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Good Morning! What Do YOU Want To Write About?

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.36.20 AMWhile I enjoyed the holidays I’m always a bit glad to get back into a routine although mother nature messed with us today. We’ve got 12 inches of snow coming which means my husband is home so it still feels like vacation here in Cleveland.

Aside from shoveling my car out of the driveway my goal for today is to come up with some new quest ideas. We love challenging all of you and we could use some help. Share an idea for a quest in the comment section of this post. Are you interested in 60′ music? or Quentin Tarantino movies? or pie? or astronomy? The more niche idea the better.

We can’t promise we’ll use every idea but having a list will help us focus quests about the things you know and love.

Have a great day. I hope it’s warmer in your end of the world.

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Bonnie Diczhazy (bdkz) is Editor of the SquidooHQ Blog and Head of Community here at

  • Anukish

    12 Inch snow Fall… Omg

  • Titia

    I would like to see some ‘old fashioned’ quests back once in a while, where we also can enter ‘normal’ lenses and not only the new formats. I read the other day that lensmasters are missing the squidlike quests too. Those new formats are often so restricted in possibilities that one hardly can express some creativity.

    • bdkz

      Thanks Titia! We do have lots of regular lens style quests via the Squidoo Clubs: so be sure to join those too. We also had some SquidLiking quest before Christmas so be sure to check your Quest tab daily but we can certainly do more. Good ideas.

      • Titia

        Sorry I forgot a bit about the clubs. I also forgot to give some ideas.Here are a few: photography, not the equipment, but photos, old or new.
        family history
        special feasts/celebration where you live
        pet/farm animal stories
        item in your house holding special memories
        something hanging on your wall

        • bdkz

          Love these! Thank you : )

  • GabrielaFargasch

    How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home on a Cold Snowy Day with No TV!
    (this one will definitely be a challenge! LOL)

    • bdkz

      Good one!

  • d-artist

    Happy New Year Bonnie! Yes I’m glad to get back to some normality …as for me I love writing about my life experiences, especially the past family research of genealogy…the older I get the more driven I am. my newly published lens is an example of an interesting discovery…But then I’m an odd ball squidooer, just my opinion here…

    • bdkz

      This is a great idea! Experience lenses are awesome.

  • BarbaraCasey

    Oh, gosh, Bonnie… sending you some sunny Florida greetings. I am so glad I don’t have to shovel snow anymore. Which gave me an idea for a quest: “What do you like best about your state/province/city/country?” You might add, too: “What do you like least?” Is there a Squidoo Travel Club?

    • bdkz

      Ah FL! Sounds wonderful. Great idea about a state/country quest. We do have an Adventure Club which also includes travel so I’ll let Robin know about your idea.

  • glowchick

    I would love to see a quest about Shakespeare adaptations :)

  • katy1941

    I just wrote my fist post…. can you imagine it’s about fishing?

  • JoanneOtt

    I love classic tv and movies, so writing about one from the 60s, 70s, or 80s would be fun.

  • getmoreinfo

    I think this is a good way of helping us put our thinking caps on, the big thing in the news right now is ObamaCare so maybe a quest about health plans would be interesting for people to share their experiences.

  • veryirie

    Happy New Year to everyone! Here’s my thoughts:
    “Today – Out My Window”

    Back in the 80s I think it was…..there was a series published where photojournalists all over the world simultaneously took a picture of something in their part of the world. I can’t remember the name of the series, (A Day in the Life?) but I was fascinated with that process.
    Wouldn’t it be great if writers on Squidoo could do the same thing one day in a quest? Take pictures of one specific day or event (of course, ALL on the same selected day) and publish these? Many of us are so scattered geographically. I think that would be a really interesting quest! :)

  • esmonaco

    How about, Best Valentine’s Day Gifts or Crafts, Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids!!! By the way, we were hammered with snow today in Western NY!!!!!!

    • DaisyDixon

      Really? My family is from Buffalo, but I live all the way down in KY! We got 1/2 inch down here and the stores here are sold out of bread haha.

  • grammieo

    The choices are endless and yes, I agree with Titia, encouraging the older style lenses would be good. I enjoy the shortened “reviews” but sometimes find they just don’t make me want to know more…………..

  • junejame

    I’m wondering myself that What i wanna write today!

  • tim-bader-982

    We’ve got continuing gales and floods here in the UK. These came across the Atlantic from the US, so I hope we don’t get snow next!
    Quest ideas: strategy board games, “european” style board games, or strategy games on Xbox/Playstation consoles (as there are so few of them).

  • getmoreinfo

    Writing about the upcoming summer would be fun because winter is so cold. LOL

  • waynekat

    ‘What to do in case of…’ lenses?

    ‘How I survived…’

    ‘What my Grandmother would have done about…’
    ‘Do you remember when..?’
    ‘When I was a kid I really loved…’
    ‘Why my pet is the best pet ever.’
    ‘How to make the best ever…’

    ‘Bucket lists.’

  • DaisyDixon

    What about games you remember playing as a child that didn’t involve technology?

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