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Where’s The Beef? Not here.

The RocketSquids went meatless for a challenge and came up with some great meat-free recipes. Delicious!!!!!

Tomato Sauce Recipe Delicious and Quick

1. Tomato Sauce Recipe Delicious and Quick

I have a delicious tomato sauce recipe that I make each week. I don’t feel right if I haven’t got some freshly made in the fridge. I then add it to various dishes like pasta, lasagna, rice, casseroles, soups etc. as and when I need it. It’s…

Easy Semolina Sweet Balls Called Sooji Laddoo or Rava Laddoo

2. Easy Semolina Sweet Balls Called Sooji Laddoo or Rava Laddoo

Laddoos or laddus are small sweet balls made with flour and sugar along with few other ingredients. Rava laddoo or Sooji laddoo is an easy Indian sweet made using semolina flour which is often made during festivals and family celebrations. It is extremely…

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms with Flax

3. Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms with Flax

Stuffed Crimini Mushroom Caps. I had some crimini mushrooms to use up, with odds and ends in the kitchen. As an experiment, I developed this recipe. I was very pleased with the results! My empty plate can testify to that. These mushrooms are a great idea f…

Perfect-Best Burrito

4. Perfect-Best Burrito

When I was newly married, I went to my best friend’s apartment. She was also newly married, and we both loved to cook and needed to do it on a budget. She had a pot of pinto beans on the stove. She made me a burrito by smashing the hot pinto beans dow…



I use to always think cheese paste was disgusting and blah. Until one of my Indian friends gave me this recipe which contained no egg yellows which was what I found most gross in the original cheese paste recipe. Now I love to serve this as an Hors d’…

Tasty Pancakes

6. Tasty Pancakes

Pancake is a cake prepared from fried batter. The batter is mainly composed from some kind of flower and a liquid (usually milk). It is simple but popular food in many countries. The recipe here is very easy to make, and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Kevin's Orange Pistachio Cookies

7. Kevin’s Orange Pistachio Cookies

A scrumptious light and crisp, orange flavored cookie, with a slight salty pistachio tang. Many moons ago, when my husband and I were still in college, a friend of ours was a chef who made the most extravagant meals with mouthwatering desserts. One of the…

A great Trifle recipe for Sunday dinner!

8. A great Trifle recipe for Sunday dinner!

This is a great recipe for a traditional trifle for that all important Sunday dinner! This version doesn’t use any jelly, so if you have a few vegetarians with you for dinner, there’s no need to crack open the ‘special jelly’ (FYI, my g…

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