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IMMINENT! Day 2: It’s Cold In Miami Today!

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Are you ready for day 2?

It’s not as cold as Cleveland but Miami, FL is a bit chilly today at 63 degrees.

So we’ve got:

Billings, MT at 14 + Miami, FL at 63 = 77

So today the number is at 77. Stay tuned for the temperature in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania tomorrow.

PS – If you missed yesterday’s post this is how we’re picking our IMMINENT! winner.

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  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Minus 8 with freezing fog in balmy Colorado.

  • britflorida

    I’m about twenty miles north of Miami and when I woke up this morning I didn’t think ‘brr, it’s cold here today’ – it was ‘how will this affect Imminent?’

    • bdkz

      LOL…that is too funny!

  • Pastiche

    -7 in Vermont down from yesterday’s high of -3

    • bdkz

      We’re getting -12 next week!

  • Titia

    Dar es Salaam is hot, about 87.8 and Toronto is jumping up and down, today -4 on Sunday 30. At my place it’s pouring rain and a thunderstorm is just moving in and temps are way too high again for the time of the year.

  • dbodnariuc

    Oh boy i need to move to South. I swear I’ll never say it’s chilly at 63 degrees.

  • flycatcher

    Minus 20-something Celcius with a touch of blizzard, today, up here. Miami’s 63 F sounds pretty good about now. :)

  • scarlettohairy

    60 right now in Phoenix, close to Miami’s temp. Stay warm, you guys!

  • grammieo

    Minus 23 and feeing like -40 with the wind! ……Baby it’s cold outside!

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