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Lens of the Day: Epic Farms Horses

As the result of a recent exclusive Level 80 SquidQuest, today’s Lens of the Day was selected and written by Guest LOTD Author, Sylvestermouse.

A truly remarkable lens touches your heart, soul and mind. You know it is an exceptional article when it brightens your day and makes you smile.

Epic Farms Horses by 24websurf makes you just want to reach out and touch each amazing and beautifully proud horse. You will want to give a virtual hug to the caregivers at Epic Farms and you will be inclined to become better acquainted with the author because she presented each horse in such a personal way that you feel you know each one yourself.

As I read this lens I am reminded that no matter what struggles we go through, if we can remain strong, our spirit cannot be broken. So, take a walk with the horses of Epic Farms today. You may even find you want to play tug of war with Shadow and his yellow blanket.

Big Thanks to Sylvestermouse for showing off such a terrific lens!

Use the comments section here to congratulate Sylvestermouse and to share your thoughts about the great Epic Farms Horses lens.

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Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • LuvJoy

    I’m a big horse lover, and I think what your friend is doing for them is wonderful. Kudo’s to her for her efforts and you for creating this great lens to bring it to people’s attention:O)

  • WordCustard

    Shadow is so adorable with his blanket, and I loved learning about each of these gorgeous horses from this beautifully-written lens. Lovely write up for it too with an inspiring message.

  • VillaDejaBlue

     Nice lens

  • AbandonGames

    Great lense about horses had a nice reading ! i got a funny cat pix lense ;)

  • projectlazy

    I moved to a big city about 5 years ago but god I miss all the animals

  • prodiarist

    Horses are pretty awesome creations..i like them

  • BuckHawk

    Sylvestermouse, you sure know how to pick ‘em. Great job of choosing a wonderful LOTD!

    • rms

       I thought you might like it.  :)

  • pawpoint

    Love horses, used to have an appalosa

  • arnold1049

    I used to raise POA’s. Appaloosas are my favorite. I currently have 2 Belgian draft horses, but I’m looking for an Appaloosa-colored mini.

  • smanaher

    Love horses and cannot be without them. This is a great lens.

  • gonzalezdenise

    I have always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. Great lens.

  • Sylvestermouse

    I just wanted to stop by and tell everyone how much I appreciate how sweet you have all been to me and to 24websurf!  Robin, thank you so much for selecting this recommendation and for honoring me by letting me write this post!   You are all Most Excellent!

    • rms


    • Kimberly Dawn Wells

      Thanks for taking the time to do it!

  • hanahred

    hahaha….. i agree… “if we remain strong our spirit cannot be broken…” love that.

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