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Downloading Squidoo Content

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 8.11.33 PMWe’ve had multiple questions about downloading Squidoo content during the transition period.

To download lenses go to your Dashboard: and click the link that says “download all your lens content for this account” so you have a backup, because all content on Squidoo goes away in October. You can read more about this in the FAQ’s.

Once downloaded you should open the XML file with a text editor. All computers should have a text editor program installed.

We’ve have resolved a lot of the bugs associated with downloading content so you should be able to get your files now. If you are still having problems please do file a detailed bug report.

Bonnie Diczhazy is the Editor-in-Chief of the SquidooHQ Blog. Send her a Tweet at @bdkz.

  • campingman

    Bonnie, WHY are you still there? Let good old Seth deal with the fallout. You and Robin have both given so much over the years (which is probably why you are still there trying to help the squid-ites still struggling with the ‘copy and save’ change) For sure, the absence of any comment from Seth does leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. Good luck to you and Robin and most of all? Thank you.

  • goatfury

    Thanks, Bonnie! Your help is always appreciated. I reckon I’ll see you over on HP.

  • PaulOnBooks

    Can we have a clear and definitive statement on the future of dashboard revenues? Many (and not just those under the recently imposed threshold) are wondering. Will amounts small and large be paid to the content owners? When?

    • NanLT

      I am wondering as well – will people who are currently below the threshold be paid all money owed to them?

      • oldnavyguy12

        As of now? No.

    • susannaduffy

      Very keen to know what will happen to money earned from sales made in July and August

    • PaulOnBooks

      That should include how outstanding amounts will be paid in the various possible account/lens outcomes.

      • annmackiemiller

        oh heck I’ve pressed the button – will I lose all my cash?

    • campingman

      ……………………**crickets chirping**……………………as you all wait for answers that unfortunately will probably NOT be forthcoming. Squidoo (Seth) has demonstrated this sort of behavior over tough questions in the past. Besides……. Seth has moved on. Good luck all.

    • relache

      A clear and definitive statement is in the moving FAQ. Learn to be proactive in this process, people.

    • terrapin719

      If I don’t want to move my lenses to HubPages so I delete them to stop the transfer process, do I still receive earnings from those lenses? And does that apply if I only delete some of my lenses and not all of my lenses?

      I should be over the payment threshold for both payouts. However, Squidoo not paying those that are under the new $25 threshold during this process is kind of a jerk thing to do. When most people close a revenue sharing program or other similar program, they remove the threshold and pay everyone. Considering the Squidoo $25 payment threshold is brand new, it almost looks like suspicious behavior.

  • Mia-Mia

    I am one of those with less than $25 in my “hopper”. I earned that money, and I want it. I had some sales in July and August. I want that money, too. Please let us know how this will be handled. Thank you.

    • relache

      READ THE FAQ. It’s the second answer given.

      • Jodi_k

        It does say you will be paid. It doesn’t specify whether the recent $25 minimum payout requirement still applies.

        • campingman

          You hit the nail on the head. Very broad and general answers to everything. Don’t tell rlache….she is being very positive and pro-active. It might spoil her day if anyone thought her answer’s were in-conclusive…….and ‘squid-Qtrs’ sounding.

        • KathyMcGraw

          The way I read it was if you were under the minimum that the money would go to the Acuman Fund. However, when a company disolves they still need to pay their bills, and that includes all money under 25$ since their closing has prevented anyone from reaching the limit imposed.

          • Mia-Mia

            Exactly my point. The money is owed to us. I read the FAQ before seeing this “article” but it is not entirely clear — intentional?

  • mrducksmrnot

    GOD BLESS to all the Angel’s and Squids. Never thought this would happen but as with everything…all good things must come to an end at one time or another. I’ve enjoyed all the lens and the emails and comments. I have been most blessed from all and my cup will always runneth over because of this site.
    Wishing everyone the best. I plan on enjoying the rest of my days enjoying my grandchildren and children. As my bio says, if our paths cross one day, may it be in peace and harmony toward one another and may we all pray for each other and the world. Dan n Western NC aka mrducksmrnot

  • MareeT

    Thanks so much for your help, Bonnie.

  • aswahayah

    Thanks for sharing such a nice information, its beneficial for me.

  • terrapin719

    I clicked on the download all link, then the screen said export in progress and a button should appear here shortly… that was hours ago, still no button for downloading the zip file. Not sure if it’s supposed to take hours or if it’s just being stubborn.

    • Gloriousconfusion

      I have the same problem. How long is it supposed to take? At what stage do we send a bug report?

    • relache

      Reload the screen and the download button should appear.

    • terrapin719

      After a few page refreshes the button showed up. The text files aren’t pretty, but they’re better than nothing for someone who has a lot of lenses.

  • favored1

    I’ve tried but nothing is happening. What should I do now?

  • robilo2

    Thanks for the help

  • d-artist

    Hi Bonnie ….it says, click the link that says “download all your lens content for this account” …..I’m having difficulty because I’m so literal and always need exact direction
    My question is, what does this mean “for this account? I tried downloading and a huge number came up…I saved it, yet I don’t know where in the heck ‘this account’ is…certainly not in my computer…I looked for three hours.

  • alisonw6971

    I downloaded mine and tried to open it with a couple of word type programs but all I got was a load of symbols instead of words!

  • dannystaple

    If like me you find the XML download missing a lot (unless you had a lens made up of text/write modules only, it is a bit useless), and are trying to cut-and-paste out, you may find that the links on the commerce modules accidentally activate. If you tried to be clever like I and use big amazon modules with actual content related to the lens and the product this will be really annoying.

    If you are using firefox, or chrome, then right click on the page, and select “inspect element”. In the page that shows, select “console”, (you should see an area to type commands in) and from there type the following to stop them doing that:


    Then press enter. You can probably temporarily suppress other content attributes in lenses or in the workshop this way with a bit of sneakiness to make it easier to copy out your content.

    • AstroGremlin

      Tried this. Didn’t seem to clean up the content very much. But it does contain more than the XML. Thanks for trying.

  • AstroGremlin

    Didn’t work with Notepad which I assume is a text editor. The XML code has a bunch of “detail” links, but missing most of the content when I paste it into WordPress. I am able to download the HTML code directly from the lens, open it with Notepad, and that pastes into WordPress (using Tools). But it will need a lot of editing. If that’s as good as it gets, please let me know.
    Would appreciate a piece with more detail on downloading lens content and would appreciate Squids refraining from thank-yous and other topics.

  • blanca-verome

    Well, all my money is going down the drain, I guess. I wasn’t able to export anything, since the button never shows up. I am so sad and disappointed right now. The least Squidoo could do was make this a smooth transition and pay up. i see sales still popping up from my lenses, but there’s no way I’ll make the payout. Why would I give Seth MORE money than he already has?!

  • opheliakeith

    I still can’t download anything. I don’t have much but I’d like to take what little I have and put it on my own blog.

  • Erin Stover

    Well, I’m a little bummed out about this whole thing. I have been using Squidoo for about four years and have been on HubPages too and I have kind of preferred Squidoo over HubPages. I don’t know what happened because I haven’t been too active lately, but I am sure sad to see Squidoo go away. It’s been a nice experience. Thank you everyone.

  • Mrs_Fletcher

    I’ve tried all that and still have no access to my lenses (bar what I had backed up externally) – so it looks like Becksta is starting again.

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