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Lens of the Day: The History of Ancient Plumbing

plumbingCalling all History Buffs and anyone who likes clean dishes, clothing and bodies.

Today’s Lens of the Day is a fascinating read about something most of us take for granted everyday, running water.

The lens shares comparisons of ancient plumbing to today’s more refined technique for bringing water where it’s needed most.  Go. Learn.

The History of Ancient Plumbing by lensmaster ottoblotto is just one of the interesting lenses you’ll find at Best of Culture on Squidoo.


Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

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  • ottoblotto

    Thank you so much for the honor of being the LotD recipient! I am sincerely grateful for this blessing!

    • rms

      You’re very welcome. Well deserved!

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