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IMMINENT! Day 5: It’s Even Cold In Cupertino, CA

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The deep freeze is on!

Here’s our Day 5 results.

Billings, MT at 14 + Miami, FL at 63 + Dar es Salaam, Tanzania at 86 + Toronto, ONT at 28 + Cupertino, CA at 43 = 234

So today the number is at 234.

On the last day (tomorrow) we’ll multiple the temperature of these 2 cities and add that number to the total.

New Orleans, LA
Dallas, TX

We’ll record the temperature at noon EST.

PS – If you missed yesterday’s post this is how we’re picking our IMMINENT! winner.

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  • lisadh

    So given the weather forecast for today and tomorrow in those two cities, I am predicting that the final number will be less than 1389. If that’s the case, the final number will be negative. (i.e., If the final number is 1130 and you subtract the 1389 entries, you get -259). Will you just ignore the negative and choose that number? So in this case, 259 would be the winner?

    • katiecolette

      I just looked up the forecast and I am getting 39 by 48 plus 234, so a total of 2106. From what I understand, the winner is going to be the total less 1389, so 717 +/-

      • lisadh

        Those are the high temps for tomorrow. Bonnie is going to record at 12 EST, so the temps should be lower. Right now, says it’s 27 in Dallas and 35 in New Orleans, and it’s almost 3 pm EST.

        • katiecolette

          Wow, 31 in Dallas and 28 in New Orleans right now. You are totally right about the temperatures being low morning-noon. Looks like the total may not go over 1389.

    • OneFootPutt

      In your example, the winner would be 1130. You only subtract 1389 if the multiplication tomorrow goes above 1389.

  • dbodnariuc

    Ha, ha, ha. This is fun. Too bad we didn’t have two or three winners. The winner takes it all.

  • sagebrush_mama

    So, my brain just had to work on this, considering the lows tonight and the expected highs tomorrow…a little excel time, an approximate range of 20 to 47 for Dallas, range of 23 to 37 for New Orleans, and that leaves 420 potential winning numbers (28*15) within that range. Some actually duplicate. If you want to torture yourself, now’s a great time to get to know your excel program a little better! :)

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