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What’s For Breakfast Squidoo?

Our new weekly What’s Cooking at Squidoo Quest produced a multitude of delicious breakfast recipe lenses this past week.

In case you didn’t know, Squidoo is home to many of the very best homemade recipes you’ll find anywhere, online or off, and because of that we’ve been actively promoting foodie favorite lenses at some of the hottest social media sites around.

We invite you to stop by and join the fun at Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

And now, just in time to go with your morning coffee, we’d like to show off some of the great breakfast recipe lenses we received last week. Enjoy!

Mushroom Quiche-Mini Pies for Breakfast

1. Mushroom Quiche-Mini Pies for Breakfast

I love mini foods because they give you the opportunity to taste so many different bites of goodness. These Mushroom Quiche Mini Pies fit right into that category. The buttery filling combined with the flaky pie crust make these some of the tastiest breakf…

Crustless Spinach Quiche

2. Crustless Spinach Quiche

If eggs sound good for breakfast or brunch, I usually pull out this recipe. It’s been a favorite for years, handwritten (remember that? ) on a rather worn piece of paper. It’s very quick, looks very pretty and tastes delicious! Of course, anythin…

Florentine Strata: A Great Breakfast Dish

3. Florentine Strata: A Great Breakfast Dish

This is a super delicious breakfast recipe to make some Florentine Strata. My mom is a phenomenal cook and actually came across this recipe when looking for some new ideas for what to make everyone for breakfast. Sometimes she finds some really weird recip…

Raisin toast with ricotta & berries

4. Raisin toast with ricotta & berries

Raisin toast with ricotta & berries This is a wonderful to start the day, Just the thing for all these busy mornings , the whole family will love it! Nutrition Energy 460kJ Fat saturated 1. 00g Fat Total 3. 00g Carbohydrate sugars 6. 00g Carbohydra…

Matcha Pancakes with White Chocolate Sauce

5. Matcha Pancakes with White Chocolate Sauce

Matcha Pancakes drizzed with white chocolate? You bet! My earliest memories of pancakes was when I was around nine. After insistent nagging on my part, my mother let me tag along with her to a local greasy diner where she ordered us a plate of hot and fluf…

Spicy Sausage Pancake Balls Recipe

6. Spicy Sausage Pancake Balls Recipe

Looking for a fun meal that everyone will love? These Sausage Pancake Balls are a huge hit in my house, they definitely fill up the masses! They have about 5 minutes of prep time and you can leave them in the fridge, they reheat just fine. The recipe makes…

Best Kind of Breakfast is My Drinkable Beetroot Smoothie

7. Best Kind of Breakfast is My Drinkable Beetroot Smoothie

They say that the most important meal of the day is the one you have first thing in the morning, and there is no doubt that you need to be consuming something that gives you the feeling of being full until lunch- time at least, and provides you with the vi…

Egg Salad Breakfast Sandwiches

8. Egg Salad Breakfast Sandwiches

Egg Salad Pita’s, Sandwiches, or Wraps When you think of egg salad I’m sure you think of lunch. Have you ever thought of having it for breakfast? Spread it on your favorite toasted bread, have it as a wrap, or stuff it into a pita. Make up the eg…

How To Make The  All In One Breakfast Holy Eggs

9. How To Make The All In One Breakfast Holy Eggs

I remember growing up as a child my mother would make this quick and simple breakfast, she said it was the easiest way to get us kids out the door in time for the school bus and still eat the most important meal of the day. Most people have toast with thei…

Curried Eggs and Bacon on Naan Bread

10. Curried Eggs and Bacon on Naan Bread

Curried eggs for breakfast? Sound strange? It probably does to many people reading this but a curried dish for breakfast is nothing new, even in the West. Kedgeree – the curried egg and rice dish – was very much created as a breakfast offering centuries ag…

Fluffy, cheesy, whole wheat biscuits

11. Fluffy, cheesy, whole wheat biscuits

These cheesy, fluffy whole wheat biscuits are tender and moist. Bake on the weekend and on weekday mornings, re- heat in the toaster oven while your coffee brews. They are practically a meal in your hand. Or slide a couple into a baggie, grab an apple or o…

Check your “Quests” tab. This week we’re looking for YOUR dessert recipes.


Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • trevorjb1406

    I like it some good ideas!

    • rms

      Thanks for checking them out.

  • wdeal1

    I just finished breakfast nothing like here these are the way to start your day

  • The_Book_Garden

    Robin, your google+ link is broken. the correct link is here

    Also, can I ask why the G+ page links to the Facebook page rather than back to the squidoo magazine?
    And, while I’m here, do you know what happened to the google public communities that Bonnie invited people to the other day on G+, were they deleted by Bonnie, or did google remove them for breaching their site ToS?

    • rms

      Thanks about the link. It’s fixed now.

      There is no What’s Cooking at Squidoo magazine. We started it as a Facebook page a while ago.

      The Google communities were changed to pages because it’s a better way for us to grow.

  • tonyleather

    Nice to see my beetroot smoothie lens included!

    • TheRopesToKnow

      Looking forward to trying this smoothie! Looks like it is very healthy but will taste great at the same time!

  • brownies123456

    It makes me hungry

  • Kathryn Grace

    Thank you for featuring my whole wheat biscuits on this page. I love
    smoothies with my biscuits, but I’ve never used beets in mine, so I’m
    off to learn how to make the one shown here, but I’ll definitely be
    looking at all the vegetarian options on this page. Yum!

    • rms

      You’re welcome.

  • Merrci

    How fun to see my lens photo featured! Thanks for that and for including my lens here. All the recipes look so good.

    • rms

      Great shot. Thanks for sharing it.

  • Arachnea

    I’ve got my eye on the Mushroom Quiche-Mini Pies. Any smoothie is a good smoothie as far as I’m concerned. Congrats to the quest winners.

  • shailenecooper

    Love pancakes…right now I want some berries …!

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