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Introducing HugDug

“In 2013, Corey, Gil and Seth were thinking about the impact that Squidoo has created. What we were the most proud of… It wasn’t hard: We’re thrilled at the schools that have been built, the animals that have been saved, the medical research that has gone on directly as a result of the generosity of our favorite Squidoo users.

Squidoo gives people a platform to share, to teach, to talk about what they care about. We wondered, though, what would happen if we streamlined it, focused it and created a new platform for a different sort of user?

Hugdug combines beauty, generosity and mobile in a new way.” -HugDug About Us Page

We’re pretty excited about this new site but realize that our current lensmasters may have a few questions. So I’ve put together a short Q & A.

What exactly is HugDug?

HugDug is a site for people who want to write reviews for charity. Simple as that.

Can I try HugDug?

Sure, you’re welcome to give it a whirl but keep a few things in mind. HugDug isn’t a place to promote or link to Squidoo. We’re not trying to interlink these two sites. Each site will run completely independently. We’re just announcing it here on HQ because we know that people are curious.

So yes, if you’re interested in writing an original review for a cool charity like Acumen or Room to Read try it out, we think you’ll love the format. However if you’re happy with what you’re doing here on Squidoo there’s no reason to leave. Many of the cool new features you see will be integrated back into Squidoo in the next few months. Plus, many of the people who write for HugDug may have different goals than Squidoo users. The number one goal on HugDug will be to generate money for charity.

HugDug? What’s with the name?

Aside form being super fun to say (and easy to remember) we wanted a name that gets people thinking about charity and giving and we think HugDug works pretty darn well.

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Applause for what sounds like a great program for world-wide charity! The charity factor of Squidoo is one of the main reasons I love it and it is great to learn about HugDug and that it is entirely for charitable causes. Added to my ToDo list! Thanks so much for the introduction to this project, Bonnie.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Ruth, we’re pretty excited about it too.

      • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

        Me too! I will definitely be adding a few articles on HugDug (I do love that name!) in the near future.

      • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

        Well, I could not wait–published my first article on HugDug already!

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    I love any new opportunity that allows me to use my passion in ways that make a difference for others. This sounds like a great way to touch lives.

    • bdkz

      Thank you for the nice comment! Love this.

  • tim-bader-982

    Wow, that sounds so cool. I don’t know whether I’ll get time to do anything on there, but I salute you and the team for supporting such worthy causes!

    • bdkz

      Thanks Tim!

  • ibidii

    Sounds great and I have a few I will write on behalf of the Blind and visually impaired groups.

    • greytdogz

      I’m visually impaired and love that you do this. Thank you.

      • ibidii

        @ greytdogz I have some lenses already for visually impaired see my lenses at ibidii.

  • greytdogz

    A wonderful idea/site. I’ll definetly be adding content whenever I can. Topic and charity: dogs of course. :)

  • DaveStone13

    Since this seems to duplicate something we can already do on Squidoo, there seems to be a puzzling conflict here. Is there something we can do on this new site that we aren’t already able to do?

    • bdkz

      The main purpose of HugDug is to create simple sharable content for charity. There’s no lensrank or template choices and it’s much simpler for people to get started. Create a review about something you own and love in 140 words and share with your friends.

      • DaveStone13

        If it’s 140 words or less, it won’t draw valuable traffic away from Squidoo, which is my main concern. Squidoo’s reputation for supporting charity is one of its most valued features and one that certainly increases its value. Nothing should interfere with that.

  • lin444

    This sounds wonderful! I will be writing on here for sure. Love the name too.

  • DaisyDixon

    Sounds awesome! I will definitely contribute when I can. Great idea!

  • fullofshoes

    way cool idea… :)

  • Merrci

    Another inventive program! Hope to contribute. Thanks for sharing it.

  • 2muchtrash

    Another dumb site with an even dumber name.
    Hmmm, wonder how long THIS post lasts? I’m
    betting not long because Squidoo can’t stand
    anyone who won’t wave the pom poms and give
    their best rah rah rah cheers, can they?
    I will give you one thing: the Titanic captain didn’t
    realize that all they needed to do to survive was bring
    another ship alongside to retreat to when the ship
    started to go down, but Squidoo did!
    Oh, for anyone wondering why I would risk my
    account and talk negative about Squidoo – simple!
    My account is now locked and will be deleted in
    just a few days! Good riddance to bad rubbish,
    right? lmao

  • aswahayah

    wonderful idea

  • TechDad

    “Within 90 days, we donate 50% of HugDug’s profit to the charities our users identify. We compute our profit after expenses and taxes. We allocate the donations based on the sales made via each review.”

    Why does HugDug keep the other 50% of the *profit*? In other words, I would be writing to raise money for charity, and to make money for someone else. Nice one.

    Also, the favicon is Squidoo’s.

  • TanoCalvenoa

    I just wrote a review for this site. I’m glad this exists.

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