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DecoratingforEvents is the “Party Planner” Contributor on Squidoo

decoratingTonight we’re pleased to introduce you to DecoratingforEvents. She’s our “Party Planner” Contributor on Squidoo.

Tell us a little bit about your niche topic.

Planning a party, any party, should be fun and fulfilling. Parties and celebrations mark many of our achievements in life — Birthdays, Sweet 16, Graduations, weddings, showers, and many more. We will be covering anything and everything that has to do with parties and celebrations from being organized, researching, decorations, themes, food and everything in between.

Tell us about the moment you fell in love with your topic. Was it an immediate thing or did it happen over time?
I think I was a born party planner. I remember being young and organizing a fundraiser for Muscular Dystrophy in my neighborhood. I was always volunteering to help plan and carry out any and all kinds of parties and occasions. Still do! I eventually entered the event industry and worked in it for more than 20 years. I loved every minute of it!

Who influenced you most?
My mom, plain and simple. She is a miracle worker as far as I am concerned. She ran the household of 4 kids while my dad was away in the U.S. Navy aboard ships for months & more at a time. She had little money and little help since we lived away from family. She taught me how to be organized, plan for the unexpected and stretch a dollar to the very limit! All of these traits have helped me over the years when planning parties and living life.

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  • Ruthi aka abitosunshine

    DecoratingforEvents Party Planner or Party Girl, you are sure to be my go-to gal for future gatherings in my life!

  • kinworm

    What a fun niche that you sound so perfect to represent. Congratulations!

  • Sylvestermouse

    Squidoo is very fortunate, indeed, to have such an extremely experienced and talented party planner in our midst. I have been entertaining and hosting parties for decades, and I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from our very own Party Planner Contributor right her on Squidoo. Decorating for Events is totally awesome and truly most excellent!

  • getmoreinfo

    You have a fun niche, planning parties is always a great activities with so many ways to decorate rooms, tables and not to mention the huge selection of party favors. Congratulations, this is a perfect fit for you.

  • adventuretravelshop

    I love this theme. I used to do great parties for my son when he was younger. They require a great deal of effort and work -but they were always worth it. I’ll enjoy reading about your ideas.

  • RenaissanceWoman2010

    I say let’s have a party to celebrate your new title and role here. We are very fortunate to have your talents in our midst. Congrats!

  • CosmeticMom

    Congrats on being the Party Planner Contributor!

  • CherylFay

    Congrats! Excited to see what kinds/themes of parties you plan.

  • DebW07

    Great interview. You are the go to person for all things party related.

  • MandeeSears

    WOW! Thank you so much, everyone! Hope I can live up to the kind words! Let’s Party!

  • Brite-Ideas

    Congratulations! I can use help in this area, so it’s good to know where to go to it !

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