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Take Great Food Photos with your iPhone: Tips from Lensmaster Smine27

smine27If you’ve been lucky enough to come across any of lensmaster smine27′s recipe lenses, you already know he’s a talented food photographer but you might be surprised to learn that he uses his iPhone to take all of those stunning photos. We asked him to share some of his secrets and he courteously obliged us with some pretty awesome advice that you’re going to want to gobble up now and  bookmark as a resource for later.  Here’s what he had to say:

Getting great photos isn’t as hard as you’d think. First, I take pictures with my iphone so expensive equipment isn’t necessary. Also plate your food as beautifully as you can. If there are drips of gravy on the side of the plate, I make sure to wipe them off before doing anything else.

I make sure to get the best lighting possible. Although outside during the day is best, it’s not always possible ( especially for dinner ). In this case, I choose the most lighted place in the apartment. I choose the best plate ( usually white ) for my food but I do try and vary my photos as much as possible so I mix it up.

I also like using props such as napkins, cutlery and real food. For example, I saved some strawberries to use as props for my strawberry cupcakes. I also have a small collection of “fake” flowers to use a decoration. It’s all about balance and composition.

Editing and tweaking:
I take between 7-20 photos, a variety of shots from different angles. I then edit my photos if needed right on my Iphone using an app called Snapseed. It’s very easy to use and can enhance your photos in a few seconds. Once I choose the photo I like,I get it onto my lens. However half the time, I find that once it goes onto my lens, it doesn’t look as good as I thought it would. In that case, I either choose a different photo or on rare occasions, I retake a few more shots to get it just right.

A good way to improve:
Browsing through Pinterest and studying food photos is a good habit as they will give you ideas for your next food photo session.

These two lenses kind of show you what I go through with my photos.

matchaFor instance on my matcha cupcake lens, it shows different shots that I was experimenting with as well as the props I used.

Matcha Cupcakes with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

With the experience I got with the matcha cupcakes, the photo for my strawberry cupcakes turned out better.




strawberryI put them into a basket I had lying around, used a fake flower prop and put them on a yellow paper napkin, which made the picture pop. The photo was taken on a glass table in my living room with bad lighting so I edited in Snapseed to enhance the photo.

No-Sugar Gluten Free Low Carb Strawberry Cupcakes




Be sure to stop by smine27′s bio page to see more of his terrific work and to thank him for sharing his secrets.

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  • Wednesday_Elf

    I don’t have an iPhone, but am always on the lookout on ways to improve my photography. Thanks for sharing smiine27′s tips.

  • grammieo

    great hints, yes, his pictures do really POP!

  • Susan Deppner

    Smine27′s pictures always look good enough to eat! I really appreciate the tips.

  • CherylFay

    Great tips. I’ve used my phone too for picture taking. I have a Samsung S3. Im learning more and more taking great pictures.

  • mountainmistjewelry

    Great ideas! I don’t feel so bad about taking my photos with my LG phone now.

  • britflorida

    Excellent tips! We don’t even own a ‘proper’ camera these days – everything is taken from our iphones.

  • AnuradhaM

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  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

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  • Sir_Daniel_UK

    Good tips.

    Although if you have seen the food I eat in the two ‘recipe’ lenses of mine, then even you would probably concede that no camera yet invented is going to make them look appetising!

  • cheerfulnuts

    With these tips, I can make my recipe look delicious even if it’s not! :)

  • Jolene_Belmain

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  • vikksimmons

    Great ideas. Lately my photos have had a yellow tinge. I may need a new phone.

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    Thank you for the tips and the recipes!

  • Laura Brown

    I wrote a lens about food photography too. Jut skimmed this because my camera isn’t a phone.

  • nancycarol

    smine27, Not only are you a talented writer and lensmaster, but an accomplished cook and photographer. Congratulations on being spotlighted, well deserved!

  • squidcrusher

    I’m fairly new to the iPhone 5c,and it takes good pictures,thanks for the staging tips and the Snapseed app.

  • paperfacets

    I still use a camera. iPhone is an expensive item to upkeep every month. The process here is very helpful and can be used with any device.

  • Tracy1973

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  • Kathryn Grace

    Oh good, there’s hope for my food photos then, as I have only an iPhone as well. I will check out Snapseed, as I need all the help I can get. Thank you for all these tips. smine27 is one of my favorite Squids because he never fails to teach me something new or touch my heart or provide a recipe I can’t wait to try.

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