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Unique, New and Different: 7 Must-See Lenses

Looking or something a little bit different and kind of unique?

We asked lensmasters to share a review of a totally unique product. They sent us everything from brand-new better-idea products to recipes for food you might like to eat in an unusual way.

Visit each of the following 7 lenses to see some of our favorites from the quest.

Rescued by JarPop!

1. Rescued by JarPop!

I purchased JarPop! because I had jars I simply could not open. I shop at Costco a lot and often buy large jars with vacuum lids. I am 71 and have arthritis in my hands. Large jars that are four inches in diameter are almost impossible to open. I have trie…

Genius Ring Mouse with Laser Pointer

2. Genius Ring Mouse with Laser Pointer

The first time I saw a wireless finger mouse in use was during a recent seminar about new publishing trends. One of the speakers kept pointing at overhead diagrams and I soon realized what I thought was a over- sized ring was actually the source of the poi…

Making Chutney or Chutney Sauce the Dried Fruit Way

3. Making Chutney or Chutney Sauce the Dried Fruit Way

While you might love eating dried fruit all by itself, I like to make chutney with it. And chutney can be used in many interesting ways, my friend. One of our favorite, everyday ways to use it is on our hamburgers (yes, even my son loves it! ). Ketchup is…

Repurpose Ceramic Water Cooler Crocks Into Decorative Art

4. Repurpose Ceramic Water Cooler Crocks Into Decorative Art

While the drinking of room temperature water versus ice cold drinking water is susceptible to debate, repurposing a ceramic water crock into a decorative piece of art is a matter of artistic expression, and can even be functional. Eco- Friendly Designer Dr…

Eco-friendly dresses from Pineapple leaves

5. Eco-friendly dresses from Pineapple leaves

Take a good look at this picture. Would you believe if I said it is made out of Pineapple leaves? Yes! Pineapple leaves are used for creating a very eco- friendly cool fiber called Pina. It is a Spanish word meaning ‘Pine’. The history of this ty…

Rescue Stained Vintage Linens

6. Rescue Stained Vintage Linens

You must try ‘Mama’s Miracle Linen Soak’:I was scheduled to co- hostess a bridal shower I promised to bring my white tableclothes. I went to the linen closet and discovered – Low and behold- those table linens looked horrible. They had stain…

GoToob Travel Bottles: Why You'll NEVER Need to Buy Another

7. GoToob Travel Bottles: Why You’ll NEVER Need to Buy Another

Why on earth would I pay this much for a travel container? When it’s the last travel container you’ll ever need. I bought my first GoToob travel bottle from REI after several years of lusting after them. The silicone part is lovely and squishable…


Robin Svedi aka rms is a Community Organizer and member of the Creative Team at where her daily mission is to help lensmasters build better and more successful lenses about the things they know and love.

  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    Each one of these product reviews impressed me! I love the idea of that Pina cloth from pineapple leaves! Thank you for including my crock of sunflowers, too!

    • rms

      You’re welcome. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • kittyhappykitty

    I am so happy to see that jar pop! Thanks for showing me! You have made me happy!

  • Vicki_P

    I somehow missed this in my activity feed and found it looking for something else. Thanks oodles for including mine!!! I’ll have to check the others out, too.

  • denimexpert

    Good Product “” Bangladesh Denim Expo.

  • james25882

    Some great products, well done guys!!

  • harrybarack

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