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GoodVeg Magazine: We’re Looking for a Few Good Apps

draft_lens21493314module169316926photo_663e76a34584bc6cef2c5That means appetizers, because what’s the end of football season without some tasty finger foods to nosh?

If you’re paying attention to the game, you don’t want to have to really negotiate your food. You just want something delicious that’s easy to eat, and that preferably pairs well with beer or soda, because on game day, healthy eating bets are usually off.

Over at GoodVeg (our Squidoo magazine for everything vegetarian and vegan) we’d love for you share some of your go-to game-day recipes, like this one for Vegetarian Nachos Grande – Our Favorite Appetizer for Sunday Football. And we bet you may make one or two vegetarian dishes, without even really thinking about them being vegetarian. If you have a meat-free favorite, please share a link your lens on it below in the comments, and we’ll in turn, share it with the GoodVeg audience! We’ll keep an eye out for great game-day recipes all the way up to Super Bowl Sunday!

We can’t wait to see what you’re eating (and to make some of your recipes ourselves!)

Photo Credit: Vegetarian Nachos Grande – Our Favorite Appetizer for Sunday Football


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Stephanie Mangino is Squidoo's Food & Crafts Editor. A former print editor/reporter and radio anchor, reporter and news director, she loves research, writing, reading, great food and inspiring ideas.

  • getmoreinfo

    My favorite appetizers are quick and easy, I look forward to see all the vegetarian recipes for the super bowl this year.

  • BarbaraCasey

    Wow… thanks for featuring my vegetarian nachos recipe, Stephanie.

    • Titia

      WOW those look great Barbara, I’m sure gonna try them soon.

  • SherwinG

    vegan appetizers taste great.

  • sofiapasta

    I just decided to become vegetarian because I got sick with diabetes.
    Good thing to see that there´s information about that here too!

  • sophia-friedenfels

    Hi, it looks really promising, wondering if we can work for you to develop website, mobile app or any custom development……do share your thoughts with us. Thanks

  • VenusPsychic

    i have tried to be vegan but i have stopped .. i have put too much on weight.. now i eat normally and all back on track. strange … x from VenusPsychic

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