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TanoCalvenoa is the “Science Rocks” Contributor on Squidoo

newcontributorphoto600dpiToday we’re pleased to introduce you to TanoCalvenoa. He’s our “Science Rocks” Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.

My topic is science, and specifically, the indisputable fact that science rocks! There’s so much to learn, and to know, that no one could ever master all of it, plus it’s constantly evolving as we learn more and more. The methods of study of the physical universe and the resulting discoveries are endlessly fascinating and something I could never get bored with.

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
I have loved science as long as I can remember, since I was a little kid. It began with a love of maps, studying the world, and drawing maps. I didn’t know it was called geography until I got a bit older. It then expanded into all aspects of science. Geography in my opinion is a gateway to science as a whole, since it overlaps with many other sciences.

Who had the most influence in your life?
No one really influenced me in my love of maps and geography when I was a kid – for reasons that I don’t really know, it was interesting to me at a very young age and I studied it totally independently of anyone else’s influence or ideas. However, for an influence on my love of science, I credit my dad, who as an engineer has never been afraid to explain things in technical and mathematical terms. I grew up accustomed to thinking scientifically and analyzing everything very thoroughly, as well as loving nature and being outdoors, because of him.

You’ll also find TanoCalvenoa at the following places online:
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  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    My brain has trouble wrapping itself around science and math so I do hope to learn from you. Welcome to your role as Science Rocks Contributor on Squidoo!

    • TanoCalvenoa

      Thanks. I love math as well as science!

  • Susan Deppner

    Sounds like science is in your genes! Great interview!

    • TanoCalvenoa

      My dad is an ocean engineer, my mom is a microbiologist, a grandfather was a mechanical engineer, my great-grandfather was a physics and chemistry professor. Maybe so.

  • nancycarol

    TanoCalvenoa, without folks like you, we’d still be living in the “dark ages.” Welcome to the Contributors Club! :-D

    • TanoCalvenoa

      Ha, thank you very much.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    What a fascinating niche. I know I will enjoy all of your contributions in this field of exploration and discovery. Congrats on your new role and this feature.

  • artyfax

    Nice to see science receiving a little attention on Squidoo. Hope to help you spread the word

    • TanoCalvenoa

      There are some really good science lenses on Squidoo (besides mine!) that I’ve enjoyed reading, and now when I find one I give it a green thumbs up (one of the things contributors get to do).

  • athomemomblog

    We love math in our house (I have three sons and homeschool), so I will be checking out your lenses!

  • grammieo

    Great interview! Looking forward to some interesting “stuff” coming from you !

  • SherwinG

    Congrats you deserve it.

  • DaisyDixon

    Science does rock! Congratulations on your niche and contributor role :) I really enjoy geology myself!

    • TanoCalvenoa

      I very much love geology, especially volcanology.

      • DaisyDixon

        I will have to check out volcanology, not familiar with it :) I’m sure I’d like it too though!

  • Brite-Ideas

    congratulations on being the contributor for Squidoo for Science!

  • aswaha yah


  • multiqualitindo

    may be useful..

  • shoeslot

    Science is an endless exploration,
    Science needs the lover as you

  • zafar168

    great interview… I love to science too..

  • AngryBaker

    Congrats! I love reading your science lenses.

  • Sylvestermouse

    What an awesome interview! The very best contributor is one who was born loving their niche.

  • Kylyssa

    I can’t really think of any type of science I don’t like. Congratulations on the position!

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