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Happy Friday! Here’s a preview of the new lens design.


Just wanted to give everyone a little sneak peek of the new lens design. This lens is How to Make Gorgeous Glitter Paper Butterflies from Kinworm on the Paintball theme. We’re still tweaking the design a bit but thought you’d enjoy this preview of what we’re working on.

Have a great weekend!


Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • kinworm

    Thank you for using my lens as an example. I really like how nice and fresh the preview looks and I like the blue links – even though you can get different color hyperlinks online, I still think that blue ones attract the most attention and click throughs. So I’m very happy if that is going to be the case.

  • MSchindel

    Thanks for the preview, Bonnie! It’s great to see what’s coming before it happens. :) From this example (Marie’s lens) it looks as though part of the new visual unification and branding strategy involves removing the unique branding for the magazines, So Crafty! and GoodVeg. Since the majority of my lenses are in those magazines, can you tell us about their future? Will those magazines continue to exist and, if so, how will they change? Thanks again for sharing this sneak peek with us! :D

    • bdkz

      The magazines skins are going away however the GoodVeg WordPress Magazine and the GoodVeg and SoCrafty Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest pages (which are very successful with outside visitors) are going to stay. We did this to have a more consistent look while still preserving the GoodVeg and SoCrafty brands.

      • MSchindel

        That’s terrific, Bonnie! The power of the Squidoo magazines to promote our lenses and expand their audience and visibility is the most valuable aspect of them for LMs, and this strategy makes perfect sense. Thanks so much for letting us know! :D

        • bdkz

          You’re welcome!

  • dcoleman93

    I would love to use this lens design:-)

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thanks for showing it to us, Bonnie. Will all lenses have the same background now? Are themes gone?

    • bdkz

      No, this is just one of the themes that will be available.

      • Kathryn Grace

        Yay! Thank you for getting back to me.

  • rms

    Love the look!

  • unholyscribe

    Looking great and thanks for the advance warning. . . .

  • Scindhia

    Looks good. Waiting to see the other cool themes!

  • Silver_Lotus

    I like this!

  • goldenecho

    This page got put on crafts on Squidoo, so it doesn’t show that theme anymore. But I like the thumbnail preview.

  • Deborah-Diane

    I love the preview. The new lens design is gorgeous and looks fresh and updated!

  • burntchestnut

    One suggestion is to also have the social media and “like” buttons repeated at the bottom of lenses. Not everyone will scroll back to the top of the page.

    • StereoMike83

      Just came here to make the same comment. It always seemed natural to me to hit like when I got to the bottom of the lens rather than scroll back to the top again

  • sabutler

    Thanks for the preview. It looks good! :)
    And thanks to the developers too for their endless work improving the community. :)

  • Steph Tietjen

    This is some great work–clean, clear, and professional.

  • neta10
  • Kylyssa

    What does it look like below the fold? Or is it just the top that’s changing and everything else stays the same?

  • hasnad

    good info

  • retired60

    I like the lens look update and thanks for sharing.

  • marsha32

    I don’t see any theme when I click on it? Maybe I missed it being late coming in.
    If I did, does this mean that we will be able to put a theme behind our craft lenses….or books, or any of them that start out the url with something else other than www?

  • short49

    Nice preview looks great.

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