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melissamio is the “Everything Baby” Contributor on Squidoo

squidoobioToday we invite you to get to know melissamio. She’s our “Everything Baby” Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.

The Everything Baby topic is very expansive and includes anything from parenting, baby products, conception issues, baby how to’s and more. Anything and everything baby is fair game!

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
I fell in love with the idea of babies as a child. My favorite game was playing house and pretending to be a Mommy. I fell head over heals with my topic when I met my first baby.

Who had the most influence in your life?
My parents have had the greatest influence in my life without question. They’ve taught me to be who I am and have given me a great life. My “idol” outside of my parents would be Judge Judy.

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melissamio invites you to stop by and share a review at her Review All Time Best Children’s Books.

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  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Here’s to the wonder of your niche. Congrats!

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    Here’s to the wonder of your niche. Congrats!

  • Brite-Ideas

    congratulations to you! that’s fun area with a lot to write about

  • CosmeticMom

    Congrats on your title Melissamio!

  • grammieo

    Congratulations, babies are so much fun!

  • kinworm

    What a lovely topic to be a contributor for. Congratulations :)

  • Merrci

    Everyone will enjoy your niche. Who can resist baby!

  • Sylvestermouse

    Babies are such a wonderful blessing in life. I can’t help but look at the pretty little baby clothes and toys when I go into any department store, even though my own children are grown. Of course, I do have to be prepared for grandbabies, so that’s my excuse. Congratulations on this wonderful niche. I know you will make an awesome Contributor Melissamio!

  • melaniekaren

    congratulations :) That’s a fun enjoyable niche!

  • melaniekaren

    congratulations :) That’s a fun enjoyable niche!

  • yoursfoolie

    Hi, Robin! As someone who’s both new to the Squidoo family (but they already told me they think they love me, isn’t that cool?) and the planet’s absolute, hands-down dumbest person in a few different ways (if you’re wondering whether it gets humiliating being me: yes) just one of which happens to Include all things computer, I sure would love to pick your brai ~ I mean “follow” you, but wouldn’t love to twitter my pinging facebook or any of all that stuff… Is there any other way ot doing it, or would you advise jotting down your handle & taking the initiative to check in from time to time?

  • DaisyDixon

    Congratulations from a fellow mommy and mommy to be!

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  • miaatravel

    Congratulation with you great title.

  • julesh2013

    Congrats on your title!

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