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Important Update on the HubPages Transition

Here’s an update for you.

Our original plan was to disable lens editing and creation today, but we’ve decided to extend this until tomorrow to give you a little more time.

Tomorrow (August 23rd) at 8am EDT, pages will all be unable to be edited or created on Squidoo. Also, new account creation will be disabled.

If you’ve opted in, your lenses and account will be transferred to HubPages according to the schedule, and you’ll be notified when everything is successfully transferred so you can review your pages and resume editing and creating.

Reminder: if you do not wish to make the transition to HubPages, you’ll need to delete your Squidoo account before August 29, 2014. Be sure to back up your content first. If you haven’t deleted your account by August 29, 2014, your account and pages will be moved automatically to HubPages beginning on September 2nd. Some accounts may move sooner, but those will only be from the group who has opted in. You will receive notification from HubPages to your Squidoo account email address once your account has been successfully transferred. Remember, you can always delete your new HubPages account at any time if you don’t like the way the transition is working for you.

Updates to the FAQ:

HubPages has stated they will give all Featured lenses a minimum of a four-month grace period before HubPages’ rules and TOS will be applied. This will make for a great Halloween and holiday season for all lenses created for those occasions.

We’ve updated the FAQ to make the payment schedule more clear and we’ve lowered the payment threshold for those who prefer the earnings vs. donating to charity. See the FAQ for specifics.

Here’s a recap of the schedule:

  1. Tomorrow, August 23: new lens creation and editing and new account creation will be disabled at 8am EDT.
  2. Friday, August 29: last day to opt out of the HubPages transfer group. Backup your lenses and delete your account by this day if you want to opt out of the transfer.
  3. September 2, 2014: HubPages will begin the import of opt-in members. We expect this to move quickly, and you will be notified by HubPages once your account is transferred.

Additional reading:

Corey is the COO and one of the cofounders of Squidoo. Follow his antics at coreyweb.

  • Susan Deppner

    Thanks for the update, Corey, and for all the hard work that’s going on behind the scenes.

  • CherylFay

    Thanks for the update. Good luck on your new endeavors.

  • GroovyFinds


  • sandyspider

    No wonder I seen that I could edit today.

  • hargaac

    nice share

  • MSchindel

    Thank you, Corey, for the welcome extension and for everything you’ve gone and continue to do for us.

  • survivoryea

    Good to know-thanks!

  • Merrci

    Thanks for this Corey. This must be difficult for all of you. Wishing you and all at HQ the best.

    • corey brown

      Not difficult Merrci! We want to make sure everything is handled with care, and the HubPages team is doing the same. Happy to do that too.

  • Comfortdoc

    Thank you Corey. Nice to have the additional time.

  • KathyMcGraw

    I still never saw clarification on will we be paid if we delete a lens that we know won’t make the cut at HP? I have a couple that I don’t want to transfer with my account, and 1 in a niche account that I want to delete, but don’t want to lose the money I already earned. Please can you tell us an official answer.

    • corey brown

      Kathy, if you delete your account (i.e., to opt out of the transfer), you will be paid as normal for that account.

      To be clear, deleting one or more lenses from any account will work as it has since the very beginning: the attributable revenue will be moved to your reserve hopper and paid to you when payment is run. However, a deleted lens will no longer be eligible for any portion of the ad pool for that pay period.

      Hope that clears things up.

      • KathyMcGraw

        Yes Corey, thank you. So, I can delete my niche account and still get paid what I already earned. I can also delete lenses that have money on them, and still get paid what I earned from sales. That’s how I read your response :) Thank you for the clarification.

      • TanoCalvenoa

        Is there no option for being paid for August, but NOT being transferred to HubPages?

        • corey brown

          Transferring your account to HubPages has no bearing on the payment rules I mentioned above. There is no opt in requirement to be paid (and opting out is as described – you will be paid).

  • LindaJM

    Awesome… I’m sorry to say goodbye to Squidoo but appreciate the work you’re doing to move our work to HubPages.

  • paperfacets

    Thanks. These events sure upset my armchair. I think I will remain in the chair and see what happens. I do not feel like editing anyway. Will miss this cyber home.

  • StephenJParkin

    Thank you for the update and work you are doing to ensure the transfer is smooth.

  • grandmamarilyn

    Thank you for this update.

  • Mia-Mia

    The extension is very welcome and appreciated. I only wish it had come BEFORE I sat at my computer working away from yesterday afternoon through 5:00 this morning.

  • teriann

    Thx for the update…thank you squidoohq for all you have done over the years for this community…very sad to see it go but life does move on and so must we.

  • goatfury

    Thanks, Corey. Is there a way to confirm that everything is set up properly at Squidoo’s end for the transfer? I’m talking about for my lenses, specifically.

    • corey brown

      If you have opted in, then you have nothing to worry about. You’ll receive an email from HubPages once your account is transferred.

      • goatfury

        OK, thanks. I opted in, but I’m still a little nervous. Just want to make sure all the good content is moved over safely!

  • Writingnag

    Thank you!

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thank you, Corey. I am grateful for the extension. Now if I can just drink enough coffee to do one more all-nighter. Thought these were over at my age!

    • Janiece

      That was me too last night, Kathyrn! I stayed up editing until I just couldn’t stay up any longer.. Then I woke up at 6 and started again… Thanks so much for the extension, Corey and everyone else who participated in this decision!!

      • Kathryn Grace

        Yup, at it again, though I’m running into snags and not getting as much editing done as I’d like.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    I’m thankful for the extra time. Appreciated!

  • goldenecho

    THANK YOU! This answers a lot! So, I’m guessing Sept 1st is the last chance we have to hit that green button?

    • corey brown

      If you don’t delete your account on Squidoo or hit the green button and sign up on HubPages before August 29th, your account will automatically transfer. You will have all the normal options for your account once it is there.

  • ajgodinho

    Thanks for the update Corey!

  • Lenscrafter76

    Hey hubpages doesn’t have anything like plexo links voting..can Squidoo share/host plexo or its code so we can still use it? popular or not this was the best and most unique feature of Squidoo. Useful for easy audience participation on either lenses or websites and blogs, and feedback. I sent a ticket asking about plexo but i don’t think i got any response.

  • Jeff

    my content (and apparently account) has been deleted. i am not happy at all. i will be seeking legal action if my content (from over 4 years of using your site) is not returned to me. please contact me privately, but i would also appreciate you not deleting this comment if this is how your company is going to treat people who worked for you for years when you get bought out.

    • corey brown

      Please send us a bug ticket so we can look into it. Thanks.

  • Marti_L

    Hey Corey, I just wanted to say goodbye. I appreciated being one of the original Citizen Squids. You were a good and supportive friend and I will miss you and the rest of the team. Best wishes to you!

    • corey brown

      Thank you Marti! It is nice to see a face I recognize from those early early years. Best of luck to you.

  • emsaenz

    I already have an account on hubpages and they will not accept my transfer. They say my user name is already taken. What should I do?

    • corey brown

      You will need to create a new HubPages account for your Squidoo content. Please see their FAQ link in the post above.

  • lakeerieartists

    Corey, will we still have accounts to look at on Squidoo until the payments are complete? How will we track them?

    • corey brown

      Yes, we plan to keep the Dashboard up and running until the transfers are completed. It could go a little bit beyond that date too.

      • lakeerieartists

        Okay, thanks.

  • Moe aka @biggirlblue

    I really wish you’d given more time. I was a way for almost two weeks.

  • TanoCalvenoa

    Answers to questions about the transfer continue to be unclear. Will anyone be paid for August for lenses that were deleted? If not, then it comes across as “You will consent to the transfer or no pay for you!” I deleted all my lenses but expect to be paid for July, and the portion of August that they were up. Or will I be punished for not wanting to be on HubPages?

    One fellow lensmaster, sousababy, intends to leave her account up until close to midnight August 31st with intent of being paid for August.

    Let’s get a clear answer about this.

    • corey brown

      I answered your question below. If you delete lenses, they will only get their attributable revenue (Amazon and eBay royalties). I’m not sure what’s unclear here, but to answer you specifically: you will be paid for July and you will be paid for whatever attributable revenue you earned in August for the lens(es) you’ve deleted. We are not basing payment on anything related to opting in (or not) with HubPages.

  • vazbuda


  • DoloresPepper

    I cannot export my lenses, I get an error saying the url is invalid. Does anyone have a suggestion?

    • LaraineRose

      Hi Delores. You’ll probably get an answer tomorrow. I don’t think anyone answers on Sunday.
      If you don’t get an answer. File a Bug Report. That should work.

      • DoloresPepper


  • whatamess

    I continue to try to access Squidoo to backup my lenses and determine what I will do. I cannot access Squidoo at all. Please advise as this states we have until 29AUG and for the last two days I have not been able to login to Squidoo.

  • large bearings

    I have a couple that I don’t want to transfer with my account, and 1 in a niche account that I want to delete, but don’t want to lose the money I already earned.

  • RubyHRose

    Yes, thanks for the continual updates. I am already missing all the wonderful quests and things I learned. It’s been a great experience.

  • nemesis233

    Well nothing is happening..

  • xinh-xinh-1800


  • Medyum Platformu
  • aswahayah

    Good to know-thanks!

    adp 40th a

  • aswahayah
  • westhuntclub

    Thank you, Corey, for the welcome explanation and for everything you’ve gone.

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