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From Squidoo to HubPages: A Mover’s Guide

7332015_f260Veteran HubPages and Squidoo writer Relache has put together a nice guide to help with the transition called From Squidoo to HubPages: A Mover’s Guide.

So do give it a read, I think you’ll get some really good information from it.

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • relache

    Swim on over, the HubPages waters have both cool and warm sections, just like everywhere else! Seriously though, I feel in have done really well over at HubPages, and there are a lot of authors from Squidoo who have been writing there since it started, so it’s actually neither as lonely nor as unfamiliar as you might think.

  • AcornOakForest

    Thank you Bonnie! Helpful article.

  • MSchindel

    Thanks so much for this great info, Rae, and for sharing the link with us, Bonnie!

  • CherylFay

    Great Info. Thanks for being there and helping with the transition.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Personally, I feel like a sheep being led to slaughter. Thanks, but no thanks.

  • poetvix

    It was nice of Relache to care enough about the folks here to provide some useful information. Thank you Relache.

  • tuoichungtinh

    Thanks you so much, I hope that fun in this pages

  • burntchestnut

    Too bad this guide wasn’t created when Squidoo made their big announcement 4 days ago. It would have helped a lot of us to decide what to do. I’ve been removing lenses and will make my own decision at a later date. I may put some on HubPages or may go somewhere else.

    • relache

      I made it the day of the first announcements. By the way, allowing Squidoo to move your content will save the original publication date.

  • partybuzz

    Thanks for this information, Relache. I’ve been over looking around and reading the faqs. There’s one thing I’m curious about and haven’t seen mentioned anywhere. That is the image size. Here at Squidoo some of our images tend to be quite large, but at HubPages the images seem to be smaller and not as wide. When our lenses transfer over, will HubPages automatically resize them, or will we have to upload new images. Relache, or anyone, do you have any ideas on this? Thanks.

    • relache

      That’s a wait-n-see. After all, I find out when my lenses move too. But big pictures should not be a problem.

      • partybuzz

        Thanks, relache…I guess it is wait-and-see for you, too. :) I’m sure everything will work out one way or another.

      • partybuzz

        Thanks, relache…I guess it is wait-and-see for you, too. :) I’m sure everything will work out one way or another.

  • janice0123456

    Thank you so much, it is a nice article..thanks also for shared the link with us..

  • raveonstudio

    This is very helpful Bonnie, thank you;-)

  • glockr

    “Then, after the process is complete, you will get a note from HubPages (at the email address you use for Squidoo) with simple instructions on how to set up an account on HubPages. If you already have a HubPages account (set up months or years ago), you’ll have to set up a second one to hold your transferred lenses, but don’t do that until you hear from them.”

    With all due respect, if it works this way it’s totally totally RETARDED for anyone who was naive enough to already have a Hubpages account with the same email as their (former) Squidoo account. Let me get this straight… with modern technology it’s somehow impossible to import existing Squidoo content into an existing Hubpages account. So I create a NEW Hubpages account, because, gee who knows…

    Unfortunately in order to import my old Squidoo content into my new Hubpages account also isn’t possible, since according to the FAQ the email address on both accounts has to match. Of course they CAN’T match because I’m already using that email for my (former) Squidoo account and current Hubpages account – and Hubpages won’t let me create a new account using the same email.

    Unless you can tell different it seems like anyone who has (current) Squidoo and Hubpages accounts will either have to (a) accept losing all their Squidoo content because they can’t import it into an existing Hubpages account, (b) lose their existing Hubpages account on account of the fact Hubpages makes you delete your account before you can create a new one using the same email address, or (c) manually download all my lenses and manually transfer the content to Hubpages or wherever.

    Gee, “thanks.” And Bonnie, I’m not PO’d at you but whoever made this decision to do it the way it was done… I feel ripped off. And I don’t care how “generous” Seth is or how “caring” he acts I think I’ve lost all respect for him. Not that he cares, he’s made millions off of people like me…

    • KathyMcGraw

      Not wanting to get into any arguments I will say there is more to this than a simple one way or another. I read almost all the messages on HP from Paul….and he mentioned this way of transferring and the reasons why. For one, they are giving us a grace period where our lenses will be published automatically and stay published (if they are already featured now) for 4 months (per last statement) unless we go in to edit it. So, all the Squidoo people/us will have published articles that might not even match their platform. That alone is well worth making a 2nd acct to me. At least the people here that don’t want to lose another years worth of holiday earnings has some time.

  • mrhaovnbk

    that great’s

  • abdulhamid1

    Helpful post. Everybody will be benefited by reading this post.

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