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It’s Time! How Will Squidoo Pick An IMMINENT! winner?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 1.59.43 PMWe’re ready to pick our winner for the Giant Squid IMMINENT! challenge. This is a random drawing.

Here’s how this is going to work.

Every Giant Squid who submitted a lens and was picked for a highlight reel appears on this list, the list can be viewed, but not edited.

Each lensmaster is assigned one numbered line. For example, Stuwaha is #1, Ramkitten is #2, techmom is #3 and so on. Giant Squids received one entry for every lens that appeared on the highlight reels.

Now for the fun part.

Each day for the next five days, we will post the current temperature (at the time we write the post) in one of these cities:

Billings, MT
Miami, FL
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Toronto, ON
Cupertino, CA

Here’s the twist. On the last day (day six) we’ll multiple the temperature of these 2 cities and add that number to the total.

New Orleans, LA
Dallas, TX

The temperature right now in Billings, MO is 14 degrees. Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 2.09.10 PMIn tomorrow’s post we’ll add 14 to the temperature in Miami, FL. Each day the number will change.

On the last day (day six) when we multiply the temperature in New Orleans, LA and
Dallas, TX we’ll probably get a pretty large number. That number will be added to the total.

There are 1,389 numbers on our list. If the final number exceeds 1,389 we start over from the beginning. For example: If our final number is 1,578 number 189 would be the winner. 1,578 minus 1,389 equals 189.

So do check in every day and see the number change. On Tuesday January 7th we’ll have our winner. Good luck to all.

The small print…
We reserve the right to substitute a prize if one becomes unavailable.
If your account was removed for TOS violations or your lens was deleted or locked you lose the entry and the next number in line will win.
The winner is responsible for all taxes on the prize.
HQ can alter the list if we forgot someone (we’re 99.9% sure we haven’t). Additional entries will be added to the end of the list by Sunday January 5th at midnight EST. If you feel that your lens was left off e-mail for verification by Sunday.

Bonnie Diczhazy (bdkz) is Editor of the SquidooHQ Blog and Head of Community here at

  • flora-crew

    I presume all giant squids are also mathematicians?

  • Stuwaha

    Sounds awkward but fair… What happened to the bonus 5 tickets you got if you had 10 raffle tickets?

    • bdkz

      Hmmm…I don’t remember ever seeing that, can you show me where it was posted?

      • Stuwaha

        It was on the page where all the prizes were listed. Which I only know how to bring up when a quest is open. It said something to the effect of, if you manage to acquire 10 raffle tickets throughout the duration of the competition you get 5 bonus tickets.

        • Stuwaha

          Here it is… but I do believe that I misunderstood it :) THE RAFFLE Get picked for the Highlight Reel and get awarded the super cool Pirate Trophy AND one raffle ticket. Appear on 5 Highlight Reels over the course of the year and get 5 raffle tickets. The more you play the better your chances. We’re awarding 15 raffle tickets per week (some weeks we’ll award more if the lenses are good). (

          • KyraB

            I thought it worked that way too…

  • Titia

    LOL I never was good at math. but I trust you guys/girls are.

  • favored1

    I received several tickets, but didn’t see my name on the list at all. Maybe I’m not looking in the right place.

    • KyraB

      You can see the list in alphabetical order as well only it does not show which numbers you are at anyhow I saw that you are supposed to be listed 4 places in the line up. Where exactly I do not know but you are there :)

      • favored1

        Thanks guys I’ll take another look :)

    • ComfortsOfHome

      You can do Ctrl-F when you’re looking at the list & just search for your name on the page. That may be easier than scrolling down the list to try to spot it.

      • favored1

        It worked! Thanks, I appreciate it.

  • flycatcher

    How delightfully complicated – love it!

    • bdkz

      Thanks! We think this is fun and fair : )

    • Susan52

      LOL! Flycatcher, you really did make me laugh out loud!

  • nancycarol

    Thanks for the list Bonnie. Nice to see my name there a few times, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Win or lose, this was a great idea and a great contest, so I’m hoping Squidoo will do it again soon. Good luck to everyone!

  • Titia

    I only see 1389 entries on my laptop and you already lost me with your math example.

  • grammieo

    This will tax my brain for sure. I think I’ll just keep writing about stuff I love and wait till the final outcome! In the meantime I have everything I can cross, crossed! lol

  • Ladymermaid

    Completely confused as always lol.

    • Titia

      Same here, I’ll just wait and see who’s getting the cheers in the end.

    • bdkz

      That’s the cell that other people are currently looking at. No one can edit the original sheet though.

  • christy_rose

    Confusing, but also a very fair way to pick the winners. It’s like a weather lottery! :)

    • bdkz


  • tembrooke

    Wow! That certainly makes it interesting. I’ll be curious to see how the numbers work out.

  • DaveStone13

    Thank heaven we trust you, Bonnie. That math went by me like an invisible train.

  • RockinPicks

    You lost me after the first multiplication, but Ok, what ever.

  • RockinPicks

    Where are the extra tickets for doing 5?

    • bdkz

      I think there was a misunderstand about the 5 raffles tickets. Here is the wording from the lens “Appear on 5 Highlight Reels over the course of the year and get 5 raffle tickets. The more you play the better your chances.” These are not bonus tickets. You get 5 tickets for having 5 lenses the highlight reels, 10 tickets for having 10 lenses the highlight reels and so on.

      • KyraB

        Okay :)

  • sybil-watson

    Sound like fun, and it was fun being able to participate in the Imminent quests. Looking forward to whatever you have in store for us this year!

  • Pastiche

    My head hurts.

  • raveonstudio

    So exciting!! Hurray! Good luck everyone;-)

  • dawnraeb

    FUN! thank goodness i’m not in charge of the math! :)

  • cercis70

    Very interesting approach to selection.

  • DebW07

    I was always pretty good at math so I get exactly what you’re doing. What a clever and fair way to choose a winner. Thanks Bonnie and all the other hardworking folks at Squidoo – Congratulations to all the Giant Squids who made the list!

    • bdkz

      Thanks Deb!

    • getmoreinfo

      I am glad you understand it Deb. LOL

  • esmonaco

    Very interesting, and fair, but I think I’ll leave the math to you guys!!!!!

  • scarlettohairy

    Bonnie, is it January 6 or Tuesday? (the 6th is Monday)

    • bdkz

      Yikes! It’s the 7th.

  • veryirie

    Win or lose, it was fun! Looking forward to many more challenges in 2014! Good Luck to everyone!

  • adventuretravelshop

    Wonderful! I love it good luck to all of us!!

  • katiecolette

    Wow, what an interesting and fair way to pick a winner!

  • SgtCecil

    Seems to me like a few of us might be taking this raffle too seriously. Imminent was fun. The ideas were cool and encouraged me to contribute more. I hope there are other events like this in the future, prizes or no. Oh, by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    • RockinPicks

      It was fun. It seems like this weather thing they are planning is very fair and leaves it totally up to chance. I don’t understand it, but looks good anyways. I hope they do it again or something similar for 2014

  • KampSeagull

    Fun!!! Best math word problem ever… Can’t wait to see who wins! There have been lots of great lenses over the last year. :)

  • campingman

    Wow……algebraic, logarithm factoring for scoring,,,,sheesh, let me know who wins lol

  • Papiers

    That’s an adventurous tour of the weather world. Have fun, I’ll wait for the announcement with wiggling ears.

  • dbodnariuc

    With Toronto on the list we might get to negative numbers. LOL Good thing you didn’t include Ottawa, On, It’s freezing here. Good luck to all lensmasters!

  • angelatvs

    Good Luck to All! Congratulations on crafting a whole bunch of excellent lenses throughout the contest!

  • tim-bader-982

    Sounds like a fun way to do it – I will leave the maths to you guys!

  • medtange
  • gottaloveit

    Wowee! I was expecting the tickets would be tumbled in a fishbowl and a hand would pick the winner. Was I way off!

  • elainechen

    sound very interest :-)
    Good luck to myself and everyone who are in the list :-)

  • poddys

    So if I understand it right, over the next 5 days you are going to total the temperatures in 5 cities. Assuming the temperatures range between 30 and 80 that means anyone numbered between 150 and 400 is likely to win. Only if the temperatures on most of the days are close to or below zero is someone at the start of the list going to have a chance, and as for those over 1,000 the temperature would have to exceed 200 degrees every day. Or maybe I misunderstood the arithmetic?

    Ah ok I missed the bit about the 6th day. That’s enough to do my head in…

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    It will be so much fun to congratulate the winner! Great way to randomize the pick!

  • patgoltz

    That’s hilarious! thanks for the laugh of the day! :D

  • Mickie_G

    I have always been numerically challenged so I have always depended on “the kindness of strangers”. Not that you are “strangers”, you should get the drift.

  • patgoltz

    Hmmm. I hope all that global warming improves my chances. ;)

  • Papiers

    I’ve returned to ask about the fact that some have one lens and some have 36 lenses entered. How does that figure into this; I mean how does it increase our chances of winning if we have submitted many lenses if everyone is given one number?

    • bdkz

      You have a better chance because you appear more than once on the list : )

  • bekat

    Ha ha. An online random number generator would have been so fast and easy. Go nerds! <3

  • gottaloveit

    Typo: Is it Billing, MT or Billings, MO? Not that it matters that much but it’s a typo above.

  • leahjsongs

    I’m so confused, but I trust you guys!

  • —Chazz

    Did you get one of the writers from Big Bang theory to come up with this?

  • Papiers

    Bonnie – seems like I saw somewhere to report if we weren’t listed. All my lenses were listed, but I only got 8-100pt Imminent Reel notices. Is this correct? Did 2 of my Imminent lenses not make the grade even though they made the list?

    • bdkz

      For the last two weeks (when you could make up to 10 lenses) I only awarded 100 Points, even if you made 1, 7 or 10 lenses

  • tok2gman

    Cool! Good luck! … and Happy New Year!

  • TheCureForYouthMinistry

    I went brain dead after “multiplying the temperatures”… :)

  • RubyHRose

    Amazing, what a fun challenge for us, great motivator, can’t wait….

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