longer. Whats important to me is that they still get the donations. Even if its a dollar or $25 it will still help them.

  • TableTalk

    Well, only $17.40 to go :)

  • bgadams

    Since I am new at Squidoo.. this is an awesome goal!!

  • vegival

    Am I understanding correctly that if a lensmaster does not meet the $25 threshold over the course of 12 months, that they will not receive ANY earnings that have accumulated? It doesn’t sound reasonable for Squidoo to assume that lenses have been abandoned if they have earned, say, $15 over the past 12 months. What if someone has earned $24 in 12 months — will they see that money or not? Also, do we all start our 12-month period in July, or is it staggered by our join dates or by our last payouts? I personally would have preferred to see a more modest threshold of $15 or even $20. I have one lens that is making about $9/month from lensrank. None of my lenses are big Amazon money-makers, but that shouldn’t be misinterpreted as abandonment or non-interest in sales. I would certainly like to be making more money! For the record I LOVE writing on Squidoo! I just don’t want to feel like any lensmaster’s earnings might be whisked away because they don’t meet the 12-month threshold. How about giving 2 years to earn $25? That would help those just starting get off the ground. It can take a while to earn that first $25. And, as an aside, does the exponentially growing number of great lenses on Squidoo mean that it’s more difficult to get a lens into higher tiers to earn more from the ad pool? Thanks, Bonnie!

  • DaisyDixon

    I think this is a very respectable decision. 25.00 isn’t as unobtainable as some may think. It might be a little discouraging to newcomers, but the ball is in our court. If we want to reach that goal, we’ll just have to play a little harder ;)

  • aswahayah

    Sounds like a good idea.

  • susan-zutautas

    Sounds like a great idea to me. When I first started at Squidoo I thought that the smaller payouts were a little low :)

  • davidmoses1986

    This is really a great idea :)

  • coolkid794

    Check my lense out

  • jfjones1

    I think that $25 is much too high. But on the other hand, the $1 and $5 threshold amounts are too low. I think that a moderate amount of $10 or $15 should be the new threshold.

    And why the rush to go with the industry threshold? Why now? Why wasn’t this done a few years ago when there were a lot more people creating lenses? Bookkeeping should have been more of a nightmare then, not now.

    Also, traffic is not as high as it used to be, which means that it takes longer to make sales. I understand the whole “make more lenses and you will be able to meet the $25 threshold”….pep talk. However, why make more lenses if changes are constantly being made to render useless the ones that we have already made?

    I have not made a new lens in a while. However, I have not removed the few lenses that I do have. I’ve been waiting for the dust to settle before I make new ones. But, right now, it still looks pretty dusty.

    Also, many people keep asking about the policy that states that earnings will be donated to charity if you do not make $25 within 12 months. (It indicates that you have abandoned your lenses?? Surely, the system still shows whenever you log on to the site.)

    I’ve gone through most of the comments, but the $25/12 month issue has not been addressed by anyone. Will this policy change once the threshold is increased?

  • kasman


  • patgoltz

    I have only one concern. I rarely make a fraction of $25, so it will take a long time to pay out. Since I contribute everything to charity, hopefully they will accumulate $25 more quickly than I would. Perhaps it would be good to be able to choose $10 for people such as myself. But I realize that the administrative overhead is not insignificant. Just a thought.

  • blackspanielgallery

    This is why I have been waiting to publish more, changes and change, and not for the better. It is another move at losing writers. I should collect every two months, but this is not acceptable to me. Before the changes, a tier 1 paid over $60, and even tier 3 paid over 60 cents. Look at what they pay now. First, get payments back up, then do this.

  • ducktoes

    I never seem to get payments so I don’t understand this much yet.

  • davesharp

    No problems thanks for the info.

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  • miriamyentraccm

    Thanks for the info, Bonnie. Sounds good to me!

  • linhah

    At the end of the year, if I have less than $25 sitting in the reserve hopper, does Squidoo confiscate it?

  • JenwithFlash

    Are you kidding??????? OMG… it’s going to take me 2 years to cash out. Even Christmas won’t get me there, maybe by Christmas the next year :(

    • jen09_writes

      Don’t forget… if you don’t cash out in 12 months your earnings are donated to charity. So if you don’t make $25 in one year, you start all over agian

  • chrins

    25 bucks reasonable standard payout! Thanks for the heads up!

  • TheMinuteIdea


  • robocity

    Since I’m sending the little my lenses earn to charity, this doesn’t affect me, but I can see how people might find it discouraging to be forced to reach a higher amount before cashout, especially if they only earn a dollar a month or less.

  • selfhelpguru

    I’m on both sides of the equation. My main account has been well above the new threshold for the last year (with several hundred lenses), and close to it ever since I got really serious about creating lenses. But I also have two tiny accounts, and from the looks of it, I’ll never get paid from those (i did get a couple oif payouts for one of them in the past though, thanks to the $1 threshold) . And since we can no longer move lenses from one account to another, I can’t transfer the lenses into my “big” account :( Any suggestions?

    Also, I too would like to know whether the rule of having to reach the payout threshold in 12 months will still applied. It’s been asked several times now and there still hasn’t been an answer. Or is this being negotiated as we file our comments? I think lots of people would like to know.

    Also a comment on the PayPal fees – from what I can tell, these are deducted from our payouts. Or are there additional fees that Squidoo has to pay too?

    Thanks, Bonnie!

  • teriann

    good to know, thx for the head’s up.

  • pastorkayte

    We appreciate the advance notice. My last place changed there payout and the next month when I didn’t get my money I was very angry, so I appreciate you guys telling us first. Thank you.

  • lovemicheala

    Thanks :)

  • artyfax

    I thought that being able to look forward to a monthly payday, no matter how small was a tick for using squidoo compared to other sites; many others have far higher minima. However, I do see that it is a business decision which needs to be taken to help Squidoo with the costs of running the site. Unfortunate but probably necessary.

  • senditondown

    Bonnie, if a lensmaster still hasn’t met the $25 threshold after 12 months, do they lose what is in their account or is Squidoo going to play fair and change that policy as well? If not, fairness is out the window.
    The encouraging words that are coming forth are to “work harder”, “create more and better content” with an underlying whisper that says, and maybe someday you will be paid.
    This change does more to discourage than to encourage and inspire.

  • thanhnicky
  • dawnraeb

    Right now feel okay about this news. The $25 threshold is far lower than the other site I submit to. I do hope I’m able to stay positive over time, since my goal had been to make blue box every month (and I haven’t always). My last pay was $1.89. I am working hard to be more productive. I feel like it’s on my shoulders to learn how to do this and earn the money – which clearly I’m doing very slowly. The good news is… I can purchase more things with a $25 deposit. If I’m only earning $1 a month, I have to save it up in paypal or in bank account anyway. So either way, that $1 – $2 just sits for some time anyway.

  • Chimp_with_a_keyboard

    The ever lower earnings per lens were already discouraging me from creating more. I decided to maintain them and wait until payments improved, before adding more. I can’t be alone in this. The new threshold means either I work like heck and hope to hit a $25 target in a year (when 3rd tier earned 66 cent per month sure, but now…seems very unlikely) or option two spend my time doing something more profitable elsewhere.

    I think a lot of low earners will choose option two as the effort/earning/risk ratio is too poor and those who have yet to see any payment will probably conclude this is a con site that pays no-one and leave also.

    I predict this site will stagnate from lack of NEW people with fresh new ideas for lenses.

    Sorry to sound so negative, but this seems like a very bad move for a struggling Squidoo to make.

  • BenBush

    I would love to be paid like that.

  • ahlaj77

    Sounds good :)

  • vikksimmons

    So, won’t be getting money as frequently. LOL

  • linsm76

    What a shame! Sites who have done this have also lost writers even though writers don’t lose earnings if they don’t meet payout in a year! Well, I guess my decision about trying new lenses here again was just made for me. I will stay where I don’t lose earnings.

  • Judy_Filarecki

    Where does the money go if we don’t reach the $25 threshold in a year? I keep hearing this mentioned and am confused. Does that mean my earnings would just disappear into Squidoo’s pocket if I don’t reach it. When does the year begin? Someone also mentioned Squidoo would save processing fees with PayPal by not paying out so often. Last time I was paid, the fee was taken out of my money not Squidoos. I’m really not happy with this change even though I have been making more than $25 a year.

    • jen09_writes

      it is donated to the charity fund

  • Denmarkguy

    It makes good sense from the perspective of administration… this may be harsh, but if someone seriously NEEDS to be able to withdraw $1, they NEED to be doing something more productive with their time than tinkering around on a web site like Squidoo.

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